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Van's PBA Summer Swing Experience 1 - PBA Badger Open from AMF Waukesha

A few weeks ago I thought it would be a good idea to try and compete against the, "Greatest Bowlers in the World" at AMF Waukesha Lanes in the GEICO / PBA Summer Swing!

I wish I could be saying, "Hey! Watch for me tonight on the CBS Sports Network as I make my Pro Bowler debut on Lucas Oil Badger Open!", but sadly, I didn't make the cut. Didn't even come close! Though the 5 guys above did and will compete for the top spot starting TONIGHT at 6pm on CBS Sports Network. Don't know what channel? Click here to find out!

So what IS it like competing again the, "Greatest Bowlers in the World"? Lemme tell you, I worked so hard on the physical game that my mental game almost fell by the wayside.

PODCAST / LISTEN: You can hear an ENTIRE recap of my experience in the season finale of the Spare/Time Bowling Show...click here.

Bowling with the big names? No problem! Walter Ray Willimas Jr. politely telling me to, "JUST BOWL!" when I was taking to long, I can handle that. Missing spares though, is the death of not just me, but any bowler out there! And when you miss a spare against the big dogs, you're just giving away pins and you keep digging yourself into a hole, a hole that gets big fast if you're not paying attention!

In the end, I took 82nd out of 84th! Took lots away from this first tournament and got ready to do it all again a few days later for the GEICO / PBA Summer Swing Lucas Oil Wolf Open at AMF West Lanes. I'll bring that to you next week before the next telecast!

MOBILE USERS: Click here to WATCH Van's GEICO / PBA Summer Swing Lucas Oil Badger Open Tournament Experience.


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