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Our First Tweets

Twitter is celebrating it's 10th Anniversary this week and while the world has changed a lot since March of 2006, we haven't seen too much evolution from Twitter itself. Sure, we're giving out hearts instead of stars and we no longer call it "twittering", but other than that it's still the same 140 character form of expression we fell in love with a decade ago.

I use the phrase "fell in love" with loosely, as I was pretty adamant against using Twitter when it first came out. I had a hard time understanding the point of it, I suppose. Now, it's the first thing I check when I wake up, the last thing I check before I go to bed, and it no doubt receives plenty of attention from me during the hours in between.

Nevertheless, it took me a full five years before I signed up for account, and I wanted to compare that to the rest of the FAN staff to see just how far behind the eight ball I was. With that, I bring you


Let's start with Wickett, who took the approach a lot of people took in the early stages, simply by sharing what they were doing at the time. Although I'm not too familiar with what a "Marquetee" is.
Chuck signed up not too long after Mike did, also going the route of sharing what he was doing. No surprise as to what that activity was...
The Big Unit actually shared some news with his first tweet...
...while the news Radio Joe shared on Twitter was that Radio Joe was on Twitter.

Sparky seemed to have had a problem with Twitter for awhile as well, not signing up until 2013 and needing motivation to do so.

Gary made his first tweet count, posting a very sharp picture of him and LeRoy.

As for Leap36, news of Nick Collins' injury was enough to get him to sign up for an account.

While the other Big Show contemporary decided to hit the hard hitting news of the day with his first excursion into Twitter.

Our boss went a different route, as his first tweet was in response...

As for the Fan account, we took the chance to root for our hometown team...

Looking back on these tweets, it's a good reflection on what we cover at The FAN. And there's been consistency over the years. We're still rooting on our favorite teams, we're still covering them from all angles, and Chuck is still eating. With Twitter, the more things change, the more things stay the same.

Okay, maybe not everything.


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03/22/2016 7:07PM
Our First Tweets
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