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Wickett's World - 5 favorite inventions

I was sitting with my buddy Mike the other day having a beer at a bar on Milwaukee’s Eastside. We started talking about what the most important inventions have been in the last 50 years. Well, that’s too far back and there have been a LOT of great things invented since then. I decided to shorten that up. Here are my 5 FAVORITE inventions in the last 15 years.


2- The yellow 1st down marker. Do you remember what watching football was like before it? 

3- Friendster. Did you have it? I didn’t but it led to MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I LOVE social networking and Friendster.com was the pioneer.

4- Smart Phones. I remember seeing the 1st Blackberry and watched my boss email from the car. Talk about being blown away. I may have written this blog on my smartphone while setting my DVR in between plays of a football game and tweeting about it. Get it?

5- Red Bull. I just really like red bull. With or without vodka. 

So there you have it…what about your favorites?Write them below so we can compare! Who knows what’s next…but I can’t wait!

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06/24/2013 11:30AM
Wickett's World - 5 favorite inventions
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06/24/2013 11:44AM
Top 5
Cell phones, laptops, the retractable roof, eBay/Amazon and flat screen tv
06/24/2013 8:29PM
Top Inventions
Couple things come to mind... 1. Digitalizing music (MP3 player), no more cases of CD's in the back seat of your care.. 2. And how can we not mention the NFL Red Zone... 3. Tablet's.. (iPad).. 4. Instant Replay in MLB.. Oh wait... Scratchthat...!!!! David Ahola @TM_AholaBoyzCPT
06/27/2013 9:46PM
My Top 5
1. YOUTUBE!!!! 2. The MP3 player 3. The Hybrid car 4. Teleportation!!! In 2002, research at the Australian National University resulted in the successful teleportation of a laser beam. This research was an extension of an earlier experiment at Caltech in which a proton was successfully teleported. Essentially, this process involves using light and matter where one serves as the carrier of the data and one is the storage medium. In the Australian was teleported 1.6 meters. 5. Social media! Facebook, Twitter! Come on Mike how'd you leave that out?
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