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Wickett's World - Who's the G.O.A.T?

Is Michael Phelps the greatest? Is Usain Bolt? Who's "greater"?? I'm not sure but right now, we are watching 2 of the top athletes of their time rise to glory during the London Olympic games. A few words on both...
I'll start with Phelps. Shame on everyone who thought he was "done" or just "here for the money" after losing his 1st race of the 2012 games. (authors note-I was one that thought he was "done"). He showed that as much as Ryan Lochte has displayed that he can compete on this stage, the GOAT was not ready to hand over the torch just yet. Went on to win a BUNCH of medals...at last count i've got Phelps at 231 medals, 205 of them gold, but i could be wrong. Will he be back for the Rio games in 2016? I'm not sure. He SAYS he wants to do something else...but i'll bet in a year or 2, we'll see Michael back in the pool for ANOTHER run at history.
Now onto Bolt....the FASTEST MAN EVER. Think about the field he was running against in the 100m dash. ANY of those guys were fast enough to win and he BLEW THEM AWAY. In finishing 2nd to his teammate in the qualifying round, i thinkhe was either A) woken up, B) showing us that he's human or C) he was toying with us. I'm going with C. I will bet BOlt has in his mind EVERY time it's a "real" race, he knows he'll win. Not THINKS he'll win, KNOWS he'll win. And he's sooo long that it takes him 3-4 less steps than every other racer, every race. Seriously, he's faster than my new car. He's unreal and i hope we get to watch him be the rock star at the most exciting event of the summer games again in 2016.
We may not see the 2 GREATEST OF ALL TIME at the same Olympics any time soon...or maybe we will. Either way, it's been a joy to watch Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt in London.

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08/06/2012 6:56PM
Wickett's World - Who's the G.O.A.T?
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