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Wickett's World - Sorry RGIII: You'll never win.

Sorry RGIII, you'll never win.
Let's face it: Robert Griffin III is a fad. So is Cam Newton. No, this is not a race-based blog, but some will take it that way. This is about NFL quarterbacks. You know who wins SuperBowls? Prototypical, drop back, accurate quarterbacks. You know what gets people excited but never delivers? Mobile quarterbacks. I'm not saying that RGIII and Cam aren't talented enough to win the big one. Believe me, i think they have more talent than nearly any qb in the nfl. But here's the problem: they try to win with their legs too much. Are mobile qbs a weapon? yes. Are mobile qb's tough to scheme agains? Yep. That's great...but do you know who wins championships? Tom Brady. Drew Brees. Aaron Rodgers. Drop back qb's are still the way to win in the NFL. Guys like RGIII (who i LOVE watching play, btw) expose themselves far too much to serious injury. The NFL is even SET UP for you to stay in the pocket and not get crushed. However, too often we see these mobile QB's get outside, rush and BOOM-take a shot to the head, (did you see THIS HIT??) that takes them out of the game forcing a franchise to go to the backup. (skins drafted Kirk Cousins btw as a backup). And one shot is all it takes to end a team's season. I don't need to mention how many times a franchise QB has gone out and taken any superBowl hopes with them. Now..i must mention: yes, i realize dropback QB's can get hurt too. But the injury risk they face? DOES NOT COMPARE to the one that are hunted by linebackers and safties waiting to feast.
RGIII will put up BIG numbers in the NFL for a while, assuming he stays healthy enough to do so. But unless he learns to use his legs ONLY WHEN NEEDED, he won't make it all the way.

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10/09/2012 9:30PM
Wickett's World - Sorry RGIII: You'll never win.
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10/10/2012 1:31AM
First of all Aaron Rodgers is a mobile QB did you ever hear of Steve Young?? RG3 or Cam can win it and so could Vick but they need the rest of the team to be great also. The best QB of all time Montana was mobile so to say this your way off. Dan Marino was probably the best Pocket QB of all time and never won it. Now QBs can run and slide without being touched they can roll out and just throw the ball away so Mobile QBs have a greater advantage then pocket QBs I'll take a Mobile guy that can run and throw anytime over the pocket only QB anytime.
10/10/2012 8:13AM
Wickett's right
So show the proof that mobile qb's other than Young has won anything? We're not talking about being able to run when protection breaks down, but devising a system to incorporate running plays specifically for your QB. Montana and Rodgers didn't and don't have these plays devised up for them. Scramblers are what you call them, not running qb's!! Wickett's not the only one who has stated this. I heard by numerous analysts that these types of Qb's need to change their style to make it in this league. I'm going to believe them over your judgment.
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