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Jennifer Hudson: That last minute tribute to Whitney Houston was a very difficult thing to do on short notice. Not only that, but the emotions involved with Jenninfer Hudson having been a close friend of Whitney made it all the more difficult for her. During practice earlier in the day she couldn’t get through the performance without breaking down and crying. The fact she did as well as she did was truly amazing to me and has to be deemed as one of the best performances in Grammys history.
Taylor Swift: She consistently brings “A” type performances whether its’s in a small little town somewhere in the world or if it’s on the biggest stage like it was last night at the Grammys. While some got on her for her shocked look after the performance when she received a standing ovation, I believe she is genuine with her emotions.
Beach Boys: The job done by Maroon 5 was simply marvelous. The Beach Boys themselves, while old, still were good enough to resemble what they sounded like back in the day. Did kinda wish that “Uncle Jessie” was playing drums but other then that was happy with the performance.
Bruno Mars: While I don’t really know any of his music, the performance was totally “old school” and reminded me of something people may have watched back in the days of when my parents were growing up. He does something that totally stands alone today among other artists and deserves a bunch of credit for doing it and doing it very well.
Chris Brown: I don’t understand what he did to deserve being on twice during the Grammys, I do know the outrage that I saw in social media over it wasn’t worth it. People were bringing up his incident with Rihanna, while I don’t agree with that being the entire reason of why he should’t have come back, it certainly should have played into the decision. The first song he did during the night was nothing special and the second song was decent but wasn’t a can’t miss performance.
Sir Paul McCartney: While I’m not a Beatles fan, I can certainly tell when somebody needs to hang it up and this appears to be that time for McCartney. That love song that he sung would have been better with somebody else singing it because the actual music itself was outstanding. Then to bring him back again at the end of the show to jam on a guitar that sounded like a wall of noise was another bad decision by the Grammys people.
Bon Iver: I don’t understand how he receives an award considering he released in album in 2007. Besides that little nugget, the shout out to Eau Claire was nice but let’s face it the stereotype that goes with living here fit that guy to a tee.
Nicki Minaj: That performance that seemed like a satanic ritual NEVER should have been allowed to be on television. Somebody should be fired or for that matter a bunch of people for having approved that performance and thinking that was good for the event and for that matter the country. I am not the most religious person in the world but that made me sick to my stomach.

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02/13/2012 2:52PM
Sparky: Music Critic
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02/14/2012 12:40PM
Chris Brown and Nicki m are a disgrace.nailed it again Sparky.Good work!
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