2PM: Are you more impressed with Jones or Williams in Packers backfield?

The Wendy's Big Show
Wednesday, December 6th
2PM: Are you more impressed with Jones or Williams in Packers backfield? 

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Always need Sparky Pfeiffer and are two former Packers Gary Ehlers and LeRoy Butler. Jeff for a lot ski on the other side of the glass slots to get you an idea. Throughout this afternoon what are your favorites one in my favor if you missed our conversation surprise. Little bit Omar if you miss our conversation with the it would Bakhtiar and you'll hear it coming up at 235. Brendan Haywood. From NB ATV and serious examined NBA radio he'll join a cent. For 48 still waiting to lock in a time. On our agreement football insider Ryan would toxin Packers with him start the afternoon talk in some Packers with you asking are you more impressed with Erin Jones. Or Jamal Williams 41479912. Victor you can tweet us. At 1057. FM the fan there was an article today. Along with the the video of the exes and knows in five questions with Tom Silverstein and are very on the royal Butler. Up at Packers news.com the articles from Silverstein Silverstein excuse me. And Gary essentially Tom boiling it down. The the thesis of of this article. Thomas and that Jamal Williams is very good he's shown himself very well in these games that he's started since Erin Jones went down. But it sounds like he thinks Erin Jones could be a difference maker for this offense are you more impressed with their Jones. Or Jamal Williams 4147991250. Get and on the Wendy's page so this guy. Still makes up for good radio and we love to. Gaza against one another we had to come out have this huge power can get. Everybody agreement that the best thing for the Packers. Is that they're both pretty good running backs you have a 12 punch exactly so why I supported it worded it art when I pitched the topic who were you more impressed with or you Jamal Williams Aaron Jones. Because I think it's tough to say who you more impressed were burgers a finger bowl for different. They both bring different things to regain. If you. Let me just say this now and I've been up against both leisure Jamal Williams is kinda looks like me my my built. So a bigger guy bigger running back bush studio where really good speed. Eric Jones. These bikes market were bigger. Whose wife. The bureau. Of yours evidence that cute. And I I just don't inform me. Today's their heroes Lugar Herbert. I think for me. I think what you're gonna see you as what you saw in the game. I think airing jones' target to benefit more. From Jamal Williams. I think I think Jamal Williams should be the leader he should read it bill Kolb I think he sits. Eric Jones. To be the home run hitter because he wears them out yeah he's the blood torts I guess yes and so you do and also in your brain to quick prayer program there. You can't see you don't no worries that missing you know he's gone. That's our that's gonna work out Gibbs has both of these guys do different and I think if you if you. If you wanted to I don't think you could run Eric Jones liked to run Jamaal Williams. For sixteen game like to work courts yes it just just couldn't do it. I think he know you know something else running in live look and you don't little bit yesterday. It's probably their return ahead on the docket for or why are you originally got gotten into. Almost certain. You start looking at this team. And abetted and allow you think the low sum of the parts a bit and a lot of people thought that war. The new what is it is seamless gonna find out. Russell was as worsen the Cleveland Browns knew yes yeah. Regarded. And we are cyclical browser Rainier Rydex right if there's probably no doubt about it. I'm doing all of I told you cry it's given way to do it is by right now I think you can see some real Ireland. On this team. Stephen I doubt she's used ticket at about the linemen and running game and what they do bad model block. Backyard to me in the running game. Has shown me like just. He has been unbelievable and run. As far as a bloc he has gotten just so much better and run game. So to what to me what does happen is you you found. A couple things along the way that you feel good about him remember our rearrested LeRoy disagrees with me and sort of Barbeque but that's far. I think. There's more talent on this team a week then we know that we thought that it was Martinez. They lead at the sugar probe all the marriage Randall are deliberately shoot your Pro Bowl his defense of god. Did you know that you had it. I don't know about my days of my days he's gonna head up and down year almost certainly if you look at the running backs that's got to be a positive. If you look at the office of law and how they've been able to play. Just do so in the house and transforming game. Mean I think they were I think they were view running affair a look at the numbers. And UBS a lot of the personal running affair who had a bit blogger Robert salaam and there is agreement