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Wickett's World - I'm afraid of Adrian Peterson.

My 3 biggest fears for the Packers vs Adrian Peterson on Saturday night. 
1) They play WORSE vs Adrian Peterson. Can they? Come on now. Over 400 yards in 2 games? The Packers MUST "contain" AP. How about 165 yards on 25 carries? No more than 3 carries over 12 yards? I know you can't shut him down, but how about SLOWING him down? How? I'd try to use SOMEONE as a spy at all times. Whether that's Charles Woodson or not, i don't know. But they've GOT to slow Peterson down. And they've yet to show they can do that...and what's scary? AP knows it. 
2) They'd rather run. I keep hearing "make Christian Ponder throw". I doubt this happens. Do you really think the Vikings offensive coordinator would take the ball OUT of the (soon to be) MVP's hands? I don't. Running Peterson is just as "quick strike" (vs THIS Packers D) as most teams air attack. If Green Bay is up 2 TD's in the 3rd, I HIGHLY doubt the viqueens will turn away from AP.
3) Special teams? Ok...i hope they're not serious over there. Tackling Peterson out of the backfield with 3-6 yards of a head start is tough enough. Can you imagine getting that guy at full speed? With your special teams unit SPREAD OUT? yikes...holes...lanes...the edge...and if a Packers special teamer is "lucky" enough to have the oppurtunity to go at AP head on??? UMMM.....have you ever seen a car crash?
Sure hope NONE of these come true...more coming tomorrow.

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01/03/2013 9:46PM
Wickett's World - I'm afraid of Adrian Peterson.
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