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Chuck Freimund

Should Gasser got Into His Grill?

(Dallas ) Whether or not Josh Gasser should have hedged up further into Kentucky's Aaron Harrison's face on
Saturday Night will be long debated. On one hand.Harrison has hit from there before with the game on the line, but then if Gasser gets up further, he risks Harrison's blowing by with his quicks and finding a way to tie a game. No blame, sometimes you just have to tip your cap and say Harrison made a big time play.

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you will know that I consdered the Badger loss on Saturday night to be one of the toughest in state sports history.  Final Four appearences are one of the toughest accomplishment in sports, especially for a program like Wisconsin, as we all know. The opportunity was there for a national title,espcially with Flordia losing. I feel Wisconsin is better than U Conn. This is what makes the Final Four loss a difficultone to swallow.
More on Chuck and Wickett when I join Mike from Dallas from 8-10 AM on Monday morning.

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04/06/2014 11:28PM
Should Gasser got Into His Grill?
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04/07/2014 9:06AM
Coaching mistakes
I saw 2 glaring coaching mistakes that may have cost the Badgers. 1. They allowed Kentucky to continually drive to the basket the entire game as did Witchita State. Kentucky hit maybe 3-4 jumpshots the entire second half. They needed to back off and make them make some jump shots before playing them as tight as they were. I think this is the main reason Kentucky was still in the game to make a shot to beat the Badgers. 2. I thought the decision to have Jackson take that shot was questionable. I would rather have seen him drive to the hole and kick or go inside out with Frankie and the shooters. You have to tip your hat to that 3 point shot, but if the Badgers made them shoot more throughout the game, it may not have come down to a 3 point shot to beat them.
04/10/2014 8:54AM
tough loss
I have to agree fully. And as Bo said afterwards, no game is decided by only one play. There were other opportunities, missed calls, charging calls that were not called etc. I'll take Bo's system and his players any day of the week over the NCAA/NBA rent a player one and done system. I am looking forward to next season already...thinking Bucky will be ranked in the top 5 with a lot of these players only getting better. Brust will be missed, but that #24 kid looks like he will be more than adequate as a replacement. For now will just enjoy what could be a special Brewers season! -the eternal optimist
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