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Gary Ellerson

Thoughts on 1st Round Pick

People have been asking me about the Packers first round pick Datone Jones on twitter. I thought I would give you my opinion here in a blog. Good pick for the Packers - seems like Ted Thompson finally picked a defensive lineman that fits the Dom Capers 3/4 system. Fast and quick, can play up and down the defensive line. Red flag for me is the broken foot a couple of years ago. The packers want him to add some weight which is never a good thing when you have foot problems. Played at about 285 but at personal workout weighed in about 277. Overall though I think it is a pick the Packer needed to make with Jeral Worthy out, an aging Ryan Picket, and BJ Raji in a contract year. In Ted We Trust. I would like to hear your thoughts today here or on The Big Show! 

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04/26/2013 2:22PM
Thoughts on 1st Round Pick
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04/26/2013 3:04PM
David Ahola- San Antonio, TX
I really like the move.. Watched some of his tape and the kid seems to really explode up the feild and slides through gaps like a hot knife through butter. Appears to have solid technique and fast hands which with Clay barrelling around the other side I can see some loose footballs on the ground.. Hoping the strength and conditioning program in GB can bring him along with the above mentioned foot concerns without future problems! #InTedWeTRust
04/26/2013 4:36PM
Great pick! I'm excited to hear more about him. Writing from Punta Cana, and trying to get your radio feed .
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