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You stink, you suck, and you're the worst! Issue #1

Every Monday will mark a new installment called “You stink, you suck, and you’re the worst.” Choosing teams, players, coaches, fans, mascots, etc., I will pull the best three that caused controversy from the previous week in sports, and throw them under one of these three categories. With that being said, enjoy the list. (And no, this is nothing like Keith Olbermann’s ‘Worst Persons in the World.’ There will never be political figures on this list. Quite frankly, I loathe Keith Olbermann.)
You stink…Green Bay Packers
It’s no surprise the Packers stink. Blowing a 21-3 lead to a rookie team is unacceptable. I thought the slap in the face in Seattle was going to be a game changer moving forward. It was disgusting to see Reggie Wayne snag over 200 receiving yards against a so-called improving Packers’ defense. Shame on Dom Capers for this one. You knew Wayne was going to be Luck’s number one target out there, so where was the coverage? Where was the preparation? The secondary remains a mystery to me at this point. It’s also a slap in the face for your defense to surrender 464 total yards. By the way, the Colts are now 6th in the NFL in passing. I do like Morgan Burnett’s play as of late, though. He’s been more involved on the field than I’ve ever seen.
In the same respect, blame Aaron Rodgers. I’ve seen too many overthrown passes the last couple of weeks. Considering another poor performance by the offensive lineman, Rodgers needs to do a better job getting out of the pocket sooner or dumping it off to a receiver immediately. His overall numbers this season are actually pretty solid; he’s on pace to throw over 4,000 yards this year. Despite the numbers, Rodgers had a lousy second half. To muster only six points is a real head-scratcher.
Now the Packers travel to Houston to what should be an automatic defeat. Seriously, how optimistic are you? Then again, knowing the Packers, they’ll probably play their best football of the year…Please prove me wrong, GB. In meantime, you guys stink.
You suck…John Daly
Being a lover of redemption stories, I’m actually a big fan of John Daly. Whenever he’s in the field list for any tournament, I always take some time to see what he’s up to on the leaderboards. Winning a tournament may actually remove many of the demons that have haunted his life and golf game for the last decade. From the interviews and the T.V. show he did (“Being John Daly”), I believe he’s committed himself to be a better person…and golfer.
However…John Daly sucks. (At least for this week).
Playing in Justin Timberlake’s tournament over the weekend, Daly was right in the mix after the second round. Shooting 69-63, he had a ton of momentum going into the weekend. Perhaps Daly’s biggest issue as a golfer is playing consistent golf through a four day period. Typically, his third and fourth rounds are plagued with some horrific scores. After firing the 63 in round two, Daly shot 23 strokes worse with an 86 on Saturday! 86?! Then on Sunday, shot a dreadful 77. He finished dead last in the cut-field.
He’s made perfectly clear that he’s trying hard to save his PGA Tour card on Twitter. I believe it, but something’s got to give, John. As of right now, you suck.
You’re the worst!...Matthew Hinson
How would you like to book a trip to see your favorite football team playing down south, but before going to the game, you get your throat slashed by a member of the Jacksonville community?
My heart goes out to 42-year-old Bears’ fan William C. Pettry and his grieving family. Pettry’s throat was slashed inside a Jacksonville bar early Sunday morning, and was presumed dead by police.
The suspect, 27-year-old Matthew Hinson, is being held without bond. Witnesses saw him slash Pettry’s throat, took the bloody knife and put it in his pocket, and then walked out of the bar as if nothing happened. While there’s no explanation for Hinson’s motive, this is somebody that serves no purpose to society. Nonetheless, I don’t care what happened; nobody should have to lose their life over something so stupid. I can’t sit here and speculate what happened that night, but I can guarantee a situation like this was no accident.
Hinson could be spending the rest of his life behind bars. There’s no question that he’s the worst. 

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Stay tuned for another exciting list next week, as well as other future blogs from me. 

Until next time, Milwaukee...

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10/08/2012 3:59PM
You stink, you suck, and you're the worst! 10-08-12
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