Tim Allen

One of southeast Wisconsins leading and long-time broadcasters, Tim has been hitting the airwaves for nearly 30 years. Among his local radio homes; 99.1 The Mix, 95.1FM WIIL ROCK, 104.7FM The Wolf, WAUK, and 1050AM WLIP. Tim also loves to teach and mentor within the industry, as he taught at Gateway Technical College for nearly a decade. 

An avid sports fan throughout his lifetime, his current position is covering Brewers baseball, hosting the Post Game Show for over 10 years. “I couldn’t ask for anything better. Talking about a team I truly love is a dream come true.” 

That love of sports rivals his love of music. Playing guitar and singing has been a passion for Tim since 1981. His brother-in-law gave him an old guitar and told him it would end up in his closet. That was all the motivation he would need. Tim has been playing in working bands throughout the area for many years. “It’s more of a ‘fun-factor’ at this point, says Tim. “No big dreams of being some rock star, just love a fun, healthy hobby.” 

When Tim gave up playing sports, he took to coaching youth sports. “It was my way of staying in team sports.” “That’s, in a way, why handling Post Game duties is so much fun, it keeps me in the game.” Long-time friend and broadcast partner over the years, Steve "Sparky" Fifer says about Tim; “He’s demanding, challenging and a lot of fun to work with. Losing is not an option for him.”  

  • Family: Tim has a 21 year old son, attending college at NIU. His son Ty feels the baseball love, as he is a scholarship athlete playing ball. 
  • Hobbies: Sports, music, and reading books. Tim reads 1-2 books per week. “I love to read, both for entertainment and professionally”
  • Favorite Book: anything from Stephen King 
  • Favorite Movie: Field of Dreams (“and by the way, will someone please make a sequel?”)
  • Addictions: the Milwaukee Brewers, playing guitar, and Las Vegas. Tim has been to Vegas over 50 times!