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wickett's world - Ryan Braun: How SHOULD you feel?

I don't know what to tell you, Milwaukee Brewers fans. I honestly don't. After the suspension came down from MLB, and Ryan Braun was done for the rest of the 2013 season, I immediately wanted to gauge the fan reaction.
The twitterverse blew up. Facebook  exploded. And the reaction? Mixed. Some were angry. Others disappointed. Many were in shock. I can’t tell you how to feel. You need to do that. 
Is Braun a cheater? Yep. Is he a liar? Yep. Do you care? I don’t know. Will you give him a 2nd chance? Not sure. How about on opening day in 2014? We live in a pretty forgiving society so I’m going to guess that MOST Brewers fans will eventually look past this and Braun will be in the good graces of Milwaukee. Notice that I said MOST. Not all of you will…and you know what? You have every right to.
We ALL were in shock in December, 2011 when we heard the news. Most of us thought Braun was telling the truth during his spring training speech in 2012 and we rooted for him to match his 2011 just to say to the haters, “see? We told ya so”. Many still believed him when the news was slipping out during super bowl week this year. And now, it’s official. Ryan Braun is a cheater. Ryan Braun is a liar. Should you forgive Ryan Braun? I can’t make that decision for you. 

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07/22/2013 7:03PM
wickett's world - Ryan Braun: How SHOULD you feel?
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07/22/2013 7:20PM
But let he who is with out sin cast the first stone. Have I lied in my life? Yup. Have I cheated? Yup.
07/22/2013 7:31PM
I suck as a consumer of sports talk. For his health's sake I hope he chills, but I also want to see the progress continue. What would he have been had he not been such a juicer? I defended this guy vehemently back in the day. Didn't get bigger...numbers didn't drop off. Blah blah blah. Truth is...I don't give a sh!t. Don't know any other way to say it.
07/22/2013 7:36PM
Feelings on Braun and Steroids
I can't tell anyone how to feel but for me, I am disappointed in Braun, but come next season I will be there to support both him and the Brewers. What I really want to know is this: Are the same people that came to Miller Park with big posters of syringes and asterisks for Barry Bonds going to come the same way for Braun? Is there going to be an outcry for him to have his MVP taken from the record books? I have a feeling not. I don't want to hear another word from anyone about who the home run king is unless that person are willing to hold Braun to the same standards.
07/22/2013 7:38PM
Braun or Fielder? Looks like we put our money on the wrong horse.
07/22/2013 7:44PM
Don't Hide
Braun needs to answer some questions. After his initial press conference way back he convinced many he was clean. Now he needs to convince us (me) to forgive him. So far he has not said enough.
07/22/2013 9:31PM
urine guy
He can make a big step if he publicly came out and apologized to the man who was thrown under the proverbial bus...mr urine collector. Braun needs to be truly sorry and that starts with attempting to un-do that lying press conference.
07/22/2013 11:29PM
I'll still root 4 him..
Braun isn't the 1st and he won't be the last!! Bonds juiced and still has his records. Ryan made a mistake (we all make them) When he comes back i will cheer and support him.
07/23/2013 8:36AM
Ryan Braun should be playing in brewer inform anymore!! Cheated and lied to us fans!!!!
07/23/2013 8:38AM
Ryan Braun shouldn't be playing in a Brewer inform anymore!! he Cheated n lied to us fans it makes me sick!!!!!!
07/23/2013 8:55AM
Very Disappointed
Unfortunately this will probably hurt the Brewers until his contract is up. I don't want him on the team. I can't cheer for him any more, but the Brewers are stuck. They probably can't trade him and they probably can't release him either. I'm angry that the team has no power in this situation. I think a rule should be changed that when a player is suspended for PEDs the team has the option to void the rest of his contract. The reports are claiming that Braun has been using these drugs for a long time. The Brewers paid him according to his level of play will using the PEDs. When Braun returns will his level of play still be worthy of his contract? Other star players who used PEDs and then were forced to stop,(Sosa, Tejeda,Giambi, etc), all saw their stats fall off dramatically. Braun is younger, but will he still be the same player without the drugs? Probably not. What if he comes back and hits only .250 with 20 home runs? This could hurt the Brewers for a long time.
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