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Steve "Sparky" Fifer

Sparky: Gourmet Chef?

 I have never really known how to cook or really have ever been taught the proper way. I’ve grown up in an industry where fast food is king, when you are constantly on the move and working.  I’ve also decided to put together a budget for myself for the first time in my life, at the age of 35. I realize that most people have been doing a budget for years prior to ever turning 35, but not this guy. After having gone through all my expenses I came to the conclusion that I spend about $125 a week on food. That number indicates all the meals that I eat out and the money that I spend on vending machines at work. Once coming upon that number I realized it was time for a change and the only way it was going to happen was to commit myself to the change.

 I turned to Ramie and Wickett for advice about easy things I can make for myself that wouldn’t take me doing a whole bunch. Ramie convinced me that all I had to have really was some aluminum foil and a baking pan and I would be ready to go. You also know that Ramie and Wickett are the guys who always tell you to go to Robert’s Specialty Meats in Waukesha and I was no different.
 Upon walking into Robert’s, I was greeted by the owner Paul, who was to say the very least shocked by seeing me in his store. I told him the same thing I just explained to you and he said he would be glad to help me out as best he could. The journey then began going from cooler to cooler looking at all the different things he has from stuffed chicken to different kinds of marinated chicken breasts to twice baked potatoes. He told me the same thing as Ramie concerning getting the aluminum foil and he also encouraged me to buy a digital meat thermometer as well. Paul emphasized the importance of knowing the right temp to cook to concerning the different meats that I may buy. I ended up buying three different kinds of marinated chicken breasts, a thing of Roberts very own sloppy joe’s and buns , and a couple of the twice baked potatoes.

 I thanked him for his time and headed home to drop the stuff off and then went to the grocery store to get both items I was told I needed plus I got a little frisky and decided on a can of creamy corn as well. I then returned home and pre heated the oven to 350 degrees and then wrapped the Door County cherry chicken breast in the tin foil and placed it on a baking pan and stuck it in the oven. Thankfully the meat thermometer came in handy as it look a little longer then I would have cooked it without the thermometer. I stuck the twice baked potato in about 25 minutes prior to the chicken being done, while having the corn in a pot simmering on top of the stove.
I couldn’t believe it. I actually cooked a meal and didn’t cause a fire alarm to go off in the house, and the food tasted the way it was suppose to. You can tell that I’m excited about it as I’m writing about it. Seriously, if you have issues cooking and are looking for the easiest way to make meals to impress your significant other or to just save money like me, take my advice and head to Roberts Specialty Meats and let them guide you through a very easy and harmless process, one which I should have been doing for years!

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03/05/2012 12:49PM
Sparky: Gourmet Chef?
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03/05/2012 3:40PM
Eating Right & On A Budget
I've been going to Roberts Specialty Meats for three years plus and it never ceases to amaze me the different types of fresh meat available, and affordably priced as well. It does pay to buy fresh meat from a butcher and enjoy the tastes while saving money in the long run. A listener from Kenosha
03/14/2012 4:54PM
Good Change Sparky!!!!!!!
It's great to hear that you have taken time to make a change in not only your budget, but in your eating habits. But as far as the vending machines, have you ever considered getting a sam's club card or another warehouse club? I've never been to Roberts but, I will definitely do so very soon.
03/18/2012 9:41PM
Go to karls country market in the falls. Its better than roberts has more variety
03/30/2012 1:31PM
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Now you're talking sports AND cooking... Two of my favorite things! Keep these cooking posts coming, Spark! I want to hear more about this newfound skill. I remember when I bought you a toaster. You've come so far...
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