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Steve "Sparky" Fifer

Hey Gomer Pyle!

I decided this weekend to go see some good high school basketball, as I normally don’t have a chance to, with the Bucks schedule the way it is. The game I chose to go to was packed, so I was forced to stand in a corner of the gym packed in with others, with everybody trying to see the game action. It was a great atmosphere to see a game to say the very least.

Then during the first half of the game, a fan standing in front of me said to his buddy something along the lines of “They need to quit giving the ball to that Gomer Pyle”. To which there was no reaction from anybody around him until a school staffer turned around and told him he couldn’t be calling students “Gomer Pyle”. I thought the staffer had to be joking, but apparently not, as the fan questioned what was wrong with using the term and acknowledging that he was talking to his friend not yelling it out to the player on the court. The school staffer then asked for security to escort him out of the building, the fan as you could well imagine then really became upset as did the people around us. I couldn’t believe it happened and decided to write this blog.

I’m not the most politically correct person in the world, but at what point do fans get tossed out of games for talking to other fans? Is “Gomer Pyle” some super offensive term that I’m uneducated about? If it means a player that’s not very good, then that fan used the term correctly. If it means something else, please let me know.

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01/26/2013 7:02PM
Hey Gomer Pyle!
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01/26/2013 7:16PM
Are you sure he wasn't referring to you Sparky? Actually I agree with you. If he wasn't yelling it out causing a disruption and Gomer didn't hear him the what is the big deal?
01/26/2013 7:54PM
Which School
Maybe you should give the school a shout out so we know which games NOT to attend .
01/26/2013 8:06PM
possibly racist!
Umm, have you not seen Full Metal Jacket? I would say he was calling someone slow and out of shape white player and you don't see a problem?
01/26/2013 8:36PM
whats your name???
Lawrence? Lawrence of Arabia? Are you royalty?
01/26/2013 11:46PM
this guy.
Overkill. I wish you would tell us which school it was. that would explain some.
01/26/2013 11:48PM
Was this the Germantown/Dominican game? What a blow out that was. GTown can probably hang with any given high school team in the country
01/26/2013 11:50PM
That's crazy
What game were u at? That's one of the craziest things I've ever heard
01/27/2013 9:56AM
oh no...let's not offend anyone in the world. no one say a word and we will all be happy
i wonder who the gomer pyle(about 5 posts up from mine) was that makes this a racist issue. really? playing the race card? Gimme a break. This whole world is WAY WAY too overly sensitive and that idiot official should get a job working for Barry's administration.
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