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Wickett's World - I don't want to be right...and I hope I'm not.

I don't want to be right...and I hope I'm not. 
When Arod was linked to the PED clinic in Miami last week, Chuck & I had a huge debate on whether or not Ryan Braun's name should even be brought up in the discussion. I was told i was nuts linking the University of Miami to Braun, just because he went there and worked with the strength & conditioning coach who was mentioned in the initial article. I was told "wait til he's on a list"...well...now he's on a list. What do you want next? 

In one of the documents sited in Jeff Passan's article, Braun's name IS LISTED NEXT TO "RB 20-30K". I'm no codebreaker, but RB? Ryan Braun. 20-30K? $20-$30,00. And don't forget Tony Boshch listed the amount of money owed by other players in SIMILAR notation. 

Now, according to his statement, Braun & his attorny used Tony Bosch's services to help sort out the T/E ratio and possibilities of tampering with samples. Does that cost $20K- $30K??? Right now, I have no idea...but it may. 
also...There was a note FROM BOSCH congratulating a runner named Juan Nunez that represents melky cabrera, that mentioned the "braun advantage" after Cabrera won the All Star Game MVP...later in the season, you may remember Melky came clean about using PED's. 
As i scramble to write down all of  my thoughts, NOTHING is concrete...and i hope the truth comes out and that Braun is found innocent. I WANT Ryan Braun to be clean but I think i speak for many when i say this is getting tough.
cheers to finding the truth...

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02/05/2013 8:17PM
Wickett's World - I don't want to be right...and I hope I'm not.
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02/05/2013 8:43PM
Well said
I just can't fathom he could be so naive twice. I hope it's somebody with a gruge. Alas, nothing surprises me anymore. Especially the callers tomorrow ready to be judge, jury and executioner.
02/05/2013 10:00PM
Still waiting and hoping
Being a die hard fan I hope this just blows over. Steroids were a huge part in all sports. It's hard to believe his innocence but his story also makes sense. I'm a fan no matter what. I'm just glad they haven't checked football players as closely as baseball.
02/11/2013 9:33PM
Pretty odd that names were written in pencil remember anyone and I mean anyone could of written his name in that book. I will continue to fight for our hometown hero Milwaukee I hope you do the same. Braun is innonecent and why would he be liked to this stuff twice he is smarter than that Milwaukee hope to see you on opening day. Brad west allis
02/12/2013 2:23PM
Where there's smoke there's fire
Seems like too big a coincidence for the strength and conditioning coach and two of Braun's teammates to be linked to this. My feeling is Braun was exposed to PED's in college and has been using this whole time going back to 2005. Testing standards finally improved enough to where he finally got caught.
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