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Wickett's World - Really? ANOTHER lockout?

Really??? Another lockout? Look, i know you probably aren't the biggest NHL fan. I get that. Milwaukee isn't a "hockey town". But right now, we're about to watch the National Hockey Legue fall back off the radar they had worked themselves back onto...after they last locked out. And once again, sports fans will suffer. We'll suffer because ONCE AGAIN millionaires and BILLIONAIRES can't split up a bunch of money. Awesome.
Didn't we just go through this? TWICE? The NFL suffered in 2011. MOST rookies weren't prepared for the regular season. Yes, i know Cam Newton was freaking ridiculous, but the majority of the rookies NEED a full training camp and didn't get it. New head coaches suffered too, not having a full training camp with their new teams. The NBA? Again, the rookies suffered. Fans suffered too. Unlike the NFL season, we didn't get a full NBA season. 66 games packed into 4 months? Yikes. Yes, it was cool to have all those games, but the quality suffered. The teams suffered.
As a big hockey fan, i don't want to see any games get cancelled. I don't want to see hockey fall off the sports fans radar. Did you watch the NHL playoffs? As usual, they were tremendous. A freaking 8-seed won the cup! Sadly, we're going to lose training camp. We're going to lose preseason games. We're going to lose regular season games. We MAY lose the entire regular season...it's too bad this has become the norm in sports today.

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09/19/2012 10:18PM
Wickett's World - Really? ANOTHER lockout?
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