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Wickett's World - maybe MNF was a GOOD thing?

 Maybe this was a "good" thing? 
Ok...Monday night sucked, if you're a Packers fan. I normally don't blame offcials but for the 2nd time in my life, i watched an officiating crew steal a game from an NFL team. The last was SBXL in Detroit. (Ironicially enough, both games involved the Seattle Seahwaks). Monday night, the replacement referees STOLE the game from the Green Bay Packers. 
Yes, the Pack stunk in the 1st half, allowing QB Aaron Rodgers to get sacked 8 times (that's more than 24 NFL TEAMS to this point of the season). Yes, head coach Mike Maccarthy took too long to switch to his no huddle. You figure watching his OL get beat OVER AND OVER, only to lead to a severe head/body ache coming for his franchise QB for an entire quarter, wouldve persuaded him to make a change, or perhaps hand the ball off to his running back...but no. Despite that, and despite the fact that the Packers' wide receivers couldn't get open...and despite the fact that the Packers DL couldn't stop Marshaun Lynch from gaining 4 yards EVERY TIME he touched the ball...they were still in position to win this game. But 3 calls took it away from the Green & Gold. 
1) Roughing the passer. LB Eric Walden hit Seattle QB Russell Wilson "late". Wilsons pass was knocked up in the air and intercepted by Jerron McMillian. Walden was NOT LATE. (more on that in a blog later this week)
2) Pass Interference. I've never seen a DB get pulled by the shoulder, have his head turned and shoved to the ground on the same play ALL by the wide reciever only to watch the ball and a yellow flag hit the ground. This happened to Sam Shields, and the penalty was him. 
3) The final play. Should it have come down this? nope, but it did. Wilson threw a perfect hail mary pass to the endzone only to have Packers S M.D. Jennings intercept it...or so we thought. The ball is CLEARLY in the arms, cradled by Jennings. Seattle WR Golden Tate had a HAND on it. Imagine if you switched jersey's and Jennings was the wideout...was it a TD? Yep. 
I've been saying all along that it would take a marquee team in the NFL on a marquee night to get this stupid lockout/strike/total suckage of a disagreement fixed. We may have had that monday night. The Packers are one of the NFL's marquee teams. Monday Night Football is arguably the leagues BIGGEST NIGHT of the week. Perhaps, with all of the country watching, we can get the two sides together and FIX IT...or the NFL can continue to go on as the 1st 3 weeks have, and we'll get more fights, bad outcomes, terrible calls and long games...
Final score: Seattle Replacement Refs 14 Green Bay Packers 12.

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09/25/2012 8:52PM
Wickett's World - maybe MNF was a GOOD thing?
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09/26/2012 9:24AM
Not a good thing!
The playoff implications of this game could be huge for Green Bay. If they lose a home playoff game because of it, that's a lot of money for the city of Green Bay and the team. There's nothing good about it from that point. Plus we're 1-2 and you guys have a Bears and Colts fan on the drive home talking about it. Grr.
09/26/2012 9:41AM
I wish
I wish I agreed that this could be a good thing...but seeing that nearly every fan is going to blindly walk back and hand more money to the NFL, no matter what they do, I have no reason to believe anything positive will happen.
09/26/2012 12:32PM
The Only Thing Worse
the only thing worse than replacement refs? Mike Wickett
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