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Wickett's World - it's been a busy day...

Too many things have happened today to just blog about one thing...so here's some quick hitting thoughts on a few for ya. (I’m sure 27 other big stories will happen today too...)
-Marquette Jr G/F Vander Blue is going pro. He's the 14th leading scorer in the Big East. 2nd team all Big East. He's a GOOD defender. He's a 76% FT shooter. You MUST BE GREAT AT SOMETHING to make it in the NBA. He's not. Right now he's just a good college player. Good luck, Vander. I do hope that in 3 years he's making HUGE money, is an NBA All Star and proves me wrong...just don't see it.
-Oregon football busted for "Major Violations". I'm shocked. No, not really. The school that's FUNDED BY NIKE?? You can't tell me you didn't see this coming when Chip Kelly left for the Eagles job. He HAD to know it was coming. Those self imposed sanctions? 2 years probation, 3 years of (1) scholarship reduction. Yeah, that'll be enough for the NCAA. pffff. The case goes to the infractions committee later this year.
-Yovani Gallardo arrested for drunk driving. Dumb. HE BLEW A .22! Who let this guy drive? Oh, and if you make $5,000,000 a year, can't you afford a cab? A limo? A helicopter rental? I get that he's human and makes mistakes...but COME ON. You're not the 18 year old that the Brewers drafted in 2004. You're a LEADER on this team. Act like it.
-Boston Marathon Tragedy. I was a WRECK yesterday. Why did this terrible event hit me so hard? I don't know. Maybe because this was the 1st time terrorism hit sports since 2001. Maybe it was the CONSTANT cycle of pics/vids on TV. I'm not sure. But I've never been so shaken up by a news story in my life. I STILL can't even start reading an article or watch a report without welling up. I hate this story.
-Best positive surprise of the Brewers season? Shortstop Jean Segura. NOBODY expected this kid to hit .417-and no, I’m not nuts enough to think he will all year. If he hit .317 I think we'd all be THRILLED. He's been productive at the top AND bottom of the Brewers lineup. Oh, and he's been pretty darn impressive at SS on D too! Looks like a promising piece of the Brew Crew's future!! Thanks to @JasonLoomis99 for the idea!! 
It's been an interesting day to say the least...cheers.

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04/16/2013 12:04PM
Wickett's World - it's been a busy day...
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