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Steve "Sparky" Fifer

Sparky: Wishing I was just a fan

I realized last night that being in the profession that I am robs me of the joy that I should have felt yesterday when the news came out that Ryan Braun had won his appeal. While friends of mine were texting and calling me at the NFL Combine to celebrate the news, I could only respond with expletive filled tirades. I was enraged upon hearing the news and poor Gery Woelfel, who is with me at the NFL Combine, had to deal with me the rest of the night.
I have stated for a while that I thought Bud Selig would be the person who would eventually get Braun off the hook, I was wrong. However, does anybody remember the supposed medical issue that was being floated about as the reason why he failed? Guess that was never the issue as people were speculating through this entire process. How about the legitimacy of the test? Yep, that didn’t come into play at the end of the day either apparently. Then there were those people that claimed maybe he took something that he wasn’t aware would make him test positive. Yep, that ended up not being the issue either.
Instead, some person whose job it was to deliver the urine sample to Fed Ex simply didn’t make it in time on that Friday night and took it home with him. I really am amazed that in the history of the league that this has NEVER happened before by any other team or any other person. Did that person not call a member of the Brewers or MLB to see what they should do with the sample? If that person did make contact with somebody at either place, what were they told? I find it amazing that a failed drug test that apparently is still a failed drug test doesn’t count because some guy didn’t make it to Fed Ex in time. I also love the fact that some fans are accusing this guy of tampering with the sample. Are you kidding me? If you were going to try and set somebody up, wouldn’t it be essential to make sure everything is followed perfectly?  Why would the person take it home for the weekend? It simply makes no sense to me.  
At the end of the day, Ryan Braun will play on Opening Day at Miller Park against the St. Louis Cardinals and everybody at the stadium will welcome him with a standing ovation. I however won’t be one of them, because I’m simply not just a fan anymore.   

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02/24/2012 9:15AM
Sparky: Wishing I was just a fan
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02/24/2012 10:20AM
Negative Sparky
Then stay in Indy with your beloved Colts. Also i think you should give up doing the Brewers postgame show, since your not a fan anymore. I guess you never heard of Chain of Custody, since it was broken, it gets thrown out and can't be used.
02/24/2012 9:40PM
chill dude
why do you make a mountain out of a molehill? Sure there could have been tampering. Not everythin goes as planned in crimes. The duusch collector may have messed up his plan, his timing, and compounded his mistakes. Why is this all so out of the realm of possibility for you? Take a laxative and try shutting up for a while before you react. I can see your blood pressure rising as you write this :) Chill a bit--It'll do you good. And embrace the result for the sake of Brewers history. Would have been a lot more devastating a setback for our beloved franchise if it was the other way.
02/25/2012 12:30AM
Being in the legal profession, trials can be lost because of Chain of Custody issues. Sure, jury finds them not guilty. But we know they did it. Braun and the MLBPA contended sample was not tampered with. And if delay or incorrect storage of sample wouldn't of changed test, he took something. Open your eyes. Legally though, case thrown out.
02/25/2012 7:08AM
chill dude
Pro-prosecution rationales always amuse me. Things are always written in stone, it seems, when someone else's liberty is on the line. There is indeed evidence that "delay or incorrect storage of sample" would indeed be a factor. For tactical reasons, Braun's counsel might have focused on chain of custody and not have pressed the accusatory issue of tampering to the extreme at the hearing, but, as Braun reiterated, they brought out expert evidence that a sample could easily be altered and thus "change the test" in such circumstances. Braun is likable to Brewer fans but a lot of other people don't like him and haven't since his rookie year. So it is not inconceivable to me that someone would do him harm. But in any case, the arbitrator knows even more facts and has at his disposal more evidence than you, I, and everyone else are aware of at this point. Or is he just a stupid and biased jury too, simply ignoring facts and instructions? Funny how the jury is great when the result goes the way we want it to, staying in line with 'flawless' science and not viewing the facts in light of human experience. Braun's not going to satisfy us and talk about the 'failed' sample, because he never failed it--that's what he adamently believes. I have no reason to doubt that belief, judging from his 5 year career numbers, prior behavior and appearance, and history. Whose eyes appear to be shut here?
02/25/2012 4:15PM
Bob in Waukesha
Hey Sparky, Just chill before going off next time. Maybe talk to your cohert Gary who made it a racial issue as soon as the original story broke. That might be a good way for you to blow off steam. I agree with nagative sparky above. Give up the post game show seeing you are no longer a fan.
02/27/2012 6:00PM
You're a quack. Ever think about what could happen in 44 hours with someone who knows a thing or two about handling samples? Ever wonder why this guy, Dino, couldn't look anyone in the eye when questioned and took 37 seconds just to say what his name was? And you want to question the legitimacy of Braun while knowing this guy is falling apart when questioned? You best not be cheering for the team this year because we know don't give a rip about this team.
02/28/2012 3:23PM
The legitimacy of the test didn't come into play?
Actually, Sparky, the legitimacy of the test is exactly what was called into question. You can't approve a procedure for sample collection then operate outside of that approved procedure and consider the results valid. If the approved process requires that the sample collector tastes the urine before sealing it, then that is what must happen for the approved process to be completed and the sample to be considered to have integrity and the results of the subsequent testing to be considered valid. The approved process wasn't followed. Therefore nothing that follows in the process after the failed step can be considered valid.
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