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Steve "Sparky" Fifer

So Vince, What's Next?

You have to hand it to the WWE for knowing how to handle talent in 2012. The writers of the WWE can’t figure out how to write good storyline’s to promote their young talent, so they go back to the “old” guys for Wrestlemania. It worked, lots of people bought the pay per view to watch the Rock wrestle Cena. I’d have to say for the most part it turned out to be a good match.

However, they realized that once the Rock went away AGAIN, that they would be left holding the bag again. So in true WWE fashion they went back into the past and pulled out Brock Lesner. Which continues to point toward the writers not being any good or Vince realizing that his talent isn’t as good as he thought it was. Lesner brings fans to the WWE from UFC, which isn’t a bad thing, except Lesner apparently doesn’t know the difference himself.

The last pay per view for the WWE was on Sunday night and Lesner’s match with Cena was better than advertised. Once the match was over, Cena appeared to have realized that Lesner more than likely broke his arm when he addressed the crowd. His face was covered in blood and he looked like he was just in a UFC match more than he was a “scripted” WWE match. I don’t have a problem with how “real” the match appeared, but I do have a problem with Lesner hurting Cena by being over aggressive. Now Cena claims there isn’t anything broken and after the attack on RAW, I hope for his sake that nothing is still broken.

Speaking of Monday Night RAW, Lesner apparently decided to continue to try and take out people one by one as he assaulted Triple H. I’m pretty sure Triple H broke his arm when Lesner put him in that submission maneuver and then yanked on it. If they allow Lesner back after that fiasco, then somebody should have their head examined at WWE. He is wreck-less and totally out of control and has no respect for anybody around him.

So assuming that the WWE does the right thing and terminates him, what will be the next move made by Vince?

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05/01/2012 1:47PM
So Vince, What's Next?
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05/01/2012 3:42PM
WWE is awesome
Um, I hope you're kidding. The whole thing is a work.
05/03/2012 10:00PM
all part of the storyline
Umm yea sparky its a storyline. I heard after the match in the locker room lesnar got a little pissed. And trashed the locker room. Cause cena was supposed to be hurt. Now u start builiding for summerslam. Lesnar vs Triple H. Ill be more than happy to goback and forth with you on this. I mean if you can.
05/04/2012 1:03PM
People Power, Buff Power, Generation Lesner
Brock Lesner is a great role model, and Johhny L is a great Motivator and I'm Buff and I'm the Stuff. nWo 4 life
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