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Wickett's World - Welcome to Milwaukee, Wojo!

Welcome to Milwaukee, Wojo!

After a long search, Marquette University has named Steve Wojciechowski as it's 17th basketball coach in school history. 

Not Shaka. Not Ben "i've been to 3 final fours" Howland. Not Cuonzo Martin. Wojo. This is one that's gonna very interesting to watch. Why did Wojo finally leave  Mike Krzyzewski's bench after a decade & a half at Duke? I've got 3 theories on this...

1 - He got sick of waiting. Seriously, was Coach K EVER going to leave Duke? He's been there forever. He's still got great teams every year...although it looks like it's getting tougher for him to go deep in the tournament lately (see Mercer, Lehigh). Recently Coach K said publicly that he'd like to be at Duke for AT LEAST 5 MORE YEARS. At age 37,  you figure Wojo wasn't gonna wait til his early 40's to get his 1st gig. So he took it. 

2 - He's using MU as a stepping stone to GET BACK to Duke. He may have been told, "go get some experience, then come home". It's a possibilty. Duke doesn't strike me as a "first gig" type of place. Marquette does (see: the last two guys...and now this one) Time will tell if this is a long term buy, or a short term lease at MU for Wojo.

3 - He's been told he's not in line to get the Duke job. This would be a bit surprising, considering how committed to Duke Wojo has become. Player/coach - LIFER. But maybe someone else is in the eye of Coach K. My best guess? Shaka Smart. Why not? He  won't go out west. He won't come up north. Maybe he REALLY wants that Duke job, and he's willing to wait around for it. Call it a long shot...

I'm excited to see what Wojo will bring to this team. Will we see the "3-pointer friendly" offense that the Blue Devils run? I hope not. Will Wojo be like Tom Crean & Buzz Williams & bolt for another job? I hope not. But this is what Marquette does. They don't hire the "big" name. They took a chance on an assistant coach on Tom Izzos' bench and that got them elevated to Big East status + a final four (along with other post season tournament births). Buzz? He was on Creans' staff & took the Golden Eagles to 3 straight sweet 16's.

A LOT of programs in this country would kill for that. So let's sit back and watch Wojo work...



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04/01/2014 7:57PM
Wickett's World - Welcome to Milwaukee, Wojo!
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04/01/2014 9:09PM
Great Hire
Just the fact that Wojo was on coach K's staff is a big plus. If he does anything like coach k it is what Marquette should be dying to get and thats a winning culture! Could we see another national championship, the first since Al did it? Like yousaid Mike, time will tell and i am going to enjoy every minute watching him try!!!
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