prominent top. And it tooting. I don't know lawyer who were you more impressed well I mean they're both are completely different. But I think. That. Era journals will benefit more from Jamal Williams. To be descent guy. To do exactly what you saw that game. Via a great thing to please unbelievable. Year. It's like you're saying you more impressed with Jamal Williams no no I'm not his own equally impressed with the vision. In the speed. That Eric Joseph citizens ball lands can be more work force he's an every down back he's more than pounding guy that you knew you mean right now they got. To me. They if they do it right run it out of something they haven't had a long time lightning and thunder that he medica three runner. As if they want to know some time ago we should be your third down back. Did we should never see Randall Cobb and about for ever again. Witten went drysdale. Easier seeker weapon he forgot gadget guy he's got he got it. These guys get all the guys WD wit and Darren Sproles type yeah all that stuff you do withdraw. Randall Cobb should go to time ago. Newest gather to mark. Newell. Jessica hasn't is for real. We don't let them. Autumn gold teeth kicking and the girls. Again and oh let's go to human beings are like well rise army. You'll be gusting. To go to and you know. It's your go to the mountains deserts. No it and I'll go I'll know more go to would have little. Older make the gold he pivotal. Advocate. But mr. Studio time. And it's it's retarded and artistic algo teased. I won't get closer to a local TVQ you have now. I read it does nobody else is like a bad breath last week red. The average does nobody was such bad Bret let me hear it stuck with me the rest of the rest of the day like well like I had bad breath what's the price hedging devices. I'm. Like well like you know he was talking Jimmy Ed. And the and his bad breath was bitten into my mouth here that I can get it out the rest of the day at a disease. Arctic argued about yep that's what that's nothing that because it's so bad you could taste it all and for the rest of the day. I can't rest of the day I headed dentist who had the worst breath. World anyway that and I guess it was unreal a lot of years was great I loved me do great work but his breath was rude to work adds self help. Possible. Are right they like the subject at hand who have you been more impressed with a Erick Joseph or Jamal Williams or 14799. Pulpit is you're not answering the question here's Ager is due equally equally Bob it was a thorough breakdown I'm not jumping on him incidently equally impressed with both. Oca and armed RS he ignored whole night and urges so. And as I see these two guys in your beat three guys are just so excited. About offering flee what the future connection and hope for this team. The problem is we get Roger's back is he gonna. Get down with what's actually has transpired. What do you mean. As far as referring to the run game a little bit more because we shall work we saw work. Alabama Q they do in relation when he went down last may roll lately are good. And when Rodgers came back just like the winner indexes offers McCain a little disjointed in dealing suggests. Just. Ornament on the tree. Right it's gonna Colin before the break in here from day about Theriot to 35 Kevin maple ridge here on the Wendy's picture right now it's up. Until they got PureAV they'll. Nice it's an okay have. Anyway. Ushered me Gary. Our feels much can honestly. Think lonesome when. Do it you know mills. Little. That it. In answer results well I don't know I don't sell your rubber down. C'mon. Anyway. The that they BC radio and I got a trip that would. The the big news is that within the united diary room tomorrow. Oh loans were gonna go to in the diner and we just never. Do you worry AD and are Rome's. And because of a flu outbreak. Yeah yeah you wanna stay away from post. Right yeah. And oh by the way it Jamal Williams keep them. Alone PP am. Don't do trade away those actors. You know. By the way if you have a replay you know. This past Sunday packed in game. Do we have a replay of the whole game. I know you you would have to go to the lines and flagship to zero there were an NFL network might have it. All sorry Kev. All have a good what manner it aren't we located nine elevenths every. Although he lived and suit does name. Solar. Memories that are not rock not now not us lifted me what is now a UST retirement community that cal lives and yet regalia communities like a sort. What dollar sound like a little Andy Griffith. Well Mercury in them a sweet yeah blanket when playing certain. Are you more impressed with Jamal Williams Erin Jones 4147. Died died 1250 you can. Email the show live at 1057 FM the fan back up which you guys just did grit there that's that's have a conversation expect to hear Ed eagle register what these big show Rory McIlroy or maple ridge excuse me came through in the joke Wendy's big jump right back after the. It's actually it was an individual runners have been helpless poor. In the vertical