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Cousins 9.2.15

Giveaway at Cousins with Bill Michaels.

WSSP/Perkins Restaurant & Bakeries Charity Golf Outing 8.19.15

9th annual WSSP?Perkins Restaurant & Bakeries Charity Golf Outing!

Brat Stop 7.18.15

Johnsonville Brat Stop for Charity.

IndyFest Miller Time Pub 7.10.15

The Big Show at IndyFest! 

Bill Michaels 7.8.15

The Bill Michaels Show Live from Miller Park!

Bucks Block Party 6.6.15

Hanging out at the Bucks Block Party!

South Milwaukee Girls Basketball 5.2.2015

Hanging with the South Milwaukee Girls Bball team @ Pick n Save! 

Brat Stop Huddle 12.30.14

Brat Stop!

Waukesha Sports Cards 12.16.14

Waukesha Sports Cards 12.16.14

Hales Corner Pool 12.14.14

Hales Corner Pool 12.14.14

Suburban Motors 12.13.14

Suburban Motors 12.13.14

Huddle Potowatomi 12.11.14


Green and Gold post Game Show 12.8.14

Green and Gold post Game Show  12.8.14

LeRoy Butler at Pandora 12.6.14

LeRoy Butler at Pandora 12.6.14

Bill Michaels Huddle Libby Montana's 11.26.14

Libby Montana's

Boneyard Bill Michaels Huddle 11.13.14


Bill Michaels Huddle 11.06.14


Brat Stop 7.25.15

Johnsonville Brat Stop.

Germanfest 7.24.15

Capuchins' Run Walk For the Hungry at Germanfest!

Meijer 6.26.2015

Mike McCarthy, Chris Davis Meet & Greet!

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