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Bart's Credit/Blame: GB vs SEA

Bart Winkler
September 11, 2017 - 1:35 pm

We watch the game, we do the show. And then I think of all the things I wish I had said! So each week I'll come up with a few things I think we should have given more credit for and then three things that should have gotten more blame. Let's start with the bad stuff first this week so that we end on a positive note heading into Week 2.


McCarthy's timeout usage, first half - This can't be defended if you understand math. The Seahawks had the ball with :55 seconds left on the clock and McCarthy and the Packers had two timeouts. So, while it can be argued that the Packers were hoping to stop the clock a few times and force a fumble, the odds of that happening are not worth the risk. So let's eliminate that as an outcome. What's the next best and most realistic scenario that you are playing for? That the Seahawks run the ball twice, get stopped twice, and then decide to pass on third down although the pass is incomplete? Okay, in that case Seattle is forced to punt with about 30 seconds left, the Packers get the ball around their own 40 and it's one quick strike for a field goal or maybe a hail mary. I know the Packers are great at hail mary's, but this was the wrong call by McCarthy. He tried to play chess, but by moving his King before any of the Pawns had even found a new position on the board. You make future moves in chess, but not like this. And of course he was going to defend it postgame ("great decision" were his words), but if you are defending Mac here then you'd defend him on anything. I love McCarthy, but this was the wrong call. It cost the Packers three points and luckily not more. If Seattle goes into the locker room up 7-0, this is a wildly different game. Packers got lucky here.

Troy Aikman wanting a Pass Inference Call on Jimmy Graham - Just kidding! I don't understand why we think that if the announcers aren't 100 percent in agreement with us, then they must be 100 percent against us. Their job is to call it both ways, I can't believe we're in year like 20 of Buck and Aikman and they are still all fans want to complain about after a game.

Martellus Bennett - Bennett's 26 yard catch that iced the game absolved him of the criticism he should be under for the late hit penalty on the final drive. That's a mistake, plain and simple. Great, he supports Aaron Rodgers and they are friends. But that kind of behavior can not become a habit, and I hope those two can express their gratitude towards each other in ways that aren't going to cost the Packers 15 yards at a time.

Ty Montgomery - The Packers needed Ty on that final drive. 5 carries, 5 yards. Eddie Lacy's role on the team these past few seasons may have been a riddle that McCarthy couldn't solve, but Lacy was great at being able to run out the clock on those final drives. Ty needs to be able to do the same.



Ty Montgomery - He gets mentioned in the blames, but needs mentioned where we give credit. Yes, the 2.8 yards per carry needs to be improved, but factor in the receptions and the guy averaged four yards a touch. The Packers are going to use him both in the passing game and in the running game no matter what his jersey number is and he was able to be a factor. He played 90 percent of the offensive snaps and took some hits that would knock me out cold for weeks. Don't get too bruised up in week one, but the Packers possibly don't win that game without Ty getting the yards he got in the gritty fashion he got them.

The Secondary - They had help up front, but these guys played just as nasty. Multiple plays you would see members of the secondary sell out their bodies in efforts to make sure the Seahawks receivers didn't haul in catches, even creating contact at the very last possible second. I was particularly impressed with Kentrell Brice's aggressiveness.

Randall Cobb - Nine catches, 85 yards. Not bad for a guy who fell to an afterthought in fantasy football drafts. He won't have those numbers every week, and that will be the key to the Packers offense. Every week there will be a new hero. But Cobb's efforts a big unsung. Doesn't it seem like every time we count him out he delivers? Plus credit him for getting Jeremy Lane riled up and eventually tossed from the contest.

Kyle Murphy - Murphy was responsible for two sacks, that is bad. But Aaron Rodgers didn't die, that is good. 


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