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Wickett's World - Bret Bielema part 1

Bret Bielema...part 1
Ok, i have a lot to say about Bret's departure from Wisconsin. I don't know how many parts this will be in a series, but I'll just start with #1. This one will be about Bret's time in madison...
To me, Bret wasn't a great BIG MOMENT coach. More times than not, when the game was on the line, Bret seemed to get it wrong. The MSU game when he called time out so sparty could get more time for their kicker? The MSU game when sparty was waving the white flag to go OT only to have Bret call timeout. That led to 3 straight plays-and a hail mary. I could go on...OSU in 2011? In 2012? PSU in 2012? I think Bret Bielema is a good coach. I really do; the numbers speak for themselves. He's just not a GREAT coach. Yes, he won some big games. 2 years ago he beat #1 OSU (something Barry never did) and he's won the last 2 Big Ten title games. Good wins. Not GREAT wins. GREAT wins would be Rose Bowls, in which we know he's 0-2. SHOULD HAVE beaten TCU....COULD HAVE beaten Oregon. 
Here's the problem for Bret who's now at Arkansas: He'll lose more BIG GAMES in the SEC than he would in the Big Ten. Why? Sheer numbers. There are just more good/great teams down there. The odds of running that gauntlet? NOT GOOD. In the Big Ten you can catch a scheduling fluke and not see a good team or miss them in the title game or get the better teams at home. In the SEC? It'll be tough for LSU, Florida, Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Texas A&M and the "other" good team (one per year) to fall right on your schedule.And ALL of those are BIG GAMES  to Razorback fans. And if that once in a lifetime occurance happens, then you STILL have the SEC title game. Good luck with those big boys, Bret. You'll need it. 
there will be a part 2..

oh....here's the Angry Hog on the new coach of his favorite team.

12/06/2012 5:14PM
Wickett's World - Bret Bielema part 1
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