reportedly. You know the voice of a time when resolves an awful lot of little extra buffer those kind of guys they know there at the crease and make some plays faster. But I don't think they'll play those two guys have a chance to. To me an excellent 12 punch. That's Packers head coach Mike McCarthy talking about the backfield and Erin Jones and Jamal Williams is a Wendy's big show asking which of those two running backs you've been more impressed with. 4147991250. Can also tweet us at 1057. FM the fan Gary equally impressed with both how much you Sparky I think. At least from my standpoint. I think you understood the so what Jamal Williams was when they drafted him. I think he was in a big fiscal back I compare him kind of like James Starks out to be reminds me. So that is the player that we seek big physical running back. Scott Powell and I knew lean on you by the end of game situations but not out of shape like Eddie lacy. At that same point so better version of lacy to us asserted degree. It's got some weird anomaly Garrett say this that Lacey mind about her feet but. Lena are other than that I think he's he's a very good player. For me Jerry Jones I. If you would have told me before the start of the season and are Jones would have. The ability that he has to hit they hit the home run and indeed the big plays opposite eighties probably never get on the field to find that out and beat. I'm if he had all this ability punishing one heck of a lot earlier than he did and he did. So I think from media at least just based on how laughable these guys while playing league gets only want. I kind of thought Jamal Williams was going to be this guy. I didn't expect or domes to Beatty who he has or has been did the first year remember Tim you know he was hurt too and the come back right away your first game. Don't really play much of the game at all and get your first and only carry any game NT twenty yards for touch on a cup back. Got great vision. So if you look at that play there wasn't a lot dare not let him out yeah he made that happen and that I I lucked out plea wasn't right exactly right there hasn't been easy and he made it a different play. Right yet and he took it to the house office so I'm in love. Me being sarcastic know ultimately just making sure do in America mistaken. What they're good or we'll Roy do you view look at it might look at their play the few blocked everything out. They took your body there was no word from a there was nowhere for a regard for goes ahead don't have. They called it off and yet about about it I mean that's a lesson to us. Your culture now. And that for me at least not yet again. And like CTO do more that Scott did early in the year and nearly did you not at all at the end of the year nearly a needle wired route that's what he did it you know one. Why is he star fumbling. So that he had concerns are when you start formal and human you can tell you did look ties to. Yeah I human would to hang out here will be loops anymore he can't be. Treat you give you due to ankle when you fall because those are urging their freeware and heated tank artist are formally and then and I heard. So for me anyways air air Jones is more impressive to me just because of what I had expectation wise from both of them coming into the season I didn't see Jones being dizzy a factor. An Alley of our big factor this year. But arguably even say that he's a factor in how long term and and and the packer plans apple running back position with Jamal Williams. Some of the numbers from this time so resign article when it comes to Erin Jones when you boil it down and you can make numbers look however you want to make him look I know that but they. There eye opening talk about air mr. Aaron Jones carried the ball 71 times this season. Guess 390 yards four touchdowns he's top hundred yards and two of his four starts and he says the sample size is small but Jones percentage of carries. For ten yards or more is among the best in the NFL. Yes ten such plays its fourteen point 1% of his carries which is a higher percentage than top bring back such as late beyond Bally's only during nine point 6%. Todd Gurley twelve point 6% LeSean McCoy 12% Melvin Gordon 12% Kareem hunt twelve point 9% in Jordan Howard. Ten point 8% that's some good company that he's not only right up there with but above when you talk about a breaking off the big runs. And that's the one thing he definitely has over Jamal Williams let's go out to Philly and check in with failure on the Wendy's big show what's up though. There is a guard used a film. They out. I'm in agree with. From now we'll partly because I think I think there are generally better. Your blog electable. But I think they're joneses is that big play makers and makes. They play war. And I think that's what has offices is. It needs. Big plays and I and I think it's this and so little bit better. Like I like this would suit points. Well known here like. Think Jim Ball is more towards you know December. While this month since you know no big like that I