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Fantasy Football
Thursday, December 7th
Paul Charchian of has the latest Fantasy Football advice for Week 14 in the NFL!

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Fantasy football players get deep inside info to win your league this week right now. Our expert all charged in this here take your calls right now dead 8558308648. Now from the league save dot com bleak saved post dot com and spend all dot com. Cheers Paul. The program though Michael Shaw and here we are glad to have you. Oh we have a good day today we certainly appreciate you hang out with us on the labels radio Joe's in Zola across from me. Portion of the program brought to my quick trip tops your alternative fuels Nokia ATMs both in Wisconsin and is Minnesota. Which is where Paul image urgency Paula charging his look his face down. So whenever you're heading over to visit Paula tell them you always governor Richard as well talk your alternative fuels no fee ATMs which I love. And they continue to expand their employees continue by and spent had a great country great company. So I support a local butcher shop in you can pick up those Packers Tumblr or the vikings so when you hear in that area because you're right he's been going that direction. The shop and pick those up makes a great holiday gift is well not to mention teacher coffee. Pour your heart chocolate or your cold beverage hot or cold from Concord time they're fantastic stuff in a local retreat. Paul charges police say dot com we did post a company involved when it comes dot com now joining us in the Schneider Rory job like why did anybody. Diving go to. Talking a little bit about your quarterback situation Kevin King just what a night are what cornerback situation don't have any. All brought their their backpack I I think I don't know your starters are out that apple is eager out that goal. I can't seem guy going to go away. Or at death count what does it Defcon five Ager is your. Why is is the highest your Defcon one of the I think all the I think one or type okay and we're Defcon one at this point now it's it's it's bad divine house is injured. To Mary's Reynolds the best you have and he's been playing better but a little bit mic here are a little bit here and there I guess the best way to put it is with a head case are there on the season. So that's not saying they're really overwhelmingly rely and he got Dmitry Goodson coming back whose earlier respondent team but he's coming back off via our Donna tell brown walked on. You've got to Lindsay pit skins the he's he's the guy they kept when they let go take some hill. And he ended up on the squad practice water now as a backup downer Drew Brees billion Josh rocket so. Throw coin out there and picket guy ordered you know so not good. Yeah I would just gore did last week and how they use them eleven targets. John Kaiser. You know better or just bring the ball around you'll missing confidently right he could you just competent quarterback. A deeper on the global quarterbacking probably would have a lock 150 yard touchdown young or. If it will be Philippines and acuity you know in the end and then even if you'll much extra coverage to jobs or. Then frequently got milk and you know he's a former first rounder in because you know he had a bet speaking to you. Yeah who. If you have formal and I think I've made it up via our in our computer. This game against the wind was browns would concern me as much as the packer fans. As. And much of anything Erin Crocker gave that this is beneath this thing really really tricky match up. It is a matchup in which the Packers cannot take lightly because if they do the London getting beaten on don't any wrongdoing of this stellar offense. By the Cleveland Browns they are pretty decent defense against long down and I was and you get an and Cleveland you look at their numbers. Wins and losses they lost a lot of games wipe your goal. Sorry they're not a pushover that it's a team that hasn't got a win and now on top of that you throw in this whole parade this perfect season two point on your read about that. Where Excedrin has come on as a sponsor they go oil without a win they're gonna give a parade to the team. Prepare for having a perfect citizen or are now guys are pissed off and there's then went in order economical in that direction so we want to desperately now so now it's even more reason to try to get a win. I'm I'm I feel good that the Packers are gonna win but I look people are picking it to be a blowout I'm like wow what planet are you want. Now linked up and I really don't I don't I don't. I I'd be very nervous firecracker and Alan I'm not you know that's not the vikings fan in me pocket at just the real you make a good. It could and backed their run defense is number one yards per carry it loud at points you. As an example they were the lap into loud and are absurd as you're so yeah it's feel there's there's there's a lot alike about the brown sent it. It's the opposite that lacking if there's that took the path to victory here might be almost corrugated and it is you know he just beyond defeating him out if I. Gordon now might be a big difference. They don't we are looking for one out of two or three year two out of two or three but don't give us like three out of five or you're gonna get hung up on those are the rules as always. This one is from let's see here when no that's too many. Photos from Craig who says a flex