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Wickett's World - Just because you're great, doesn't mean you can coach.

Today on Twitter, I came across a national TV host who claims that because Becky Hammon was named one of top 15 WNBA players of all time, that she'd make a good assistant coach with the San Antonio #Spurs. While I think it's great that a woman is getting a chance to coach in the NBA, I am VERY curious to see how she does. This national host needs to take a quick look around the rest of the great players who have hung up their shoes as players and tried to coach at the pro level. There are lots of examples of great players who suck as head coaches. Are there some who have excelled? Yes. However, most of the time the great ones have problems getting their message across. 

Why? Because the great ones were lucky enough to be blessed with amazing skill and talent at their sport. Coaching is teaching. 

Ask Wayne Gretzky how hard it is to teach someone to pass the puck like he did or score at will. THE GREAT ONE was 143-161-24 and never made the playoffs in his 4 seasons as the head coach of the Phoenix Coyotes.
Magic Johnson lasted 16 games and gave us the famous line: "Can you believe I’m the coach of the Lakers? What have I gotten myself into?”

Mike Singletary was a GREAT linebacker for the Chicago Bears. he was 18-22 at the helm of the SF 49ers and hasn't sniffed a HC job since dropping his pants and giving us this rant on TE Vernon Davis 

There are more including: Bart Starr, Ted Williams and Isiah Thomas (to name a few). 
Yes, I realize Larry Bird won coach of the year and Lenny Wilkins was a 9 time all star and one of the winningest coaches in NBA history. But let's not jump to any conclusions about a great WNBA player figuring out the NBA game. 
Oh...and i sure hope new Milwaukee Bucks head coach, Jason Kidd, can buck the trend. He has 1 good year under his belt...let's hope he's got a few more coming around here. 
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08/05/2014 1:16PM
Wickett's World - Just because you're great, doesn't mean you can coach.
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08/11/2014 7:33AM
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