4PM-Is There A Difference In OBJ & Brady?

The Wendy's Big Show
Thursday, December 7th
The Wendys Big Show-Gary, Ramie, and Sparky talk the similairites and differnces in OBJ and Brady 

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The Wendy's big show I'm running back buffalo whiskey Sparky Pfeiffer and our former packer in badger running back Gary Ellison coming up this hour. Rob reichel of Bob McGinn football dot com he'll join us at 435. We'll talk some oil Wisconsin basketball and football John Mack and Merrill Wisconsin insider he joins us at 448 removed Gary wolf for Milwaukee basketball and Saturday 535. They're having so much fun with that and felt safety conversation. Right now we Laura do you see a difference between O'Dell back in junior. And Tom Brady 4147991250. Can tweet us at 1057 FM defending go to my Twitter timeline. At Rami is tweeting and you'll see a video from a O'Dell Beckham juniors. And Sig Rampage. Especially like a forty minute 42 montage. Of antics of both OBJ. And Tom Brady doing almost the same exact thing it's a clip of LBJ screaming Tom Brady's screaming. A BJ kicking Gatorade. Cooler Tom Brady kicking Gatorade cooler you get the idea and goes on for forty seconds and this all started because on Sunday. Cameras caught Tom Brady yelling at his offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. Somebody tweeted. O'Dell Beckham junior quote. It's passion broke imagine if OBJ showed some of this quote passion towards any of his coaches owed a Beckham responded. Lengths he went on to say listen. When I say this is the craziest thing someone has ever Tweeter post it to me because I literally had the same conversation today about the exact thing your talking about. There's rules and then there's rules or immaturity or needs to grow up. Or selfish arm what else is it exactly. That they say or on composed know broke a wash that man do that exact same thing for years beat every time I cheered. For him in the Super Bowls I learned from him. This is the go some following his lead. I just may not know how to express at the same way but don't get it confused how twelve feels about the game. I would have a hard time saying that's not exactly how I feel hash tag go chase them. You see a difference between Tom Brady. And O'Dell Beckham junior and all the antics 4147991215. You can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan market you see a difference. While unit. The differences is one of the quarterback. That is face in the National Football League and has been. For a long time as you can get away with what every once in a way I would look in Manning UCL it is often to monolith there's video that you mean who leapt. And look Indian yelling and screaming it cast. It happens in the National Football League that's a basket get away with it. Jay Cutler could mean there are certain guys that can be the same thing as other players. And for whatever reason are gonna get. You know criticized for doing what other players do he's a wide receiver. So when your wide receiver the National Football League you are automatically in most cases able to primadonna all by yourself. We just talked it about chart about this on Tuesday. And I've pointed out to him how fortunate the Packers are not to have those guys on this team. Because if they did it Jordy Nelson was a prima Donna or Randall college a prima Donna is all about themselves. This could really got not a control in the media and so forth but then not getting the ball thrown to him especially Matt Scott not a single target last week. While while the bunt and gets all the catch key Shana Johnson being shut out even come out and say it was on his mind TO same thing. So. Because their view that we already there's already a negative connotation labeled with a wide receivers. So now when this player is a wide receiver that does something similar to the face of the league quarterback. Of course it's viewed in a negative light when the quarterback is ought to get away with it because he's pretty boy believed. I can do whatever he wants. That's just how it is it's the double standard to grab a double stand amber that's what it is National Football League always has been that way and probably always will be. But plain and simple you just labeled it. Primadonna behavior that's what it I got receivers are viewed in the NFL they are. The media spot jar said the same thing go back complaint I know about how did he use what is really at its exact same that's how their view in the National Football League. So you take a fan base and immediate basic views of that way in large part and had that stereotype of those players. And no doubt back junior may be that guy or not. And then you take that and golf against a guy that's got numerous Super Bowl rings that may be considered. The greatest quarterback of all time one's gonna get a pass in one's not you to guess which ones and get the path. It's going to be the quarterback that's at the top of the day that's that's odds get a peek at the south fair O'Dell Beckham I have them it's crap but that's. What it is and it's not gonna check it out to be just O'Dell Beckham exhibit any other wide receiver. Mr. have been you could I just wide receivers you have you many OJ can't you could add she yelled against Tom Brady and put together similar stuff rented this same thing so. Does well Jay Cutler you go to Cam Newton yup I think even Aaron Rodgers. And I don't not taught now not to the