think you can use them a bit more. I like that. And I wanted to agree with gene on the team its own team as we've that it is what people think it's it. Because nobody expects than go sorted so Pittsburgh. And they pretty much could have won that game. Well. I think debt that can definitely get credit for. What they have such elements how without suspected to Rahm which met in process. Think I Fiat five found which it looked Smart Schumer yesterday. So. So you you're good. Is good news there remedy fashion tips for our lives are about it. By the way but they. Like you know what you saw the building and turn on the coach. Actually. In addition they then lost to Seattle. And they want to fire the coach do you know when a fire is they stopped and they did yeah. Airing their content went into. About this burger. And the handing it out there like he's seen ready I'll. I'm law. They booed Santa Claus on around you would have feel acute problem grow. It okay. First of I gotta put a couple of disclaim. Ted tops are really impressed me were these these two guys as 2000 wounded in the minority. That you thought you will bring in. The veteran to just compete. With these young guys that in Olympic learned as profits fast. Best of protection part that part is very difficult to learn. And they've been named for the most part not great blockers would just adequate snapping that was to prom where Aaron Jones. His blocking wasn't sufficient. Troops as to when Aaron Rodgers in there. In and just made it difficult to play if you can't protect April so much. Oh wouldn't pull it out error in the end there when you're forced to you'll see these guys now are. You see are good these guys are old news weather started to change. Williams is my guy I'm more impressed. With him. Based on what I see him do last few games. I mean I guess powerful I mean some you winningest avenue five man you disk out on believes. You know they're my that turns out aren't that last touchdown run. Mean that that Ron started like that accused of 340. Point three he was asked to our guys. They cured like 23 Jones Indians were here reminds me of the old falcons running back Jamal Anderson mare just real dirty bird there. In the older bodies now has been in the lower body's handling in its intent is stirring mountain on idol are so low passing download. I mean. He's doomed them things were huge his ties to always Mia sparklers Jamaal Anderson yeah but. Go right to rob his part is tonight the violence and never lost yardage I was going lawful group here we are here this past can be awesome but I imitates. I don't know about a do ability to Eric Jones. If you look at the way this things play their guys it's are you want SI you want it to Dave Barry Mark Ingram is a powerful little. No parent of Altec your ros harbored an attack on the borrower and you see 41 command quick change you're scared to death. In Nesta won't Wear and don't especially. When Tom Montgomery gaze back to you who really wrote two of those guys and now you looked like more like New England New England got beat 2000 backs. You're troops are good and yeah and then number kid that kid to get to a three test thousands okay Dion Lewis and then OK got James why we should have been MVP you know. So you wanna be like those two teams I think they're going up especially where incomes. Got a couple tweets are coming guys like these comparisons because now people are comparing these two other camps but the guy like that too was due to a degree via yet to act as Pete says you guys think vigils in Williams enemy is what Lacey and Franklin was supposed to be for the Packers. Yeah like thunder in all of like gears. Andy tweets at the fans seek Coleman and Freeman and it Landau. Same cobble a Green Bay would Williams and Jones I intended as. It's a moron parent it's going line runner freer and Freeman's got to shake tool can get out he's a better received here minorities brother series your life is a lot like Jones and Jones more light on for Brandon Coleman are nothing like either one a no no no. Florida and from back home fans it was 626 re going to run like a full almost rival to form and got an act on it first was if her frantic ill he's got Indians who would have in common I think you as it was OK if you're out here how to tease Gary Indiana near. And you know the numbers. It Margo. Your third round yeah I disagree and I may Stevens is yours about James Starks. Jamal we were. Is about how he Rudd yeah okay did you talk Lestock bill kind of yeah op right got a little bit yeah yeah click on the ground are really. Like. George if you decide on a slightly. He just broke on his museum gold Kabila he EU's behind these ads. Quickly. Is is these mortgages and it's unreal I mean the power. Then he has is his uncanny. And of course we are in their armor with exotic ago. Ninety right now or but to do what Jamal Williams is doing those small space guy being elected and reynolds' report jokers. To me is as equally as president impressive as it does drugs under people. Blog