Winks Thinks Podcast

Bart and friends talk awful airlines, O.J.'s "confession", and the NCAA Tournament

Bart Winkler
March 12, 2018 - 6:55 pm

Ep.1 - Airplanes, OJ Simpson, NCAA Tournament


Bart is back from vacation and eager to get the podcast up and running! Guests include Riggs from 103.7 Kiss FM, Producer Dave from 99.1 The Mix, and Chuck & Winkler producer Cody Grant

2:18 Which airliner is the worst?

8:30 Mentioning Trump on the radio

10:31 Why does Dave show up to work so early?

14:52 OJ Simpson "confesses" to murder

26:22 Conspiracy theories

34:14 College Basketball vs The NBA

37:58 How many college basketball players can Bart name?

41:21 Who do you got in your bracket?

44:55 Nathan Graham cameo

48:17 Braun Strowman visit recap

49:29 Wrestlemania match for John Cena?

50:34 More NCAA Predictions

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