point that Cutler and can't do. But I think he had said to you more but past like Brady then no other guys but he gets more criticism than Brady does Sharon tells people what he's Talking Heads have a thing former right now. And I don't Knoll. If this was a planned attack or what this is what it just seems like. No doubt about skip Bayless and how words these are guys they all have their. Their their planned I attacks on him and alas how long is a thing or two or three years ago it seems like they've all come about once. Armed and out tumble not worst they've all been divided up. So what when you have that in and you're getting attacked nationally from all these guys that people are watching. Yeah and for the let me I don't know what Aaron Rodgers did. Did you guys to be under fire the way he is is say they're in sales and Howard again our daily okay I'm thirty setting a special event. But I think that's of from the state employee. That's gonna put him on the spotlight Brady. Gets a pass these delegates to get the pass until he retires Brett Favre got past his whole career but the media. So different or bred into this I think Dave but he did get the past you know yes the drug addiction whatever else feels after bread but it that somebody else oh I can't believe Campbell what I want. It would be totally different if if Brett Favre and all the trials and tribulations he went through off the feel OK if that was camp it targeted media the same way. Absolutely now some of the tour this. Summit tweets I got response I'd poetry out that video. That early this afternoon. The OBJ video from resisting rampaged. I am core. He treated at Rami is tweeting and am 1057 FM the fan I seen his video on Twitter yesterday this shows how the media creates a narrative. For one guy but not the other Chris Jones tweets thank you for this topic had a discussion with my buddies about this two or three weeks ago when he exploded that talking about. Tom Brady on the flip side of that the lonesome kicker treated at army is tweeting. He says I do see a difference for one reason. The QB is the team laid team leader OBJ has proven over and over it's all about him. You see a difference between auto Beckham junior and Tom Brady when it comes to their. Sideline antics yelling at teammates yelling at coaches kicking over Gatorade coolers. 4147991250. In tweet us at 1057 FM the fan. Give me an example where it hasn't been about Tom Brady. Is Tom Brady is about Tom Brady. Because that would that FaceBook or Twitter does Twitter and yet that said that it's all about. All BJ that we are owed about computer okay for. Example or have meant about Britney. They like or where exactly do you see that it's not about Tom Brady. Throughout this car rear its always been about Tom Brady hasn't it might miss and there are things. So again I don't I don't think it's much different they may go about promoting themselves differently right. Brady might might not be out there as much as O'Dell Beckham junior is or whatever but what put O'Dell Beckham junior on the map to beat it. No one really did and what attic that yet. That's and one had to catch blew up on social media and went bonkers. And as soon as happened prior to him haven't really any huge. Gigantic game that you ended up having. That's when it happened. Remember he was hurt his first year for majority died here he was hurt yeah and then he came back and got healthy nobody got a fancy football Malkin. And that that will pregame video gets out and a wave we want. After that do you see a difference between those two guys Tom Brady O'Dell Beckham junior 4147991250. Entries this at 1057. FM the fan is gonna sound like a Joker like come to try to make it clever segue into Sparky Terry's razor Hillary's. I really do think. That how guys looked affects. How fans and the media treat them I think the handsome clean cut Tom Brady. Is is much more appealing to fans and us in the media. That a guy like go to Beckham junior guy who has approachable face. Like Jay Cutler or cam knew and I think that has lot to do with it you might be treated differently in your day to day life if you're clean cut in handsome like Tom Brady and Sparky can help you with that. 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Ship to go limited edition holiday show is that while supplies last go to hairy dot com and her coat Sparky add check out for five dollars off. That's Carrey's got our code Sparky SP a RK. You see a difference between those two guys will hear from you next on the Wendy's big show right. It's the wedding ring Saudi thorough bag Thursday presented five masters you. I went back bringing us out of the break Hollywood's. So he would smacks apple does. A stand corrected grass ear right now do you see any difference between the antics of bode well Beckham junior. And Tom Brady 414799. Till the deacon tweet us at 1057. FM the fan go to my Twitter page at Rami is tweeting go to FaceBook fan page. 1057 FM the fan. And you'll see a 42 montage of Tom Brady and auto Beckham junior doing the same exact things on the sidelines yelling at teammates kicking over coolers. Yelling at coaches that saturates satcher a is there a difference between the two in your opinion 414. 