Twitter and the majority say. Erin Jones at this point we'll of course because of yards for carry yes of course that that and that is right and reasonable lot soldiers don't know how hole it is. To run between entitlement to dirt were like we're doing it to its interest in bringing these guys. Review them. Canadiens. Loves to credit for Brennaman. Well no because it just can't go to I don't know we're talking about we do we know we're wrongdoing dollar roster there's no problems to. He's got it right I did see this your buzzer goes to us what we hear if Rogers comes back. Will enable it we're just ran the ball I don't know when it's December you guys a charge routers have a ball for you this challenge. That they don't you just don't know September there's nobody in December all afternoon. And brand garage and you know by the way I was Allred to be Jake June earlier today and an element players and give attire that we'll wasn't nailed. It. So. I cannot do that digital rights and here's this guy figured it Scott Erickson and I were talking about their color writers. He's like you really think he's ready I'm like he's and he can play. I'm like doctor got a clear next week and then we'll go from there. As of this Michael Ashe. So it's got to Cleveland then shall they musically when he's now playing. But if they win and he has plank and if that is the case then how she and explain who. Rogers you thought about what 65 or did you say there's a yeah. You're gullible that Favre you looked good ever bite fig figures are coming back next week you lose a game in Cleveland. If he says well. We're making the playoffs now I'm not coming back hobbies how does he spend that. I think dissent they would Jabbar party looks ogre because you don't look like you're either going to look like a front runner I don't know what you do can we read it and. I got here's what you do you. You say you know to Steve we thought he was ready to go use throw the football well those were true we look at the X rays we looked at the scans to bore down got raid take a hit so you're saying the coaches we're gonna set amount echoed this in front of them misinformation. Is what can you lie. That is why is what you do that is Ireland because I think we all agree that if that if they lose he's probably knock on that we have some breaking news now this get the way kids and literally just Broken Arrow capital B and just sports slash according to pro football rumors dot com Roger Goodell. Has gotten his contract extension from the league's compensation committee how much that is not in the story yet that's just private industrialized and developing story but in a memo. To all 32 owners the league says that there was a nearly unanimous consensus among all owners. To finalize the deal with the support of his fellow committee members falcons owner Arthur Blank signed the binding contract extension. On Wednesday at. And they wanted to players remained down before that and against breaking news to okay. Yesterday jewelry in a column next. So I'm home. Option. All right but he's totally yeah Allison oh for yeah I option and options you know option here in player options. They are not in love that team option analytic audit that's a team option when economies sounding options on your picked up your options will be add extra fire. Which yeah aren't aren't really so hard to be fun though. That is south has celebration oval and on the T get. Not that much you. I'm broker is now going to donors via. Which you still. They're really boom I'm not Kerry got out yeah how old buddies aren't running out of grand. 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We have locked in our agreement football insider Ryan wood for 435. Wednesday and Friday from the Green Bay press gazette Packers news.com they're backyard joins us every Tuesday at 435. I mean we talked to me Esther ass started things off by asking him. About an article up that Packers news.com talking about his run blocking us and David does this does this run blocking something newer have you always. Been good at this here's David but Gary during the Wendy's facie. Or. I will say I'd never did many opportunities. Right now offense. Previous years by. Which whole lot better marker in the last few years and career. Just strength and steam technique. And it was I've come a long way since my odd years ago when he changed last week. When you talk about steam and and the ranks you know goes along with that obviously. The ability to put a foot in the ground and then go it is summoned and it looks like Jamal Williams. On and don't bowl have a display which have to make a lot easier for you guys blocking you know I've guys dancing back they're trying to look for a hole it and whether or not gonna bounce it outside they make their decision quickly engulf. Yeah I know. They dropped look at the similarities. You know you know figure but the ground and in north that the biggest thing that separates them. You know larger mall more power back you you know put up our initial look at