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Steve "Sparky" Fifer

Sparky: What will the Bucks do?

It’s time to take a look at the Bucks roster and what lies ahead for 2012…Contracts that are up after 2011:

Beno Udrih- He has a player option for 7.8 million in 2012. Based on how unhappy he has apparently been in 2011, I would imagine he would opt out. However, he isn’t going to get that amount in free agency, so if there is a coaching change I’d have to think he will choose to stay.

Sparky’s Take:  See ya!

Ersan Ilyasova: As he has noted before to the media, he is going to whatever  team in the NBA or overseas offers him the most money. Our WSSP Basketball Insider Gery Woelfel has said that Ersan could get in the neighborhood of 8 million or more in free agency this offseason. Bucks GM John Hammond has made it known that he would like to keep Ersan on this team as it builds going forward.

Sparky’s Take:  If they can get him for five to six million then I’m good with keeping him. If not, then he can enjoy his new money in another city.

Kwame Brown: Hahahahahaa

Sparky’s Take: Hahahahahaha

Carlos Delfino: I really have no issue with Delfino, he is a decent defender and a streaky shooter. He is a nice role player for a championship caliber team, however, the Bucks aren’t that.

Sparky’s Take: I’d rather fill his spot with a young player who can go through the growing pains in 2012-2013. I’d wish him well in his future endeavors and hope he does well on a team that can contend for a championship.

Shaun Livingston:  He’s a nice end of bench option for most teams, not certain that he really even qualifies as a role player for most teams. It’s a shame that the injury he suffered early in his career really robbed him of what could have been one heck of a career. You have to admire him for still being in the league and contributing when asked.

Sparky’s Take: Good luck with your next team.

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04/22/2012 2:06PM
What will the Bucks do?
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04/22/2012 5:14PM
Brandon Jennings
Jennings wants attention. He will not stay here so we should trade him for a big young talented player. Someone like Lemarcus Aldridge. Monta should be and is the leader of the team. Why not build around him?
04/22/2012 9:14PM
Turn things around
Jennings is much younger and making great strides. The first step in attracting him/others to say and come here is hiring Mike D'antoni. If you saw the recent players pole, he got 21% of the votes of who players would like to play for. On the other hand, skills got about 20% of least favorite. Deal Monta before the draft since he won't stay and try to grab a top 10 pick for him and maybe pick up a contract in order to even it out cap wise. Then we would have 2 top 15 picks which i would love to see us grab either Jeremy Lamb, Dion Waiters, or Terrence Jones. Be smart with FA and don't overpay for Ilyasova. If he gets too much money for his worth, great then lets either slot Sanders in the starting PF/C while either one of our draft picks or Udoh fill in at PF/C. quit it with this mediocre 8th seeded team. I'M SICK OF IT! Also, how about we package Dunleavy(i love him) and someone else(whoever it may be) for a pick or a younger player. Dunleavy won't be around if/when this team is ready to contend so let him enjoy the rest of his career contending for titles with teams that need great 6th men. I would love to possibly dump Gooden's contract somehow(not very realistic). I would love to see this starting 5(2 top 15 picks because of trading Monta) : Jennings, Lamb(with our original pick), WHOEVER OUR SF MAY BE(Terrence Jones if we take lamb i doubt we get him with a pick, mbah a moute, Perry Jones possibly(a veteran analyst had him dropping to 18 overall), Saners. For Christ sake let TOBIAS and SANDERS and ALL THE OTHER YOUNG PLAYERS DEVELOP. Skiles gives them no PT and doesn't allow them to go through the learning/development part of the game until they should already be in their prime.
04/22/2012 9:34PM
MY last post
Also i don't really know how late Thab Melo could go, but if we could snag him in the 2nd round and let him develop and be a defensive role player for a year, he could be one of the best bang for your buck picks. he really transformed things last year, and he can probably do more on offense in the nba since he was playing on a STACKED Orange team. I would love to get 2 top 15 picks and then grab another 2nd rounder for dunleavy or a package of players. I would love to see the possibility of Lamb, Jones, Melo all ending up in Milwaukee if a team is willing to give up a top 10-12 pick for monta.
04/23/2012 11:37AM
Looking ahead
So you are trying to totally go with a young team. if we do that we wont be in contention for at least 2-3 years
04/23/2012 3:45PM
Turn things around
Yes because that is how you have to do it at some point. We aren't a big market team so building a team through FA that will contend for several years will never be an option. Sitting at .500 every year is never going to get this franchise anywhere.
04/23/2012 4:22PM
Is D'antoni a serious consideration
04/24/2012 9:54PM
Turn things around
Not totally sure. He seems to be a favorite amongst NBA players, however that may be because nobody cares to play DEFENSE in NBA ball games anymore. I would like D'antoni if he would put more focus on the defense. The defense in NY was pathetic.
04/26/2012 8:33AM
last nights game
Did you watch the game last night against the 76ers? Tobias looked like he could really score the ball. I really hope by sometime next year our lineup is jennings ellis tobias gooden sanders.
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