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Steve "Sparky" Fifer

Ultimate Father's Day Racing Present

The Sargento 200 NASCAR Nationwide race happens the weekend of
June 21-23rd at Road America in Elkhart Lake. This is an exciting road course race at one of the world’s most exciting track’s. I have a chance for you to win the NASCAR FAN EXPERIENCE for your dad! 

Let’s go over what your dad would get if you’re lucky enough to win! Guest for the day, including pit access with a designated race team and driver, ride in the Pace Car around the track, attending pre-race Drivers Meeting, Meet & Greet including photos with your driver, “releasing” cars off Pit Road during qualifying for the race, attending post-race Press Conference if your driver finishes in the top 5 of the race. Also a NASCAR Fan Experience take-home bag with items from NASCAR and Road America.

So you and your Dad could spend the day watching the Sargento 200 NASCAR Nationwide race at Road America while having a once in a lifetime experience. It’s pretty simple on how you enter for a chance to win, simply type in your best story in the comments section below this blog on why you’re father deserves to win the NASCAR FAN EXPERIENCE. We’ll announce the winner on Sparky’s Final Inspection on Saturday June 16th from noon til 2pm on Sportsradio 1250, WSSP.

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06/10/2012 12:23PM
Ultimate Father's Day Racing Present
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06/11/2012 6:16PM
My pops deserves this!
I could write quite a bit here on the merits of why my father deserves this prize, but as there will undoubtably be many entries, i'll try to keep it relatively short. First and foremost, my dad LOVES racing. He never misses a Nascar race on tv. Sets his schedule around it every weekend. On top of that, he is impossible to get gifts for, because he never gives any ideas, except that he doesnt need anything. That is just part of his selfless nature that makes him such a great guy, and the man I respect and admire more than any sports figure, or anyone at all, in life. Growing up, more as I got into my teen years, and especially now in my mid twenties, he has never hesitated anytime I've needed anything. From bussing my friends and I to whatever event, to helping me get and repair my first car and the few since, (or driving to wherever ive been broke down in said cars no matter how late or how bad the weather) to the last year when I hit a bad rough patch in life and he bailed me out both financially and needing a place to live. He has ALWAYS been there without hesitation. I should also mention he isnt even my "biological" father (which in all honesty I forget unless I specifically think of it). When I was still an infant he married my mother, and happily adopted myself and 2 older siblings, as well as my younger brother who was a foster child when he came to live with is at 4 months old, and is now 22 years old. And he never once complained, or was anything less than more than you could ever ask for from a father. So this summer, as I'm still working my way out of a financial hole which makes it tough to afford anything he truly deserves, and as he celebrates his 50th birthday on July 2nd, I can think of absolutely no better way to show some appreciation, and for him to get something in return for all his selflessness. Sparky, my father deserves this prize. I love him, it was tough to keep this as short as I did because theres so much more he's done, and so many more examples and reasons I could have typed. I may not be able to afford something he truly deserves quite yet, but you can help me show him how much he is truly appreciated. In an age where real fathers are becoming fewer, he stands out as a hero among those who are, and the kicker is that as Brad Paisley sang, "He didn't have to be". Sparky, John Dunne is the man, the father, and the role model that should get the opportunity to enjoy this day at Road America, and its something that he'll love and remember forever. Please help me show my father the appreciation I have for all he's done, and how deserving he is of this and so much more. - Tom Dunne
06/15/2012 10:02AM
My dad my Hero
I feel my Dad Mike Jarmuz really deserves to win this. He has had a rough life but through it been a great dad. As an 8-year-old boy my Dad had to have Open Heart Surgery. Because of this he was not allowed to participate in sports. However he took a liking to racing. Fast Forward to when my dad became a dad with me and my two brothers. He was the dad everyone wanted. He coached all of our basketball and baseball teams. It is very important to him to give us every opportunity that he did not have. I think he was the only little league coach I ever had. I don’t think he ever missed a game for any of us boys all the way through college. My 2 brothers played college baseball and I ran college cross-country and other than out of state games (witch he made most of) I really think he was at every in state game. He did this all while working full time and sending us all to private schools all the way from kindergarten through college. My dad is the proud father of 3 college graduates. We also went to the races together. I can remember sitting in turn 4 in the infield at the Milwaukee Mile watching the ASA races. My dad still has a picture at home of me and him at Road America near turn 5 by a big rock. And someone took a picture of the 2 of us standing on this big rock. We also had bottle fights with plastic bottles by that rock. Every time we go to Road America be both talk about that rock and the fun we had. This past year my Dad went through what he will tell you was the hardest thing in his life. My 2-year-old twins, his grandchildren had to have the same open-heart surgery that my dad had more than 50 years before. The twins had there’s within 24 hrs of each other. My dad was there for all of it. He needed to make sure that the kids were OK. He supported my wife and me more than we ever could have imagined. I feel now that he has a really special bond with the twins because they like to see his scar and they show him their scar. If you knew my dad you would see that now at this point in his life he is living for his grandkids. He really enjoyed his kids and watching us grow but it is his grandkids that are #1 in his life. This experience would be a great way to say thank you to my hero my Dad. Brian Jarmuz
06/15/2012 6:36PM
My dad has done it all. He has been to road America over 30 times over the years. He definetly deserves this gift. He has never got the royal treatment there, please give it to him and I will be very gratefutl.
05/30/2014 3:34PM
Max and Emily Beck
Their dad (Robert Beck), Is a give his all to his children. I have to send this in due to the fact the kids are in school right now. They'd appreciate me doing this for them. Rob started the kids in go kart racing a couple of years ago. He spends every weekday evening and his weekends working on the go karts. We usually drive the kids to his house in the spring and fall. In the summer they live with him. Now max has a car so we don't drive them as often. Rob is an amazing dad. All his efforts for making a good life for himself is because of his children. He just texted me the other day about trying to go to he Father's Day race at elkhart lake. So I was looking for a citgo rewards thing when I found this. He is very well deserving. Thank you for the consideration.
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