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Wickett's World - I've learned nothing so far.

I've learned nothing so far...

Before you completely agree with me and blast me for not learning anything, hear me out.

When it comes to the Wisconsin Badgers football team, we've learned nothing. They're 3-2, with wins agains the worst team in the Big Ten and 2 W's vs a TERRIBLE fbs team & an FCS team. They lost on a fluke play at Arizona State and fell to the buckeyes in c-bus. To me that doesn't mean much. Does this mean they're TERRIBLE? No. Not by any shot. But to tell me that they're at the top of the Big Ten? Not yet. Wisconsin is GOOD. Not GREAT. Combine the 3 teams they've beaten? UMASS + TT + Purdue = 4-10 (3 for TT). The showing at osu was good. Hanging with th #4 team in the country? That's impressive. And I hear "A muffed punt and 1 hail mary and we win that game"!! ...sure, but you can't take that away. They happened. Great teams don't make those mistakes. Again, the Badgers aren't GREAT...they're good. 

The running attack was taken away by ohio state, and QB Joel Stave responded with perhaps his best performance as the Wisconsin signal caller. The front 7 played well. The secondary? Well...And Kyle French? That missed fg changed a lot in that game.

Now they've got 2 weeks to get ready for Northwestern. At Camp Randall. On Homecoming. That's a darn good NW team. One that I've got ahead of Bucky right now. Maybe the Badgers will prove me wrong...but like you, I'm still trying to figure this team out...and I've learned nothing so far.


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09/30/2013 10:30AM
Wickett's World - I've learned nothing so far.
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