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Ramie Makhlouf

Winning isn't everything, period

We all know the old Vince Lombardi quote "winning isn't everything, it's the only thing".  I don't think rooting for cheaters and making them the face of your franchise is what Mr. Lombardi had in mind when he said that.  That's exactly what the Brewers have done in putting Ryan Braun on the cover of their 2012 media guide.  Now granted, the verdict of Braun's appeal of a positive test for a banned substance is yet to come down and he could be found innocent.

The Brewers though, have apparently decided to go ahead with the reigning NL MVP as their representative, regardess of the outcome of that appeal.  And I've heard numerous fans say they're in Braun's corner, no matter what.  I have no doubt those are some of the same fans who were upset when Brandon Jennings tweeted that he is not a role model and when numerous athletes expressed the same sentiment.  If the Brewers and their fans are serious about competing with integrity and teaching "little Brewers" to do the same, he not only would not be the face of the franchise (if guilty) and he not only would not get your cheers and support.  He would not even be on the team when it comes down to it.  Yes, I'm saying trade Ryan Braun. 

Let him be someone else's cheater and win, lose, or draw with your head held high, knowing you did it right. Otherwise, the Brewers and Brewers fans hand over their right to ever complain about other teams cheating and other fanbases being "classless" or "clueless".  You're lumping yourself in with teams and fanbases like the Cardinals, Giants, and Cubs, who have been blasted for supporting the likes of Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, and Sammy Sosa.  I'm not saying you can't believe Ryan Braun when he says he's innocent or that you shouldn't support Braun and the Brewers.  I'm just saying be consistent.

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02/09/2012 5:44PM
Winning isn't everything, period
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02/14/2012 8:01AM
Calm down "knee-jurk"
Dude, let the verdict come down before you start throwing "cheater" references around. Especially regarding the league MVP and possibly best athlete WI has seen on a baseball field in almost 25 years. No doubt, if it is shown that Braun took PED's with intent, his reputation with baseball fans (including Brewers fans) will be soured for good. But even then, I don't know that you trade him away unless you're sure you get equal, if not greater, value for that play on the field. I'm not sure if you're really this clueless about how baseball works, or if you're making these comments to garner attention to yourself? Ryan Braun IS the face of the Milwaukee Brewers whether you think so or not. He's the league MVP forc rap sakes, how could he not be?! It's ridiculous to think otherwise. I didn't see anywhere in your blog addressing the fact that Braun has participated in MLB administered drug tests throughout his career without incident...this during the post McGwire/Bonds/Sosa age of steroids in baseball. Why would Braun decide to start now? And what about the strange extremes the two tests produced? Who cares about that though, right?Fans can at least relax knowing Ramie "knee-jurk" isn't GM of the Brewers. Matt in Chicago
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