an agent a mouth he's an all or. Anymore wanted guy whereas. Aired on one thing I've noticed and I'd talk to him apparatus for senator game. About you know any of these someone says that they like about him he's got great vision and you go. You know wanted to you know jump cuts and he can. But he he's got the acceleration but the go and somehow always ends up falling for guys. Can you just Lugar talk a ball. This past game in and to win you guys god and they're in hotly and and because that there's still some oil and of course you need to concern himself with but. There's just there's some talk out there that a lot of people don't believe monopoly but. Listen the numbers to mean good bear all the importance he had in a game up by the goddess struggle. In the game was steer you guys rigueur to win despite that. I mean. You gotta gotta gotta understand. In I'll I'll I'll be O. Be the first person to vote lepers you know not Aaron Rodgers in the big popular used to seeing with the jury on Iran from Brett Eric you know that the productive. How highly productive quarterback can be. I mean it's tough. Being that great and trying to build a shoot the really big shoes to fill and you know again from the inside perspective that a lot of people you know they just see what's the production of Sunday. He noted CB. The whole the other big play terrible you know from called the plate the execution of changing you know. I give more credit. And he continues Biden though we had you know he's got up and down game enemies. A third year player filling in arguably the big issues yet felt. For that I give more credit in the world. If you could tip the people behind the curtain blueberry because terrible debate where Donna scored I believe in the fourth quarter being you guys come back with partly. Your score you tie it in the and you get the ball and you come back. And you win at what was hotly like in Idaho to get those two touchdowns. Sort of thing that that's huge. You know obviously. You know he. Didn't have a game like he didn't. An expert. But he never gets should. Not something that huge. Mark all of the other template and hope because. The last thing you wanna hear. It doubt in the guy touch the ball every single play. Let's see what your doubt as sports so. The one that process is status quo. You know he'd give you know couple were either very confident guy and he knew you'd know that workers are. And with that. Gives us all comments we need and keep it together which is good that that's what we like and that's what. A lot of people don't see it here yeah these adjustments but he's changeable wind. Those are certain things that get to bring guys up the street expect them to work inside out. Don David bock TRE Packers though left tackle here on the Wendy's big shows we do each and every Tuesday throughout the packer football season. Yeah they highways and thinking about watching the game over the weekend was. Randall Cobb doesn't get any targets a Jordy Nelson got more targets and probably he he's got into all the time Brent Holly's been quarterback is pretty much been holing Dovonte Adams. I'm the same page. To a certain degree. And I don't want it and the sound a long way to a certain degree of Brett got a lucky day that he plays with a bunch of why receivers are team first guys and not rob rob meet first guys who are gonna demand the ball demand catches in a plane they don't get the ball thrown to lump. Because dobbins obviously has changed a little bit on how as far as where he's going and at Cobb and Jordy Nelson maybe don't get as many targets as they would have where their Rogers. But the one Barack speak on them is. We are very fortunate. Imitate what about your team. As an organization and then watch you know you know to visit him at Packers. To have the professionals. On the perimeter such as to Nelson Randall Cobb about Adams to have these. That the humility and the. I'm selfishness to what has. For and yes and so is huge. You don't see bella got that position as a very. Selfish positions and there's a lot of character to kind of get caught up in themselves. Ronald league at that position and frankly not think that's really ignoring the seed but. Prevent that bet they're awesome guys on the field opposite this teammates I can't. You know a lot of people talk about the brand as he made what in the locker room. You know. Fantastic got Barton got out one might. Yes Dave you've been having a very good yeah don't want shoes a special levels power runs. And a I don't know if you I don't know how many gave take the kid out of Dallas season it's quite a few games at left tackle big swear he's two goals and about which her name in there obviously. Put a Pro Bowl and things of that nature but I want you to Cleveland I mean date they should've probably want to a three game but it didn't. They're deep is very good against Iran but on the -- seven if you could. And protect he can make some plays down a down the field are great Williams to recording he's gone blitz a lot and that's