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Sparky's Blog: Inside Sparky's Brain

I’ve decided to just write random thoughts swirling around in my big old melon….

1.       I don’t understand why the Brewers continue to play Ryan Braun when he continues to suffer from a sore Achilles. I’m going to assume that the training staff for the Brewers know what they are doing however I’m still extremely nervous about it.

2.       The Milwaukee Bucks need to consider JaVale McGee from the Denver Nuggets, if they are going to try and be playoff contenders. McGee would fit nicely as that human eraser behind the offensive minded first guards on the team.

3.       As we get closer to the NBA Draft Lottery coming up on May 30th, I am starting to ramp up for the draft. At the end of the season, I said I really liked two players in this year’s draft where the Bucks should be drafting. I haven’t changed my mind, I’m still hoping they select a shooting guard and Terrence Ross from Washington or Jeremy Lamb from Connecticut would be the prospects I’d want at pick number twelve.

4.       I really like a couple of running backs coming back from injuries last year in the NFL to be productive fantasy players this year. Ryan Williams of the Arizona Cardinals is reportedly already running and cutting and could be a steal in the middle of a fantasy draft. Mikel Leshoure is another running back that might slip under the radar going into drafts this year as he rebounds from injury with the Detroit Lions. Both of these backs would have been rookies last year, so plenty of upside with both of them, especially if you are drafting in a “keeper” league.

5.       I’m not sure if cowboy hats look good on everybody or not.

6.       I’m also conflicted about going full “cowboy” and buying boots too. I just don’t think short guys with no type of physique should be wearing them. I would fall into that category.

7.       While I realize I’m the “half empty” type of guy, people on twitter are “glass is empty” type of people. I see about a ten to one ratio of negative tweets compared to positive tweets. It seems like it’s become a forum for people to complain and make fun of people more than anything else.

8.       I miss doing the Spare Time Bowling Show already! Can’t wait for October to get started back up again. Really can’t wait to head to the PBA World Series of Bowling in Las Vegas in November.

9.       Tony Stewart is a race team owner and race car driver. His post race antics after the Talladega race had me laughing out loud, however, that doesn’t mean that NASCAR is very happy about it. I think Tony making fun of fans and what they want might have crossed the line with the average “Joe”. Will owner Tony have to pay for what driver Tony said after the race?

10.    Kid Rock is one of the best music artists of my generation. 

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05/09/2012 6:58PM
Sparky's Blog: Inside Sparky's Brain
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05/09/2012 7:22PM
Kid Rock and best in the same sentence. I guess we are all entitled to our own opinion but I view him as one of the worst hacks in my generation and we're almost the same age. If the Brewers sat Braun down, Tim Allen's head might explode.
05/09/2012 7:26PM
Hey Sparky...Social Worker Joe Here
Completely forgot about Ryan Williams. Good call on that one. Also, I'm enjoying how Kid Rock has become more of a Bog Segar than a Vanilla Ice. Cheers to that!
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