7991250. Treatise at 1057 FM the fan and then tweet up your vote. Foray a throwback Thursdays at 1057 FM the fan at the hash tag big throwback. Gary went with being an on site Larry Harris went with Bing Crosby Christmas Sparky wants Christmas a music from the seventies. Maybe Tosh wants partners Christmas I want Jackson 5 Christmas cards must journey not Christmas just journey. Preacher artist at 1057 of them the fan. But the hash tag big throwback in nearly enter rooms separate 25 dollar gift certificate to masters he's too looking for holiday gift ideas whether it's Packers gear rec room games are. Patio furniture or anything that you're looking for they have it all red mass disease and right now they're bay shore location. It's the relocation liquidation sale going in right now all reasonable offers. Will be considered and masters these bay shore towns that are 540. West silver spring drive in Glendale. The one bananas consisting of all these tweets animals pardon everybody says he does have Super Bowl rings. So that's why Bernie gets a pass Gary says yes there's givers retain Tom Brady and OD. Would go back and generic five Super Bowl rings. Patrick that we don't panic how should give you along at least one has rings the other was on a party boat before playoff game oil why I forgot all about that. I tryst that says it is a double standard too many people are blinded by Brady's rains it seems that for the most part. Everybody says the differences in O'Dell Beckham junior had rings he would get the same benefit of the doubt. I still disagree ideal thing Brady would get the coach's fault all right let's go phone call let's go to a winless else. So well. Like eight well yeah he has dealt point one made up to monetize. Junior you get heated. A quarter whom would you gotta stop you stop that when you're part of a Brady broke up because you order because. If ridiculous. But here seventeen years difference. Oh you mean how many of those are those of Japanese career perhaps I got a said. Right. There then went off nobody. I see it as now I don't have the numbers here to tell you how many tirades O'Dell Beckham juniors and verses how many. Tom Brady is that Tom Brady. Consistently. Has tirades as often as anybody. All you out because of this started out wrong either what you know what he looked at what Tom Brady goes up just like rubber copiers told UP with the Packers Biederman cremated. Because while they appeal or it was a picker. All our loss undoubtedly want to you gotta do what you go else were twice arsenic but Robby got Laura Padilla let it all out. Well you know this is Apple's levels of about because of air at least dead or delicately with our revenue rose guys have accused. Appreciate cop when it comes to the frequency. And the number of Branson tire is that that that players have. Heard that I see anybody as consistently. Yelling at coaches yelling at teammates. Dropping bombs on camera. Basically just suggests that happened in general earth as seen anybody do it as consistently as I've seen Tom Brady great. He would you agree that the unknown to you see a difference between these two guys. Sugars. Childers has more phone call whether you wanna have an opinion journalist Robert like Stewart yeah why don't you like yeah right right well what it or more distinct Islam let's go to Sean on the eSATA on the Wendy's big shows up in. Everybody thinks the that's supposed to me that's a debate you can accomplish. What everyone's got a minute guys aren't Super Bowl she's proven winner he bought into the system at such a template for what 1516 years now. He's changed his own GameStop and adjusted to school. And then you're gonna go back here you know guys. Coach Al lucrative but got there doesn't win. The other really put it back I mean even put up good numbers. For his daughter went out burger I wanna ask chuck Allen and John a question right. Arm as as far as the game of football itself. And B being good teammate and everything else that goes along with what don't chew like. About we know Dell back in junior does how do you think that affects his team or hurts their chances at winning a football game. So what I've seen. Aside from the touchdown celebrations which I've just been accused are. And a what does talked about or does talk about the ransom tirade yelling at coaches. So uncomfortable point himself from put a significant bad play. You know it makes a mistake she used to sit down. Do you think he was yelling at Josh McDaniels dammit I should have made a better throw. Now probably not as probably yelling out Josh McDaniels because Josh McDaniels he thought didn't call the wrong players something along those lines and my point is. Whatever whatever. Hindrance. Bode well Beckham junior is on his football team and winning football games with his attitude and his antics. Out to see how being in the league for a long time winning Super Bowls negates that when it comes to Tom Brady. Somehow doesn't have the same impact on his team that it does when no doubt Beckham junior does it with his team. You re have an opinion on this etching that you army of former Maharashtra please. You don't tour always kind of the same thing a little bit moved. When he came back to this will ball that that you with the Eagles. I think he had a broken tibia or from their summit that Lou. Think people say that he was selfish and it was all about him. That's when he came out made it compares to where you know when Brett Favre came by earlier for an injured from injury he was a team player. So I think we've kind of had this four while in the inner fail. We're just certain guys get that reputation and where when they do stuff for in the antics is all about them and