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The Fond du Lac SNL sketch wasn't about Fond du Lac

Saturday Night Live is my favorite show and Fond du Lac is my hometown.

I have to address this.

And whether they watched it live or on their computer the next day, I guarantee you every one of Fond du Lac's 43,021 residents will have seen the "Fond du Lac Action News" sketch by Monday morning. Most of the state of Wisconsin will get their eyes and ears on it before then as well. Some will think it's hilarious, some will be offended, but most will be wrong. This was not a sketch about Fond du Lac. At least not wholly. I believe this sketch either came about in one of two ways, or perhaps a combination of both.

1. The idea was to do a sketch on what small town news would look like found it's perfect target in a weird sounding city in the middle of Wisconsin. 

2. The idea was to do a sketch centered around the Wisconsin accent that has become so mocked due to the popularity of Making a Murderer, but using Manitowoc as the city would be too obvious.

What the sketch wasn't - and sadly what I'm seeing way too many people think - is that the writers of SNL did a spoof on the city of Fond du Lac because that's how well-known and important Fond du Lac is. Maybe a writer is familiar with the city, maybe they threw a dart on the map and that is what came up, but Fond du Lac just happened to be a victim of circumstance here. So fellow Fond du Lacians, I'm asking that you don't take wear this sketch as a badge of honor (not to mention the fact that the sketch did nothing to paint the city in a positive light!).

But hey, this is the most exposure the City of Fond du Lac has ever received on a national level, so let's dissect this thing.

* "Southeastern Wisconsin's Award Winning News Team" - lots of people griping about the SE Wisconsin part. Milwaukee news serves Fond du Lac, and so does Green Bay. So geographically speaking it's a little unclear. I deem that CORRECT

* The fact that Fond du Lac would have it's own local TV station - INCORRECT - Although one of the radio stations there needs to steal "Top of the Hour from the Bottom of the Lake"

* The whole sketch, they pronounced it "Fond du LUCK" instead of Fond du LACK - INCORRECT

* They spelt Fond du Lac right thought! 80 percent of Wisconsin can't even do that - CORRECT

The accent, and this is what upsets me the most, that is not the accent of Wisconsin. Outside of the state, we get painted as having that upper Minnesotan, Canadian accent and I honestly get deeply offended by that. Yes, we exaggerate our vowels and say things like "dere" instead of "there", but the accent they used was the worst part about this sketch - INCORRECT

* Trish Wisnouski is a name you would find in Fond du Lac, yes CORRECT

* Someone as good-looking as Cecily Strong is not  INCORRECT

* Anchors wearing snow vests as if that's the fashion style of the day INCORRECT

Top story being something sex offender related CORRECT

"Stop and Go Light" CORRECT

* That there is a "Stop and Go Light" by the Pizza Hut and people get caught speeding there CORRECT

* Anchors consistently referring to people they know when telling the news CORRECT

* Winterfest - INCORRECT

Unpredictable weather - CORRECT

* "Talking to my friend and she goes... instead of talking to my friend and she says..." CORRECT

* A segment devoted to the lottery... Fond du Lac is home of the Miracle Mile after all! CORRECT

Sports guy having a bad haircut and wearing Badgers gear instead of something acceptable for television CORRECT

Could residents of Fond du Lac feel as if this sketch was about them in some way? Sure. But there was nothing too town specific in the sketch and anything that was would have been coincidental. The way they didn't even pronounce the town right tells you right off the bat that this was a generalized look at all of us in Wisconsin.

So Fond du Lac, enjoy your moment of national spotlight if you want, but you should be offended that they butched our accent and gave us an overall unfunny sketch.

And the rest of Wisconsin laughing at Fond du Lac, SNL was making fun of you as much as they were Fond du Lac, 

Dont cha know der hey?

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03/06/2016 2:25PM
The Fond du Lac SNL sketch wasn't about Fond du Lac
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03/06/2016 5:26PM
I grew up in Oshkosh and now live out of state, and I feel like you're a bit up own a$$ about this. I mean, it's just an SNL sketch. I felt like it was a bit exaggerated (which is mostly the point in parody) but overall closer to the truth than farther away from it. It just seems like you might be taking this a little too seriously. And, for the record, "she goes" and "she says" are BOTH incorrect grammar. I die a little inside every time a friend or family member from WI uses "says" when "said" is appropriate. "She says to me...." :shudder:
03/06/2016 6:15PM
Thanks Bart.
I grew up on park ave, actually a block away from Bart. His dad was my wrestling coach! I couldn't stand the way they pronounced Fond du Lac. It seems like that would be the first thing they should have tried to make accurate. I don know what city was the background of that set, but it sure wasn't Fond du Lac.
03/07/2016 2:08AM
Another thing that annoyed me was the view of the FdL County Fairgrounds. I mean, they couldn't have possibly put a picture in there from online? Come ON.
03/07/2016 7:37AM
Get over yourself
This guy sounds like an insecure whiner with an inferiority complex. To spend this much time critiquing, correcting and analyzing a comedy sketch? The accent was only about 40 miles off (geographically) east or west. The snow vest is actually accurate.And those end up being the 2 things he contests most. A waste of 2 minutes of my life reading this.
03/07/2016 8:06AM
A little too proud to be from a shitty city where heroin overdoses are the only reason I have to come back did a funeral a few times a year.
03/07/2016 9:24AM
Blue Angel
If'n that's the way I sound when I talk, I'd rather be back in 'Bama!! At least there they sound like they's supposed ta!!
03/07/2016 3:50PM
Stick to rafio
Obviously writing is not your thang!!
03/11/2016 9:35AM
Out of State
Coming from out of State this is EXACTLY how everyone sounds here! I know it's always hard to admit it but this is they way Wisconsonites are! They only thing that could of been added is to show, how naive( or like my friends like to call it), just nice Wisconsin people truly are.
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