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What if?

Heading into the 2012 baseball season, the Milwaukee Brewers and their fans have some questions...for sure. Don't all teams have them? The crew is no different, but inevitably, the "what if's" come into play. Lets go over some of them. What if the Brewers rotation does not pitch as well as they did last year? What if, Ryan Braun struggles without Prince batting behind him? What if, Cieto and Hawkins leaving, is too much for the bullpen to handle? What if, Mat Gamel IS just that 4A player? What if, Manager Ron Roenicke has his sophomore jinx? What if, Aramis Ramirez gets hurt, and misses a large portion of the year? What if, the Brewers struggle and tickets to Miller Park are given away? What if, Weeks can't stay healthy? What if, Alex Gonzalez plays like his best years are behind him? What if, John Axford comes back to earth? What if, K Rod throws a tantrum and causes some clubhouse cancer? What if, Nyjer Morgan is too much to handle and Roenicke benches him? What if, Carlos Gomez pretends he's Babe Ruth? What if...what if...what if...what if? Every "what if" can be turned around to the positive direction, can't they? Perspective Brewers fans, perspective. Glass half full...look at the bright side...hope springs...and my favorite--SMILE MILWAUKEE, you'll feel better, and the world will smile back.

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03/08/2012 6:13PM
What if?
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