I don't. Rob we know why that is. And are not those peoples are actually be for those people to tell me. Why. Is different we're old bill Beckham junior in is different from. Tom Brady but maybe there's been that way since begin your time. Broken finger through loans another guy who does not give the benefit of the doubt and tutorial laws we got it a lot of people bit. Boys are I don't think TO is the same an email I sitio myself when we're talking about this TO divided locker rooms. I don't think I'm maybe I'm wrong I don't think O'Dell Beckham juniors dividing the locker room. Teel did in my locker rooms O'Dell has. So the yelling and screaming yet he's my TO working on in his driveway for the cameras and all that ought to corral about him it was holy for sure all about him and him vs dot McNabb. Now again as all of our camera go back to that. I'd like TO sad not McNabb site now. But Steve all this stuff is all about them. One know 200 no matter how are you look at it but some guys are a little more awarded the owners vote lead all this stuff is all about. I mean the whole yellow and you coach on silent or Tom Brady is used to mean is usable if our local government and doctors as. In there essentially. Both well as a sooner essentially you would hire an agreement and disagreement all the same time with that because I'm saying. They're there is no difference and I have no problem with that. You're saying there is no difference. And you know problem with it in both instances of problem both legs I I've no I have no problem that was another lying across. Our. I thought Tom Brady cross the mine it jars redeemed as it looked like to mean. That Tom actually gad in Israel and was looking down at down and you know shake it up and I thought that. To me was a little bit too close you can have arguments if there's space in between your you have an argument I'm good with their. But don't walk off home and try to have an argument. Special out in public that we weed they don't execute. We have to put this topic edit for a we'll bring it back greatest with Great Lakes drag away a little boy you I just I got some armor up carry have you. Ever heard this before. The saint Norbert college women's basketball team yeah. Has been suspended. The whole team you're voting for its next ten game does it go and deal for for the other games for what a leader in eligible for policies employed after. An odd campus alcohol related incidents Y. They were drinking water was most of that doesn't happen across the country. You suspended the whole team would see say not all four or five players. The all holt see what's he sing nor reserve private. Com Marquette not suspending whole team no sports or reserve Harvard institute. Which probably doubles rules. Catholics who Bernard down. That is interesting and I don't know where did you I don't normally they did are probably may have ruled all breast targeting this ball's going on right now they may have rule bar drinking on campus to. Along with on the team a lot of but again the whole team Augusta dry a lot of a lot of these a lot of these. We'll have the team. Decided rules. Yes from this student athlete advisory committee that does it is that what it is that's what I was the president of the student athletic advisor and you're one of Florida's fact you'll or you'll miss Bennet an entire team know that each each program has the option to make their own rules for alcohol abuse or any other situations private school and with a lot of it will be it's in season so if this was. A drinking violation by the team members in season. That could be banned for the team or doesn't mean they. Know that kids are gonna drink out of season you know it's a collective. Unit you gotta be kidding me here. Telling me that. You were president your deal. And you'll eat here you all buried the lead I don't care about you is the chairman of the council doubts that but I don't understand this items offers enormous mart that maybe our but I don't think Gary dollars in its united Golan in porch another team. With in the program of the school that he goes to ten this liable. You took out altogether. For the rest of this is that no I don't I don't and that program I don't think that. After I let it if you try and go out and recruit now. I mean I don't know that is ridiculous I don't know what they did. Norm is your restaurants are there DE ST 3-D so they would. There are some reason people succeed soul extreme yard he ruined my grades than the honest thing to talk about. Well I hate them my elbow went personal rivalries my body what to say Norbert did collide while they're resident yeah absolutely right now you talk on about Ron you don't need to tease me again and please do. It's not all but what are you doing with your hands over there what is your what is he doing let's keep it going to move and we got things to do. We need to stay on your Mike is off for the third time in the show how that's a record for you baby Tauscher are extremely annoying today. Is there indication again in the months abilities in the last December and it broke a letter that top Mac you're close to in your Mike turned up okay. Use sheets. Are who went and I've kind of technically my boss a tournament and you'll walk out the door. And stuff. Both web and because the thought they'd hit it. That's right you're absolutely right troubled you yeah Albania and at that could come back what happened that made an executive decision while you were gone. Yeah. 