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Steve "Sparky" Fifer

Wrestlemania XXVIII: Rock Bottom

I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised by the first match of the night and getting rid of that scrawny Daniel Bryan as quickly as they did. He doesn’t have any business being on television to begin with.  The CM Punk-Jericho match was a well wrestled match that showed two guys that deserved to be at Wrestlemania. I will say that it’s too bad that CM Punk was wasted in the middle of the card and not put in the main event like he deserved to be. The Big Show match saw a guy who has busted his tail, finally get rewarded by Vince, it’s about damn time. The commissioner match showed how much young talent there is being wasted in the WWE. I wasn’t a fan of the oldies but goodies match with Undertaker and Triple H prior to Wrestlemania. Once the match was over, I felt like giving them a standing ovation. While I realize most of you think there isn’t any physical pain in doing what they do for a living, you are sadly mistaken. We knew going into that match that the three involved were all hall of famers, but I didn’t expect the thirty plus minute match that we got involving chair shots and sledge hammer hits. That match was the best of the night and while I still don’t agree with them being on the card it was more than well worth it. Now let’s get to the main event featuring Rock and Cena, which going in again I wasn’t pleased in bringing back another old guy in the Rock. However, I was surprised by how well he performed in the ring but I simply don’t understand where WWE goes from here with Cena. I don’t believe anybody actually thinks the Rock is here to stay every week, so as he disappears into the movies, the WWE will turn to who? They just dismissed the one guy they have built up for all these years with a guy who hasn’t done much in the ring in nearly a decade. I never would have agreed to lose this match if I was Cena. You have seen how quickly the star of Randy Orton fell and Cena might be the next. While the Rock fans are happy, I think the creative writers for the WWE may have finally hit rock bottom!

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04/01/2012 11:00PM
Wrestlemania XXVIII: Rock Bottom
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04/02/2012 12:45AM
dumbest move ever
what do they do now? and how do you have the face of your franchise lose? unless cena is leaving for some movie roles himself only to have a triumphet return at summer slam. time to turn heel zigler into the next HBK and not the next badass billy gun!
04/05/2012 10:34PM
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