BP yard Jordan power sterling Shepperd or Alex Collins. Odd sort of power Alex column in the middle. Sterling Shepperd. German shepherd. Ma am. We'll take Jordan Howard as the workhorse backed him for the for the crown card for the bears you know the problem it. See it again like last week just to guard against the 49ers when he should have been great but part of promised that it. Or how it's no help from this happened often led by my new official nickname that trombone he. And that if that's gonna be continuing problem and they're really isn't sure how hard it is always an I would guess he plays and number sixteen. Fact is we let out of those options he's my number one back. Alex on that they'll match up against Pittsburgh is scoring touchdowns go and as well. I'll but if it's stupid to have freedom taken hours. Just what we're out. Go to phone calls their lit up let's go right away who PGA it was it was in Franklin Wisconsin PL human. Standard the mystery. Starters entry there's Bryant. Or Michael Crabtree starter it was seventy. FF Michael Crabtree let it good start they'll. They'll your theory. Your secondary is no back. Dying to grow even off the couch yes our him and then if such a horrific mistake. Yep and Darrell Revis an appetite yeah that's I point that we come. And he's gotten some of the market Peter's right equals and in front flag into the stands for a yep a campus don't button. No point you gotta go there start even knelt between bench for glory this girl read this week that. Those guys on an appeal against a greater achievement the quite earlier in the heat than ever in or out here carpal. 417. Yards and three touchdowns. And now you're critical phase them out for her. I wouldn't be positive matter for cars and wrapped trees if Cooper goes remember this is typical of what what game on national. If I don't there's if Colbert goes. We still injury he picker RT and go start Coco Cordero Paterson is a terrific actor or every part of readers. Joseph always listening to rescind debuted Joe Walker of the program and the microchip accords were ball Georgian. At PP our league and and it acts can injure it work very hard. It's come to that or or Korean market we thought it was gonna work for you here at one point and now. Can you drink a guy who don't even drafted I think that if you eat what you not rosters. They'll use that Alec higher than him finger up at the twelfth. You've been for 80% of the dolphins played last week. I'll be conveniently. Out in gaming warns him that this game as well and the teams do feature back. Probably perfect yardage game here if statement but don't freak Petrie grumpy and that'll probably be worse five yards per share. Got another one here in this is from a packed in Johnson creek pat walker the program you a question of Paul charges. Yeah. In the early that you want to read. Certain power. Lance Miller or careen from Washington. Lance Miller. When lamb Miller. I'd maybe I've got this certain. You people are Millar double Lamar Miller Bert yes. Yeah I was gonna say I all right Bob plants and you know it was a hard. The guy I don't like Lamar Miller a lot this week. Get no competition for cared which is great and that means it when he such that we the past couple weeks and the 49ers are the right spot I think. Rushing yards and working receptions a lot of the running back so. I like him attack but you're our as well well number I got Lamar Miller number eight at running back position jerk our. They have at odds did was soon as we'll take a quick break we'll come back we've got more jolt Paula Joshua cast of thousands on hold state to Paul church in. He is giving you fantasy advice and already in the post season. Charges and we say dot com Lisa post got comment pinball dot com more of a Michael show next. Everywhere he Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. Wrote Michael show on the Aaron. So glad you are here getting to investigate a device called church in from the state dot com we say post I come trembled like come here taking your your questions. So give us a shout are frenzy cousins subs bringing the program. The official sub sailors who know Michael sports are now working in one home game remaining you can give registered with fifty yard line seats in the at Lambeau Field. All you have to do is go to Packers dot com slash best seats Packers dot com slash best seats. And you can give is say he was shot. 8558308648558308648. Love to hear from in the end of all church you enjoy is the back of the phone calls talked to a Josh in Greenfield Josh walked into the program I don't. The good. 81 of these three in our league ash organ. The who. While while you got my number eight number ten wide receiver I I would take out organs of the reason we just talked about that they may well. Yet but frank got a nice after you went at it you don't have your art which are important. He can't hit you can't have the notion that all of a big game against if your backers. You don't have to go far down for Dez Bryant and 100 yards all he didn't this is such a good matchup at the portal giant them they rank 27 to get out with a lot of weapons. Receiver touched down and they get what you're Jenkins the night are at stake it's a great matchup. That's fine so you know I've I've got Norton Gordon couples want iron but when when you decide to go. Appreciate it thanks to give us a buzz is evacuating talked to Jolie and walker judge Joe Walker of the program when I got. Ballot. I