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FM the fan with the hash tag they throw back you'll be entered for a chance to winning 25 dollar gift certificate. To masters tees Larry Harris the former bucks gym here's our guest in the 2 o'clock are the show we gave him a nominee went with they Bing Crosby Christmas Sparky once seventies Christmas. Baby tax wants a car openers Christmas I wanna Jackson by Christmas. Gary Ellison went with journey it was a film the theme how much you preacher artist at 1057. FM the fan with the hash tag and big throwback do we enter to win a 25 dollar gift certificate to masters Aziz joining us right now. On the great midwest bank hotline to find his work at Bob McGinn football dot com we welcome the men. Every Thursday right around this time it's rob reichel hello rob how are this afternoon. Are you avoid the well are you Christmas music got robbery one of those people who's annoyed by Christmas music as soon as a correspondent. It already. I can take it up about now and goalie tree in in close strong right I can't start listening to not first respectively in November. Com and and and try to carried it through for the better part of two months that that that's just too much for that. But right about now it is perfect and it might do it they're pretty all all it though. It got up on the secrets through the eyes you know what at eleven year old kid out though. For me if they don't wanna hear pre Thanksgiving. That's all just wait till after that let's enjoy Thanksgiving and gimme all the Christmas music you want I'm good with that. And I hard I really hurt here you're top topics that are hurt artist that date it. John Denver and there. Now there was no John Denver Christmas in monetary hat in the ring with OK but rob reichel once they John Denver Christmas okay thank you. Rob but let's go to older. What's caught up with the with the Packers secondary are they gonna have enough cornerbacks to add to field a team this Sunday. Well they're like dancing I optically London and brought 36 pack got a man. In maybe and maybe mobile state beat the corner yet now it is out the round. That they don't eat. I've made it I have a little bit surprised they when Mike McCarthy that that the shot. Not that I really thought it gonna have to play him 1520. Op from scrimmage in in addition to the war he can get out special obviously they've put in IR yesterday. Halted in the early stages. I mean in the recap group you know that that that two streak to prop that. The course of the week copper for the guys that sit out early practice this week to make eagle but it. Get ready on did it how and you goal and played a heat beat up the well with debt what debt sold are so nice to look at how that Randall at. And caught in it you know a lot of goods and can't organize their apple little bit deeper. You know they would like that at all brown owner but I bet but it. You know it it's a little bit injured guys that mean because I'd call everybody realized just how good Josh ward was. I beat Horry went away for a few years it was off the off field troubles when we're talk about a guy I don't agree. In the disgusted probably don't jolt maybe your age. But he's just that not all that night. I've done yet if you what do state greener data you eat it multiple goal all and it certainly certainly featured him last week. You gonna be 101214. Target got it. It didn't get it in the rookie tight end is coming out with a pretty good player he got another guy out the court Corey Coleman. Was a good player. The problem that we needed it absolutely awful ordered it at. Baucus is doubly but he somehow find a way to do it on Sunday acted it's going to be an incredible tale. Here. No really will be out move over to the Packers were quicker and really about Eric Jones and Jamal Williams or Jamal Williams now seems to. Rounding into work at least I saw him doing training Carroll or award he could be. Is is this something that the Green Bay Packers can lean on Jamal Williams and Erin Jones. When other teams know that they're gonna be an football. Yeah I think they have to take that approach here in. Just bought you all all the marquee one when Mike McCarthy tried. Predicted. Take the training wheels completely off a Brett partly after a couple of steps early. The next game 23 nothing eating at. It. Our offense people were body eighty yards again. I work outside in the number thirty or 35 quarterback in the national football. Star rating. I'm old guy out what the Cirque ought absolutely illegal thirty I'd eat. But just thirty or 35 at that. If that happened to apps will write the ID. That are in the lead they're all day so don't eat your data area right he IE book and really good runner up front eat better. There are allowing 3.3 yards per carry which is incredibly at all. I think it got an early away what. It. What jolt that's all I. At that right up there it Williams are all jolt. That's what book coming guy can not let. Brett hotly potentially to Ian what you all. Budget that a bad plan to act and I think McCarthy learned a lot but yet I don't think he can go back the debt. Again even even bought strike that strength and that could look pretty bad back and eat that guy at the opportunity that they are Utley. Go out Il the teacher at a bit. In the tapping but that might just be too risky for art in an incredible wit a bat like he did in the tip they. Rob reichel of bombing in football icon here on the Wendy's big shows we do each and every week at this time. But Robin do you if there's anything to. Extra motivation in little more fired up up for the Cleveland Browns for two different reasons number one. The general managers got fired today not the coach he gets extending your Jackson threw. 