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Steve "Sparky" Fifer

Sparky: Flynn makes a mistake

  I realize that when Matt Flynn agreed to the deal on Sunday with the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday that it was probably the happiest day of his life. After all, it was the most money he has made in his career with terms of the deals being reported at three years for up to twenty six million dollars and ten million of that being guaranteed. He went from being the backup quarterback to the MVP of the league to the starting QB of the Seattle Seahawks in just under three month’s time, not too shabby.
  However, maybe it’s a rush to judgment to think that Flynn will be handed the starter job in Seattle. Tarvaris Jackson is still in Seattle a year after the Seahawks signed him to a 2 year eight million dollar deal, which came a year after Charlie Whitehurst signed a similar deal. Whitehurst by the way just signed a deal back with the Chargers to backup Phillip Rivers. Are you seeing a trend by Seahawks GM John Schneider? I am. He appears to be playing roulette and hoping to land on the right number one of these years.
 There were other options that Matt Flynn could have chose instead of rushing to sign a deal as soon as had one offered to him. San Francisco, Denver, and Tennessee are all in a holding pattern right now waiting to see what former Colts QB Peyton Manning is going to decide. Meanwhile, former Niners quarterback Alex Smith reportedly turned down a three year  offer from San Francisco and as of Sunday was in Miami visiting with Joe Philbin and staff. Let’s say they end up signing Smith, Manning signs with Denver, Tennessee still has Matt Hasselbeck, and the Jim Harbaugh led Niners team is left with a second year quarterback in Colin Kaepernick. That scenario works perfectly for Flynn as he puts in a situation much better then Seattle as San Francisco is ready to win a Super Bowl now, while the Seahawks just want to get to five hundred. In the grand scheme of things, Flynn didn’t get a big deal amongst quarterbacks in the NFL. This means it’s safe to assume that a team willing to ante up for Manning would be able to afford the small deal he signed with Seattle. I realize that the scenario would have to play out but even if he waited and it didn’t play out, where were the Seahawks going? They didn’t have any other options amongst free agent quarterbacks that were better than Flynn.

 Congratulations to Matt Flynn on his new deal but maybe next time he and his agent will think this out a little better before just signing the first deal that comes his way.  

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03/18/2012 6:24PM
Sparky: Flynn makes a mistake
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03/18/2012 6:39PM
Wrong Brother
Tennesse has Matt Hasselbeck.
03/18/2012 6:44PM
The other side...
Or, Flynn could've waited longer until Manning signed, Smith signed and then the remaining team would've had better leverage with no other premium free agent QBs out there and Matty would've been screwed. He did the right thing for his family here and got the money while the getting was good.
03/18/2012 11:49PM
Great Job
just wanted to say that i love listening to you guys on the big show everyday. thankfully i dont have any school tomorrow so ill be listening to ya all four hours from 2 to 6. :)
03/19/2012 12:29AM
He should have held out a little longer. It's not like the season is about to begin and I'm sure he would have got a higher offer, kind of like kolb.
03/19/2012 5:08AM
Wrong again, and again, and again
Just knowing you disagree with Matt's decision clearly improves the position that it was the right way to go. Your total lack of perspective as it relates to how things work, or more importantly, why things work out, generally make your opinion on most subjects laughable. Have you ever been in the real world?
03/20/2012 12:37PM
Right again, and again, and again
I 110% agree with you Sparky, great job!
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