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We're doomed with Herb Kohl

Thursday night, Sparky asked me who was going to win between the Bucks and Lakers. Despite a four-game losing streak, I said the Bucks would win. Why? Well, why do you think?
If you’ve followed the Bucks to some extent this season, you’ll be aware that the Bucks like to play guessing games with the fans of Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin. They can come out and play their best against the best of the best, and then struggle to defeat the worst of the worst. Every time you want to hop onto the Bucks bandwagon, you’re forced off of it. Then, when you’re not paying attention to the team, the Bucks get on a roll. And when a nice stretch of wins grabs the fans’ attention, what happens? The Bucks turn the winning streak into a losing streak…
I’m sick of it…I feel like I’m in The Twilight Zone
Rod Serling: This is Joe Zenzola. He works in sports radio. For years, Joe has been a die-hard Bucks fan. However, in this last season, he’s been on a roller coaster of emotions with his favorite basketball team. Every time the team is winning consistently, Joe begins to express how the Bucks could be a force in the NBA. But as soon as he does that, his team starts a trend of losing streaks. And once he wants to blow up the team and rebuild, the Bucks start to win again. Joe is just as disoriented as other Bucks’ fans. The Bucks’ successes and failures will drive Joe to madness. What Joe doesn’t know is…he’s really in… ‘The Twilight Zone’.
The latest example of this came on the day of the NBA Trade Deadline. Furious beyond belief, I did not like the J.J. Redick trade. The Bucks gave up too much to get him; I guess I would have felt a little better if the Bucks also landed Josh Smith, but that turned out to be a failed deal because Atlanta wanted Larry Sanders (Thank God, Bucks management didn’t deal the SWAT Man!).
The Redick deal, however, was puzzling. Yes, when the Bucks were playing great basketball earlier in the season, I felt they could use an extra shooter. But after seeing the inconsistency of maintaining a winning record and a chance to move up in the Eastern Conference playoff race, acquiring an extra shooter was meaningless. This season, like so many in the last several years, has been more repetitive than brushing my teeth. Ready to throw in the towel for the season, I believed it was time for a drastic change…
Instead of trying to make the eighth seed quota that Herb Kohl seems to be infatuated with, I felt it was time to blow up the team, rebuild it around Sanders and Henson, and move forward. Many fans would agree, I’ll do ANYTHING to see the Bucks win just ONE NBA Title in my lifetime! Once the Redick deal was made, though, the Bucks got on a role…
While filling in for several of the Robert Haack Diamonds Basketball Post Game Shows, there was one night where the Bucks were just three games behind the Nets for the fourth seed in the East. The fourth! At that point, I actually pondered kissing Herb Kohl and John Hammond’s feet. Could this be a sign of another FEAR THE DEER run? J.J. Redick was doing a great job off the bench, Monta Ellis was stepping up his game to another level, and Brandon Jennings, knowing he needs to do something to raise his value, decided to pass the ball around more. Nonetheless, this formula was working and the Bucks were winning…I cannot believe I almost wanted to apologize to Bucks management.
And then…another losing streak started…
Since winning six of eight after the Redick deal (including a 2-1 west coast road trip), the Bucks are 3-7. Bucks fans, I’m tired of the roller coaster ride. I hope you are, too.
Whenever I’m negative and pessimistic, they win. Whenever I’m excited and optimistic, they lose. I can’t take it anymore. Here are three things worth noting; one of those is a special message directed towards the Senator.
First, observe all the big wins and bad defeats for the Bucks this season…
Big Bucks wins:

Celtics x3
Pacers x2
Bulls x2
Warriors x2
Nets x2
Mavs x1
Heat x1
Rockets x1
Jazz x1
Lakers x1
Bad Bucks defeats:
Pistons x3
Cavs x2
Wizards x2
Bobcats x1
T-Wolves x1
Hornets x1
Sixers x1
(Oh, and by the way, the Bucks still need to face the Bobcats twice, and the T-Wolves, Magic, and Raptors all once. Don’t expect 5-0, folks)
Secondly, over on Facebook, I posted a poll question. “Yes or no, would you blow up and rebuild the Bucks’ organization?” Of 200 responses, only 25 people on the 1250 Facebook page said ‘No.’ Well, Mr. Senator?
Now a message for Senator Kohl…
Mr. Senator, you are a man of the people, correct?
You were one of two senators to represent the people of the State of Wisconsin for a long time, right?
Now, you run a business, correct?
Yes, we’re talking about the business of the Milwaukee Bucks. In order to be successful in a business, you need to put out a product that consumers want to buy into. Consumers will make it clear what they want. So, Mr. Senator, give the consumers what they want. You represented people while in political office, so why can’t you represent the fans of this city? Why can’t you give them what they want?
Look at these names…Corey Maggette…and Stephen Jackson…and John Salmons…and Drew Gooden…and Richard Jefferson…among others…ARE NOT THE ANSWERS. You can't expect to put a winning team on the court with names like these. Well aware of the finiancial situation, I understand getting a superstar to Milwaukee is impossible. However, you can find other avenues…And if you can’t, then do what the people say.
If seven of every eight fans want to blow this thing up, what is so difficult about that? I’ll blame myself if that leads to 20 straight seasons of failure; I’m cool with that! It's time to start taking some risks. Most buisness take risks...You have nothing to lose, Mr. Senator.
You’re attendance is crap anyway. A .500 basketball team with an eighth seeded playoff appearance is unacceptable for any fan base. That doesn’t win you a championship. Why should that mentality fly?! REBUILD this franchise. Otherwise, sell the team, make your millions, and retire. This franchise can only be successful if the owner knows what he or she is doing. With all due respect, Senator Kohl, as an owner of an NBA franchise, you don’t know what you’re doing. I’m convinced this team is doomed with you at the helm…I’m sorry.
Disappointed, flustered, and irritated, I don’t know what else to say. I’m sick of the constant guessing games and roller coaster rides. This isn’t some emotional theme park. I want the Bucks to be the best team in the league; I want them to win an NBA title. And so do you Bucks fans…We deserve better.
This offseason might be the biggest offseason in the franchise’s history. There are several directions to go, and it will be interesting to see where Herb Kohl and John Hammond decide to take this organization. Just make this team better in the long haul…
In the meantime, Bucks fans, watch this video. If you have to, scream it out your window. You may feel better about yourself… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dib2-HBsF08
I’m as mad as hell as and I’m not going to take this anymore!
Follow me on Twitter: @RadioJoeZenzola
Until next time, Milwaukee….

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03/29/2013 5:14PM
We're doomed with Herb Kohl
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Blackshirts Waukesha
I fail to see where your going here um..................
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Mike L. Pinkiewicz
yeah okay sure ha ha got a laugh at you thats for sure
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Jeff Wollenschlager
don't understand where your going with this article
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Deborah Pulaski
never mind them I thought it was a well planned out article good job
03/29/2013 5:55PM
Captain Stabbin
Ahoy Matey!!!!!! www.captainstabbin.com
03/29/2013 5:58PM
Captain Stabbin
04/05/2013 11:31PM
he's a democratic politician. why would you even dream that he would have any kind of long term visions?? of course not.
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