2018. But it there's that and then there's another thing of you wanna be a winless team all year so. Each game is even bigger for you and kind of like your little suitable overtime you think of a chancellor football game. Yep but it can look at at Sparky nodded and got extremely hard gain at all support Pittsburgh. And an error at Chicago where did you know about yet streak or fight off. You could certainly make it our debt that this is the most implant. I am completely yet so there's only about one all sixteen team that the belt. At sixteen games at 78. Ballot Detroit. In what looked at all eight. I'll win when he tried final champ winning email Lambeau Field that evil. Even the year but what in the second on guys. And actually it remarkable. Just. That second team in the last forty year the start or while Abbott made it six years he urged anti yours I mean it. It's hard it was called street all. Year. Don't want one now Robert you exit the ball. And it's all. Any level adding extra. The air that or by. All anybody stole all sides are right all. It'll ought to be taught to all and only 34 are now all. Laughing I thought the ball. Now all of it up a break right now I picture equally. Fired up. All all the Serbian. Packer offense at the same might not match at their. Find his work get Bob McGinn football dot com and on Twitter at rob reichel and every Thursday. Right here on the Wendy's big show males appreciate it rob thank you very much to throb reichel joining us on the great midwest bank outline tucked in next week. And great midwest bank has been committed to personalized common sense lending since 1935. 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You club WI dot com or on peace talks in Wisconsin hoops and football with there was not an insider John MacNamara next. I would check of the snow among them are. Missing her back there they've presented by masterpiece here on the Wendy's big show. We Fleetwood Mac's screen is out of the break nominees for next week. Richard yesterday so far Larry Harris he would with Bing Crosby Christmas rob rightly went with John Denver Christmas arguments seventies Christmas. They did not want to start this Christmas I want Jackson 5 Christmas. They're just wants journey of one of those are your own creature artist at 1057 FM the fan in the tank big hero back. And you'll be entered for your chance of 125 dollar gift certificate to masters tees that's 1057 FM the fan. Today being thorough that. The big showed a jacket over. You might create a construction. Providing quality plaster Stucco services. A threat to detect it but Baghdad becomes the badgers for badger blitz that Baghdad and us right here on the Wendy's big. There was just an insider John McEnroe give it to him back later this afternoon new. I'm stardom to make you listening piercing earlier on hold as you resolutely with its. Yeah yeah I like that song who like. Read. Remains though that you Doug it's argues very I don't want where you. So Sparky your average doesn't play for the badgers I yell everybody has not just here and now. I just as I told Gary this the first time we saw him on TV is Sharon told garrison that this is night and coddled like what I'm seeing. So far but. Not that we let a few games and we've seen more badger basketball game and see him lose now last night. Until that may be okay by the end of the year beverage are going to be some demons encountering thing. I just I don't. How don't I don't see it right to issue last I'm like am I overreacting as. I really don't see there's been a very good basketball team. And specifically what player man. The high wire on this Colby king. And so far not much has come up Colby kicked. Yeah I you know that. They get the start with the I think the biggest thing to look at this it was might. It is 2015 recruiting class. On this the five men class that you thought would be able to. You know handle that next and this was not program and you know what go to incredibly charming nineteen time all while he has been. And every these guys developing a program to date yet waksal in that you saw horse started graduate masters. In you knew you're gonna have a lot of holes. To replace what it was 2050 laps will be able Buick you know you look at exactly. Colonial Iverson and Charlie comments Al Louis Cain and in broad approach slowing global lead to you to action next class certainly contribute right now. In divers in principle in only one guy starting coral Iverson you know he had it he can we could start this year. You wouldn't start and and now he's on the bench you know Charlie how does that play at all. Neither Iverson hasn't been all that good this series at one like one or two good games told. Yeah eight get a bit awkward dialogue damaged or scoring once we started this seat and one of the games but yet he's got a good really consistent through them too so. I'll be away when that happened you'd have a seat like this where they're just not a good scheme and what a great guard. You can eat what all about it young guys you mentioned you know Colby king. Are there playing Brad citizens are reliable not a true freshman. It took the registered