Favre back in Green Bay

Gunslinger talks his future, and Rodgers return to Super Bowl

Mike Clemens
August 11, 2017 - 3:17 pm

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De Pere, WI - Brett Favre slipped into the Green Bay area this week. 

It was a perfect setting for Favre. Food, folks, and fun. Without the tuxedos.

"Sometimes I've worn a clip tie. Does anybody own one of those anymore? "said Favre. His return to Titletown this time was in honor of an old friend and colleague, the late Lee Remmel. 

Lee Remmel was a short, distinguished, classy, graceful wordsmith who told the Packers story for over 60 years. Lee once told me at a dinner how as a teen he got into sports writing for his hometown newspaper, The Leader, in Shawano, Wisconsin. He got to see the legendary Don Hutson play at the end of his career. One night Lee pulled out archived game film from the 1930's and 40's to show me footage. Don Hutson looked like a time traveler that had gone from the future back to the early days of the NFL as an innovative wide receiver. It was important to Lee that Hutson's career was not forgotten. 

Lee then covered the Packers as a beat reporter through the Vince Lombardi era. Then in 1974 he joined the Packers staff and eventually became not only the team's Director of Media Relations, but was known throughout the NFL as a leading historian of professional football. He was on the media relations staff at every Super Bowl for decades. 

In 1998 the local Rotary Club came to Lee to organize a sports award banquet, to help fund education for 4 or 5 students every year with college scholarships. The named the event after Lee, who would coax 1 or 2 current and past Packers players and personalities to attend to help draw interest and ticket sales. 

Lee passed away two years ago at the age of 90. With his passing there's been concern the event which has helped dozens of students go on to college would fold up and end. 

When Brett Favre learned of that, he boarded a plane with wife Deanna, and after helping their own daughter move into the dorms of her new college last weekend, attended the event held at a modest banquet hall outside of De Pere. It was a sold out event. Just folks. And Favre standing around, telling the old stories. Posing for selfies. "Brett being Brett," said one of the organizers. 

Hear is a recording of our conversation with Favre about Lee Remmel, about Aaron Rodgers desire to play at least until he's 40 years old, the chances the 2017 Packers have of reaching Super Bowl 52 in Minnesota (that would be wild) and now that Favre is an "empty nester" what's next in his future?  Click here for audio:

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