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Wickett's World - I don't know who Brandon Jennings is.

I don't know who Brandon Jennings is. 
This has been bothering me for quite a while. I usually can figure out a local player especially after covering him for several years. But Milwaukee Bucks PG Brandon Jennings? I'm not sure...i THINK i'm know which way I'm leaning, but i'm not totally sure yet. 
On one hand, he's said he wants to be the face of the franchise. In the past, he's said (paraphrasing) "who wouldn't want to be the face of one the NBA's 32 franchises". Ok..i'll buy that. Not exactly the most pursuadeing statement i've ever heard but whatever. "I want to win games and go to the playoffs" Again, ok...but that attitude's not getting 18,000 to the BC each night.
And then there's the other side of Brandon. The one who uses phrases like "we'll just have to deal with it" when his playing time is reduced after the trade. (try using that one on your wife after ANY dispute) Or when he says "now i see why guys like a big market" after playing in New York. 
I don't blame the guy for wanting playing time. I don't blame him for wanting to be the face of the team. I don't blame him for wanting to get paid like a top level PG (even if he's not). I don't blame him for his comments in the Dallas morning news "The Mavs are about winning". WE want a winner in Milwaukee too. WE want him to be great. WE want him to be a franchise player. 
I get the feeling that Brandon doesn't want to be here in Milwaukee. This is a far cry from his "it's like living in Europe. I like it because it's small" mantra we heard when he was drafted. Milwaukee is a proud city. Milwaukee is very protective of it's own. Turn on this city, and it's residents will quickly turn on you. Brandon's not bashing the brew city, but he's sure not showing it a lot of love. 
His attitude + what he says + what he DOESN'T say + with his his turnover prone play in the late stages of games = not helping his "q rating" in this town. I don't know what the plan is in the off season. Will the Bucks match an offer from another team? Not sure. General Manager John Hammond seems like he wants to. Would you? What's his ceiling? Can he get better? WILL he be happy in Milwaukee? Will he want to improve? What will his attitude be if he's resigned? Tough, tough offseason for the Bucks...again.

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02/26/2013 7:07PM
Wickett's World - I don't know who Brandon Jennings is.
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02/27/2013 2:37PM
Bucks break hearts
Mike, I agree entirely. This Buck's team is really tough on the heart. And I am sick of getting excited about them, and then see them lose games like a home game vs Cleveland who had won 4 times all year on the road. Stupid things like that. I want to get excited like when they come from 17 behind at Boston and more on the road vs Chicago. But their lousy record at home and losing games to games they shoudl be winning just stinks. I do not see Jennings as a leader on this team. He seems very much about himself, and the team 2nd. Not happy about that part at all.
02/28/2013 1:27PM
My Idea to fix the NBA Competition
Hi , My Idea to fix the NBA competition I see that the NBA has a problem between small market and Large Market teams. I believe we can narrow the gap between the two if the owners would agree the concept of balancing the talent level between the two. Key Changes: • Have a 7 team playoff for the conference title, with the number one team receiving a first round bye. (The 8th seed is a waste of time). • The player draft lottery would include now 16 teams, and can run just like it does now. • Each of the 14 teams that make the playoffs would forfeit its first round draft pick. • The effect of this change would mean the team that say had the #1 pick in the draft would also move up in the second round to #17 vs. #31. While, this doesn’t insure lottery teams success it does increase the chances of receiving a promising rookie on reasonable contract terms. • Eliminate all back to back games in the NBA. Too many times weaker teams catch stronger teams on the second night of a back to back and steal a win. Additionally, stronger teams just kill weaker teams on the second night of play. NBA does this on purpose I am convinced. • Require owners to make the playoffs at least once every five years or they should be required to sell the team to someone who can manage that simple fan requirement. • NBA pays all playoff teams a bonus check for reaching the playoffs. The check should be meaningful enough to drive a winning must win attitude with the owners. • Make it a rule that no team should have to play more than 6 games in a two week period. Too many times the NBA schedules games for TV in the big markets that feature those markets and the small market teams have to adjust games to be played around the TV games. You will never see the Bucks play LA on a weekend. It’s always during the week. I have been a season ticket hold since 1982, I will not renew until Kohl is out as an owner. Let’s all remember that Herb needed a new arena for the Bucks before and got the Bradley Center after he bought the team. The promise was to keep NBA basketball in Milwaukee; I guess the concept of winning once in a while was not part of it. Mike Schmitt
03/14/2013 8:59AM
Zero Confidence
I just have no faith in the Bucks. They've been bad for 25 years with 1 exception or I may say fluke since they couldn't maintain their success. Growing up in the 70's and early 80's I can't help comparing the Bucks to that era. They've never come close. I try to get on board. Went to 2 games this year then decided the product is not worth my money. I'll save it for The Brewers. This team should be better. an 8 seed is an embarassment. Teams are begging them to move up to the 4-7 spot but they can't do it. Bring on the Tourney then Spring so I can forget about the Bucks. I'll be there again next October hoping to see a product we can get excited (not frustrated) about. Mark-tosa
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