one of the things about this week. Is protection warning on number one things this week. Yeah I think you actually. You know I did Elvis had perfectly but one thing that quick tidbit that I got from them as it is to bullets there ray sort of was just good defense. You know can be Lou pitch count how they wanna matches up. Go to the game based on personnel. But I. If we can establish a running game continue to build up what we did last week Burnett on the road. So some nerves down pummel opt for the rest. You know time possession winning the down pumping up the pass game for sure. That will be in other recipes for successfully and again. I don't know what it feels like. In that locker morale to say what it feels like outside the locker full of fans sample one from doing the sports talk show in in talking to people out and about. It feels like all the pressure it is on agreement Packers in his game kind of to this point oh well. If they beat Cleveland air and coming back and they don't beat Cleveland and parents probably not coming back. Is it really just that cutting dry Jack everybody in the locker room or you think he's coming back regardless of what happens this weekend. I can't speak on behalf and I just know. That. We only increase her chances earlier from coming back but winning the game and beyond that work play out of this we got to win out. Period we control our destiny. And twelve note flow. Or instant wins the last quarter of the season. And two. You know if we can get a hot streak and in the playoffs. You know went out there there's be some teams that there will be some. Look around. You know kind of not been happy campers have has come to town. No you're right about that so how is that how was that born. Or how old is like having. Twelve now back at practice doing those types of things. It's not leaders added pressure you guys were injured almost where Steve was saying though. You know. He's getting close to combat you've got to win out what most certainly to give them back you gotta keep winning. Yup. Together come back to what and then what she comes back. You're once you guys. We continue this. You don't wanna guy of that caliber coming back from. There's going to be some tough games ever but we got this game in Cleveland and they seem to be something that we need. We need to go and take their business don't rule out papers say they are they are sound. The record I mean doesn't what obviously. There are some of all they gave by the chart the good fight last week talking to do about it I'll let Dave Reid and bouncing you know figure this week last game Carolina. Oh. Like oh you're actually. Those aren't any push or games to do with air and you know 1% or so. You know it'll bring a lot back you know. His presence will be felt Berkshire but. Take your business ourselves and get us to that and went in and certainly not well. I went there about Terry Packers left tackle as we do every Tuesday at 435 here. On the big show not now that you guys have discovered what those two running backs can dude do you think that the run game. Will be a bigger part of the offense if Fenway and Aaron Rodgers comes back then it was before he went down. Little bit I think I think. The biggest thing is that they'll be more competent. In utilizing them. All three downs and then you know and trusting them. You know with the game on the line insurgency to situational football because of what they've been able to do that unity get the best player himself on center. Don't want to get him given his touches let him you know what makes him great let him make the place. But it just further you know. They are often more dynamic. Or get a load the box out because if you are giving Erin. You know softer covered more one on ones in the back and that you don't get these two young hungry. You know very violent runner's. Chance of really trying to you know make you pay in the box. She is as we don't talk about this march were few Clay Matthews. Was it because you try to face morning anybody else in practice and endorsement was a Clay Matthews effect. Today defense. When he's right. Yeah not injured when he's right would his game was thought was what Wes is a phase that I do is when he's helped. What will come a couple got a problem doesn't cause for opposing. Offenses. I. You slide Milan Clay Matthews those types. He brings a presence. Because he's now if fantastic football player he's very instinctive. Instinctive knowledge as a runner past but. What kind of one is his owner power play a mechanical heart count. Our aid are they get every adult which way to light the light and slide these are all these little things that. To be average and don't play you know it probably noticed easing but those are huge. Little micro details. That separates some of the guys or just good to great players and that's what can have them at impact all gains like. Clay at history aspect of their time to practice. Before we even once we just say that we get our stances or you know we're going to be or not different