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Who the hell is Radio Joe Zenzola?

I’ve learned that it’s never a good thing to brag about yourself. Because I’m new to the airwaves, though, I believe it’s important for listeners to know what kind of person they’re listening to. Who the hell is Radio Joe Zenzola? Hopefully, this little bio will answer that question.
Name: Joseph Victor Zenzola
Age: 22
Residence: Pleasant Prairie, WI
What do I do for WSSP? I’m a fill-in producer and anchor for Chuck and Wickett, The Bill Michaels Show, and The Big Show. During the winter months, I run the sound board for our coverage of the Admirals games. I’ve also covered the Bucks, Golden Eagles, and Brewers for the last year. Currently, I’m doing one-on-one interviews with players from the Brewers and players from the opposing team; that’s probably one of the coolest gigs to this job. Josh Vernier hired me as an intern last summer, and after working my butt off during the summer and fall months, I landed a part-time producing job. I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have this…We have some great interns at WSSP, and I always tell them to continue to work as hard as they can. You never know when that phone will ring…
Other jobs? I’m a waiter for House of Gerhard in Kenosha. I’ve been working there for the last six years. I’m also an umpire for Kenosha and Lakeland Little League (not an easy job).
Favorite hobby: Golf. My goal is to break 40 for 9 holes; Best round 42.
Favorite food: Schnitzel…Google it.
Smoker? Absolutely not. Never got into it, and I would hate to die of lung cancer.
Drinker? Absolutely. However, I’m very responsible.
Favorite movie: Goodfellas. That’s definitely the Italian in me (and no, my family does not have ties to the mob).
Favorite T.V. Show: There’s a few…Mad Men, The Walking Dead, The Wire, The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, Survivor, and Seinfeld.
Do I travel? I’ve only been to five states in my life. However, I’ve been to six different islands in the Caribbean. I also spent close to three weeks between London, England, and Barcelona, Spain. I’m actually going back to Europe in January 2013 (as long as the world doesn’t end).
Education: St. Joseph High School in Kenosha, and Carthage College in Kenosha. Yes, I had very good grades in school, and received some nice academic honors. However, I can be an absolute bonehead/moron/dumb-dumb (my parents and the guys at the radio station can attest to that). By the way, Miss America is an alumnus from both schools. She’s only two years older than me, and I think she’s still available…I think…
With that being said, I’m currently single. Hopefully, that special lady for me is out there somewhere…Ladies, call me.
Cats or Dogs? Cats. I’ve grown up with cats my whole life. If that makes me soft, so be it. Strip my man card if you will. I don’t care. I love cats.
Biggest goal in life? Success. I have no clue where this business will take me, but sports has become my life. I would love to meander into television at some point. If I had the opportunity to be a television sports anchor, I would take the job in a heartbeat. I interned for Fox 6 Sports this past spring, and I really enjoyed what Tom Pipines and Tim Van Vooren were brewing over there. After experiencing and working in that medium, I’m confident  I can do it.
Ok, enough is enough.
Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/RadioJoeZenzola
Teaser for my next blog – How I would change the league and competition format for the NBA…
Until next time, Milwaukee…

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06/10/2012 3:16PM
Who the hell is Radio Joe Zenzola?
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06/11/2012 6:36AM
you sound like a very responsible young man. your parents must be very proud of you. good luck to you in the future. blanche in wisconsin
07/09/2012 7:51AM
favorite teams?
please don't say chicago teams......we already have Romy for that
07/14/2012 4:44PM
On Wisconsin!
Nope. I'm a die hard Packer, Brewer, Badger, and Bucks fan. However, half my family are Chicago team fans...
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