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Gary Ellerson

My Lambeau Field is GONE!

My first game at Lambeau Field this year was an eye opener, gone is the field or stadium I once played in! I guess in today's game it's all about making money and I understand that, but now as I look at Lambeau somehow it doesn't feel the same. In old Lambeau you could still feel the presence of Bart Starr, Johnny Blood, and Tony Canadeo. You could still feel their presence even in the stadium that Reggie White, and LeRoy Butler  played in. Don't get me wrong new Lambeau is beautiful ,they could've screwed it up like Soldier Field. This will take some getting use to but I'm sure most people are happy because the waiting list just got a little shorter. Lambeau Field the third largest stadium in the NFL, is  in the smallest city in the NFL-pretty impressive!!

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08/13/2013 8:54AM
My Lambeau Field is GONE!
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08/23/2013 10:30AM
bob in waukesha
I agree it does not look much like the one I remember but it sure is nice. They could tear down WRigley field and many would complain, but soon they'd get over having to pee in troughs and seats that were made for 5 foot 5 140 pound guys. The Pack fields a very competitive team year in and year out and that costs big bucks. I'm glad to be moving forward but will always remember what it once was as well. And I think the Pack does a pretty good job as an organization remembering and honoring their proud past. After all, they are all brainwashed!
09/23/2013 2:28PM
Tom in Cary
C'mon Gary, There are great stadiums around the world that are much older than Lambeau and have been remodeled or rebuilt (Yankee, Fenway, Notre Dame, Old Trafford (Man Utd)) and maintain the same or nearly the same aura. Yes, Lambeau has a more enclosed feel. Maybe it can be a weapon for the Packers if more noise stays inside. Be thankful it has been well maintained and not allowed to become irrelevant. Thank Bob Harlan for getting that ball rolling
01/03/2014 10:02AM
Steve in Delafield
I've been saying this for the last 5 years. It's a manufactured atmosphere. It's turned into Lambeau Field Entertainment Inc. They're trying to enterain the 10's of thousands who are there for everything but the game. It's even worse in the club seats (which I just non renewed). I'm 36 years old, but I've been to most home games since the late 80s. Is the stadium beautiful? Absolutely. But the feelin' is gone! The marketing/business department is out of touch with the fan base and doesn't know it's market.
05/26/2014 2:50PM
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05/26/2014 2:54PM
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