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Gary Ellerson

Think outside the box

  Most people think that Green Bay is too small to host a Super Bowl. Well I agree with that, but it would have to include Milwaukee and The Fox Valley to get it done. It can happen if all the different cities are involved to make it a BIG event. We could host parties in Milwaukee, Appleton and Green Bay.  I think it could be a great experience. We should not hide that fact that the event will be spread out. It would be great for the economy in all of these cities. I’m sure the Kohler’s would love to host an event at their place, The Pfister Hotel could host an event one night, The Blue Harbor would be another option. We have great places here we just have to make it happen Johnny V at Mo’s.

  I heard the airport is too small. Sure it’s in Green Bay but people could fly into General Mitchell or even Austin Straubel. I saw a lot of private jets fly into Green Bay when we played the Giants. Teams need to practice? They could use the Don Hutson to practice indoors. There are several other indoor facilities that teams could use as well.

  People it can happen we can't just be the typical narrow minded people that we always have been. We have the best stadium in the NFL. The NFL was born here. The Lombardi Trophy is named after our guy. You build it they will come in droves trust me. Just think about this, Minnesota WILL host the Super Bowl when they build their new stadium and trust me it will be spread out between Minneapolis and St Paul. Just saying!

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05/21/2013 9:44PM
Think outside the box
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05/22/2013 1:35AM
Party time!
Couldn't agree more! I would love to go to any of the super bowl parties! It would be a great experience. Wisconsin natives know how to party and this oppurtunity would be no different!
03/23/2015 9:50AM
sports question
TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: I was trying to locate a MR. GARY ELLERSON if possible he is a retired pro football player. I have a few football cards of Mr. GARY ELLERSON and I was wondering if Mr. ELLERSON still signs them by any chance. Could someone please email me back to let me know if Mr. ELLERSON is still there or where he is and how could I go about contacting him as well. Thanks again for your time and reply Richard valentine
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