off Nate in relievers a guy who you know not ready to play right now in the Big Ten just just physically just not there. But the bit force quite because it got nothing from that or oral history. You know he's he's got a strong glances. Some good up on the ball. Often the defense that was obvious grey gardens that look. We'll let alone I was younger because Bo Bo older guy. But there are buried on the match. Because of that is you're seeing a few that number that. The other thing has your best score on this team as he can happen and he can't seem to get a basket last I want would last three and a half minutes or sold the game I. That can't happen if he's your best basketball like he's got to figure out how to score late. Right yeah and it went scoreless the last thing the last three minutes or green happened last idiot apple and oppose a game. Your game if they probably should won a great couple skiing. Oddly Turkey it's pretty simple for teens. That was Scott speicher an article and have touched the ball you double. What did try to do is they try to you know and enter with it and they get that entry pass from the top of the key so another delicate common deeply court. He IDE and F struggles right now. You'll see now that double the you know he's he's a Kruger guy the only guy and as you right now we're used he struggled with a double team him he struggled last year too so. Are they a lot of stuff to try to figure out what. You have been there have been some bright spot Red Sea it is very light output was a lot order you know things that they need to work got in comparison I think they're doing Wallach. Badger football recruiting news lots of that coming out what's the deal Bryson williams' defensive tackle. Yes we've been here for Nebraska. Iowa Scott insecure am. In the dollar with a commitment that you that you just huge part of this class people it at all for the fact that this. Nebraska won't do that coaching change from Scott brought in and won the first debate it was making it in the extended an offer right so Williams so. You right now you said he's committed what's not to like about it committed he's going to be in matters in this weekend for his official visit the good thing. And then once we get belt what that is all Chris that he and in it for in home visit so that would be sometime next week. I really get it heat it eat it right it always talks. For acute treatment I would ever stadium as it turned out at home state school got brought to put net that they impression empress the state coastal home. I. USC here outside it that central or they work they were required in his recruitment there's Apple's app there Nebraska now. If I had to get it stated lose them but yet it Heatley got a big. Topic he's been like yeah. What about Jonathan Allen. Batters offer him. I gotta tell you sub Maine this is a huge offensive lineman. But I love the tweet truly a blessing in opera for Wisconsin this was the first school I want a nice he put dot I think he meant no. To go to hash tag Wisconsin and he is not a Wisconsin get. Yeah I advocate and advocate for Michigan where they've they've done very well they couple Latin. You look at the 28 in class little. They're expected to sign five intermission and expect that to happen and the 2019 class you know we talk a lot about Logan brown and here they're forced tackle. You know they're they're really getting pretty dark there's there's a lot of prospects there. And it it's it's a place that nada a ton of other schools go so Scott you got to recognize that. One Michigan delegates get the package that's state that they want. Michigan State obviously a big player there's well but you know based solved a niche where you know of the kids that. That don't pick up the law which most in school right away Scot he tries to identify them early talk to them they've got a lot success they're even landing. You know those two schools have mentioned coming with laid off as Wisconsin people. That's John Mack marathon is working badger blitz dot com on Twitter at MacNamara arrivals every Thursday right here. On the Wendy's K he's gonna is gonna Miami and Miami. Who have been here right now. Wolf we'll quite get all of the cheaper everything's on Gary if you do go just in our back everybody else on here. Oh yeah Gary's gone already you go get your sleep on an all out war you have spoken quite. 6 I am here predicted there. You and Gary can sleep head to toe in the same bad loser will be cute. Corporate thanks Jim Angle tucked in next Ensberg John Mack the mayor joins us on the great midwest bank hotline great midwest bank has been committed to personalized common sense lending. Since 1935. When you're in the market to buy build or renovate or refinance the great midwest bank dot com to discover the benefits of simply local banking. That lord Michael Collins has to Mary's Reynolds Josh talking to take in a majority of reps at quarterback this week and which means is very possible house as you see Ryan woods response to that mounted we will agree to be play in the browns'. Well yeah unless it's Josh Gordon owner he was gonna cover do. And John organizers those the throw the ball I don't does not matter he made you want to open even a shot 'cause you can throw the ball on the football the way you want it to the NFL Sunday ticket only on DirecTV you can get the rest of this year and ball and next year all of next here are not that. Their sight and sound solutions not mrs. Al Gore.