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What next for the Crew?

Now that the 2013 season is well over the halfway mark for the crew, what do they do now? As the days go by, Brewers GM Doug Melvin has a decision to make. Does he stand pat, and go back at the 2014 season with essentially the same line-up, or does he make wholesale changes?

When you break down the contractual situations for key players, he actually could come back with: Lucroy, Ramirez, Segura, Weeks, Braun, Gomez, and Aoki. The hole will be at first base, and he could entertain the idea of Mat Gamel or Taylor Green. This line-up has been and can be very productive.

In terms of the pitching? Yo, Loshe, Peralta, and Estrada could comprise 4 of the starting pitchers in the rotation. The bullpen would have Kintzler, Axford, Henderson, Hand, and Figaro. Would it surprise fans to come back with these players, maybe, but it could happen. On the other hand, the trade potential is certainly there. Buy or sell, could have BIG ramifications for years to come. Let's enjoy this important July. Smile Milwaukee, the World will smile back.

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07/12/2013 10:30PM
What next for the Crew?
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07/17/2013 8:51AM
I would have to think there are not many untouchables if the price is right and that includes Braun. I'd never let go of Segura or Gomez, but those are the only non pitchers in my opinion. The pitchers could be solid coming back next year and I like the starting 4 for sure. THe bull pen with Ax and Henderson could be solid depending on how much we have to pay Ax. But you are right, Tim. Will be an interesting July and I imagine that Melvin's phone will be quite busy.
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