interrogation L worked all the that right there. It is so no one else noticed that it's huge statement right there you sort of prep is not about sides but there and a potential replace. Our team still slug line towards him does he command that kind of a dentist there'll. I'm I I I haven't seen I don't think it last week and I think that's. Which got. I mean I haven't watched yet other teams out you know attack RD. If you're playing against a guy like that which you double America. Will he command that from you if you were playing against Serb leaders trying to say yes or authorities in Florida struck a little daughter Molly Armstrong Aspen trying to portions Steve. And if they are playing. Yes. And yes. So you don't need you know you need to go and talk to our. The camera and our ability you know why you know why you're in the you know. Yeah. Yes yeah and why you don't need not go play alone does your loan to ignore while you're on the bigger. You have been here. I've grown. As well you don't need. That's wild people don't own army units had to promote. Very much I was watching a new way I have been watching you have been planned. At a high level do guys even think about making a pro belated attack of this kind of out of your hands. It is kind of warned these things as as the popularity contests are we always go to it as players. Possess something Derek. Mainly talk about. I mean. It'd be Obama in the locker room yeah yeah. I mean if I make no be honored and blessed but he Nike said has become more a popularity contests in from the to have you know the players and coaches you know after the game certain guys come up to me and you know I've. Yes so so area player but I'm guessing they'd editor game and they respect my again. And they just you know had just a compliment. Do got a smooth kick step mast kicks that this move and at thank you smoke. Yeah. Yeah I did you put it off my social media I just want people to know how player. You are not just do we have you all about they were used on my left tackle you get the best every week. Every single week you get the best live they have out there. And if you're protecting and doing a great job I think people should know that about that's on top even just look at the scoreboard. But seeing people like big dean Lowery you know get that touchdown. And you look record is look at a guy like Jordan hasn't there hasn't got a lot of target bit doesn't complain about it. Does internal borders jokes in you know scream magic coach has been doing it has slats of the awesome. Yeah I'd like I said you know you don't throw locked from the one. Very honored is that we've got a lot of sound. Not just ballplayers that. You know men in general. And and that's where to come by in the league. I'm much heard. So I'm on that and eight Stefan refreshing it's nice not to have you know everyone you know who or what about me me me you know we. No we come together got a common goal through you know the rituals follow. As David Bakhtiar attackers left tackle in our guest every Tuesday at 435 here on the Wendy's big show David all's appreciate it meant to look this Sunday. Richard Baker. There is data by Terry as you just turn and I'm serve he's in an area probably head over to Q club all Wisconsin that's what everybody does right. Replace entire favorite sports action on the basketball games football game seems like hearty guy they got ours in like a dark again. Why I don't know he just does seem like a dark got to me on or not. How I heard it Obama shuffle board tornado food ball tables the results like trotting darts burned by TRC a dark guy cabinets but but if he's a dark won't gag him all the options Nokia. Ping pong and more acute gobble was Scotts and enjoy the award winning fish fry on Wednesdays all that that's that's today at his senate where windows tries to. And on Friday's Gary how to do it for different styles of fish piled up how. Yeah. Easy with all the extras like music every Saturday. I don't that is playing this Saturday never go to Q club a W I got John Q club a W I dot com. Late night Friday app government had Jim to one AAF naked Q club near you place. For sunny morning breakfast darting and 9 AM run shot a French toast dessert did desire to additional breakfast items Sunday mornings to club a Wisconsin your new place. For breakfast darting at 9 o'clock also file by source prime parties bachelor parties bachelorette party birthday parties whatever case may be maybe I'll work promotion party. Maybe you're celebrating getting your contract up picked up for one more your leader dollars sent mutual personal VIP suite. Did you club a Wisconsin watcher pool table personal TV and that request you give foods bumping bong duke. Do you club outlets got to 2454 north great view boulevard in Waukesha just have miles south of I 94 check them out at Q club a WY dot com. Q club a W I dot com or on FaceBook but a quick break the NFL prelude to like put this on Monday night. I gotta say I kinda did his the Wendy's big shall be back right after this.