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Things/People that drive me crazy...

Too many things annoy me. Here's a list. 

·         Random dark hairs on your body
·         Slow drivers, drunk drivers, and texting while driving
·         Slow cars or semi-trucks in the left lane
·         Winter
·         Snow
·         Politics
·         Little League World Series
·         People my age getting married and already having children
·         People with no respect for soccer/golf
·         People who talk WAY too much
·         People who try to over-impress
·         People who cannot communicate
·         People with too many tattoos
·         People with bad breath
·         People with poor priorities
·         People with zero common sense
·         People who graduate from college with POOR writing skills
·         People with mean spirits
·         People with colds
·         People who don’t cover their mouth when sick
·         People who order well-done meat
·         People who tip poorly
·         People who need to force their opinions down your throat no matter what
·         Moldy bread
·         Expiration dates on foods/drinks
·         Obesity
·         Girls no longer appreciating ‘nice guys’ or chivalry
·         Hangovers
·         The Brewers starting rotation
·         The St. Louis Cardinals
·         When things like computers, phones, cameras decide to freeze up or randomly stop working, especially at times when you need them the most...
·         Baldness
·         Over-thinking things
·         Random people deleting you from Facebook
·         Fitness Freaks
·         Being rejected
·         Over-played music
·         Hypocrites
·         The Bucks making stupid signings and bonehead trades
·         Parents that have no control of their kids
·         Parents who set bad examples
·         Parking tickets
·         Missing a short putt on the golf course
·         Duffing shots
·         Stuttering or stumbling in the middle of a sentence (especially if it’s on the air)
·         Serial Killers, terrorists, child molesters, scammers, and thieves (am I missing anybody else?)
·         Women who want ‘bad boys’
·         Stressing out about stupid stuff
·         The NBA Playoffs
·         Laziness
·         Immaturity
·         Being ignored
·         Over-priced beer
·         High Gas prices
·         Liars and cheaters
·         Rocky V (yes, the movie)
·         Cold weather in June
·         Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber…Yeah, their music sucks
·         The degenerate Kardashian Family.
·         The Twilight movies
·         Girls who constantly need to take pictures of themselves every five minutes
·         Illinois drivers
·         Bandwagon fans
·         Buffets
·         Advertisements on Youtube
·         Allergies

There's more where that came from...

Twitter: @RadioJoeZenzola

Until next time, Milwaukee...

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06/25/2013 2:35PM
Things/People that drive me crazy...
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10/10/2013 10:22AM
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