thought my thunder a little bit there at that as Bryant in the marquee Goodwin and the other. Yeah about all the good we've done and it's a great matchup against him but not the best prank category here and still doubtful we'll stick with that right market gotten to meet you play temperatures still going at it but he's a good number 24. They built these doubt that you mentioned what without this call that in your step that they. Russell Wilson right. Traveling croc hunter Jackson didn't act bill. Where he will face the number one defense and passing yards per game and number one defense and happy that I'm allowed that number one. Total yards allowed. And it if they are also gonna run into victory get that. No quarterback could top 38 rushing yards against Jacksonville. In two years. They haven't given up or rushing touchdowns and over one calendar year. They have got a massive mismatch crop operatives that the wind just or eat yup they'll. I have on now. So if any yet and I'll hold it right and borderline MVP MVP candidate probably. But this is a extraordinarily. Tough match. Which I completely agree I I don't. I wouldn't trusted at this point put that no I would tell us at all I know I was listening to a couple people this morning talking a Russell Wilson and going against a defense and and I man that is going West Coast East Coast. The end having going up against number one defense two things it automatically go against you historically I would not to be in favor of Russell Wilson this weekend. Let's go to policy to us in Brookfield why you're doing. Good afternoon I mean there was these. Created. I need divide here Adam Curry contour I vehicle well and also a spirit shepherd but I need to ought to vote there. We've got case deacon in the fourth guy as well. Like. That your account publicly about other vibrant art anybody else as well and it. I know it scored that's something we re I don't like it that is the only I forgave coming days and Oakland and my only worry here that eight people behind by a lot is possible and it. Not stop working or so under watch by it they can they quote the great opportunity on its adult on a beat them. Appreciate that day go and those get back to that we've got a couple people off a Twitter real quick Drew Brees or Carson Wentz. Yeah it up it. It is the cartoonist interpreted tonight if they surprisingly tough matchup Clemens and inlet to spend the night here up. You've done you'd history against the falcons is really good but this is probably the best out in secondary and yours and my ex. In passing yards per game only 208 per game only Aaron Rodgers is it 300 yards if the planet's secondary and the court also well. That freak incident happened on number thirteen at the quarterback position this week. Carson went up at number or. Not a great match up only one quarterback one touchdown all over the perhaps he thought. Went have been greatly regrettable quote do you can figure out terrible outcome despite growth incidents. He gets these that performing at such a high level of pain like right knuckleball like that I I forgot. Got another one here row quit DN that is so let's see in full point PP ER. Bunches or Coleman. Undated gonna draw they erode. I because you ought. Reproductive health Julio. Art. You know how this work gorilla is the IP cornerback in Darren pointed it in miserable game and by extension by the way. That means I can't light Cam Newton either me that they they would support a taped evidence on just a way that we reports. Who's. Miracle shot firm big. Who raped or won't and I don't want it. It is going to be Christian McCaffery well what he's had given up or back down or you're. I don't know what I'm from from Cam Newton like in deeply forced. On pastors like content off staffer Matt Ryan. Three total touchdowns between them that their encampment that urging its like 180 IR. One last or or last five games now. It eat turning all the wrong ways it's the rule matchup for camp and. Let's do one more in real quickly get them here Tony and Sosa Tony make a quick 80 man yeah PP our league. And he got two of these re. Yeah Louis. Or get. Or Jarrett out of you. What do you look and format are our four out of five job. Are you looked up at number it you know well I don't love for the next match or Seattle or. Billion the workhorse back for a team not run the ball more than any other week so we'll go political torn up under thirteen if you. They haven't always. Appreciated. Not a lot of fun like I entertainment and activities and can't wait to watch them but they now we've got we've got the viking Bloomington. Do we there's a lot. Games that this week have impact and if the Packers get a win there as to whether or not. You were determined to really bring legitimately Aaron Rodgers back there and it's good offense saying we I can't we were saying and Oprah teaming Cleveland. Pretty fascinating against agreement Packers but that's what we've come to. It really it now it if that's the positive part is writes Jack who easily beat Seattle that critical for your team. What you need to happen with you tonight you know. What you need you tonight you need to the saints to win. I mean that that utilization women Ki moon so Chris are immense pressure edit thank you about it but I go more of a Michael show coming up next. Johnson won. Bill Michael's sports. Oh that's worth Florida on highway 100 in Franklin if you thinking of buying a used car Illini checked out.