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Ramie Makhlouf

Who's the Boss? (Starring Joe Paterno)

Being the prolific businessman that he is, Nike chairman Phil Knight should have known better when he said "There is a villain in this tragedy that lies in that [the Jerry Sandusky] investigation, not in Joe Paterno’s response to it.” at Paterno's memorial service.  And I don't mean he should've known better than to alienate potential customers by standing in defense of a man who aided and abbedded in child-rape.  I mean that he should know a thing or two about hierarchy.  What Knight, and all Paterno legacy-defenders, miss with statements like this, that pass the buck to Paterno's 'superiors', is that Paterno has no superiors.  If Knight (you or anyone else) are ever confused of who's the boss in a given situation, ask just one question.  If two parties can't co-exist, who's gotta go?  Whoever is left standing is the boss.  When a player and coach butt heads and the coach gets fired, that coach was never really in charge (i.e Paul Westphal, Demarcus Cousins). Joe Paterno was almost untouchable and un-fireable.  Paterno's superiors couldn't give him his walking papers when he couldn't even do his job from the sideline anymore and was forced up to the press-box, where there was a bathroom more conveniently located.  His supporters flooded the streets of State College PA. and reacted vilolently when Paterno was fired for contributing to the cover-up of child-rape.  What would be a good reason for those idiots?  Knight seems to think that there's only one person, institution, or authority to blame in this whole mess.  When you're talking about something as heinous as what we're talking about here and it's covered up, there's plenty of blame to go around.  The thing that sets Paterno apart is a.) People expected better from such a figure and b.)He had as much, if not more, authority than anyone on that campus and possibly in that state, and therefore had as much, if not more, power than anyone to stop it. 

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01/30/2012 3:50PM
Who's the Boss? (Starring Joe Paterno)
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