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Wickett's World - Remember Kato Kaelin? He LOVES the Brewers

Remember Kato Kaelin? For the younger 1250 listeners, Kato was a guest at O.J. Simpsons' house and was present the night Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered. What you may not know is that Kaelin is from Milwaukee, went to Nicolet High School (class of 1977), and went to UW–Eau Claire. He's now an actor living in Los Angeles. Why am i blogging about him? Here's why: he's a huge Brewers fan...and a huge Ron Roenicke hater. I follow him on Twitter @Kato_Kaelin

There's this tweet... and this one... and the always popular... Kaelin is not alone. Lots of Brewers fans are critical of their manager...and that's weird. As far as I can tell, the Brewers are in 1st place as I type this with the 2nd best record in the NL. They just took 2/3 from 2 of the best teams in the National League (Giants & Dodgers). Are they a perfect team? No. Is RR a perfect manager? No. Is he above criticism? No. Does he always push the right buttons? Nope. He let's his guys play. He's encourages them to be aggressive. He doesn't flip out. He doesn't micromanage. And (this year) he's winning.

I'm 100% certain that this happens in every city where professional baseball is played and not just a "Milwaukee thing". But ask yourself, where did you think this team would be by now? The last 6 weeks of the season are gonna be really fun!! Enjoy the ride...even you, Kato Kaelin.


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08/11/2014 11:23AM
Wickett's World - Remember Kato Kaelin? He LOVES the Brewers
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08/11/2014 10:15PM
Why does anybody care what Kato thinks
Don't understand why people would follow this guy on twitter!His claim to fame was pretty much that he was a leech. Must be a slow newsday
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