2pm- Does this ownership group seem like Herb Kohl on the basketball operations side?

The Wendy's Big Show
Monday, June 19th

06/19/17: 2pm. Sparky, Gary and Leroy discuss the Bucks new hire at GM and speak with Gary Woelfle, basketball insider. 


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So Sports Radio won by seven have found the fancy start to five. We're Bagger venturing back Gary Keller said packer hall of Famer Lloyd Butler here running Mac cloth. Tailgating for the very first time in his life today at Miller Park. So do you see him in his early may wanna decide on over there are helpful. Show my useless if we couldn't has about room and always and okay guts of the question open the show is that his ownership group. Seem like Herb Kohl on the basketball operations side of thinks 4147991250. 4147991250. And you'd like the opening question raw. And you get yeah opening up about this. I look at how did you guys you question do you buy knockoffs. A key industry went. On. Out always say keep united Edmonton best you know you tell entry. You know the callers and they have I mean my by some and where does everybody got an and it's not Reebok but I don't know them well I'd. Something their cause. Very explicitly makes a lot more reminded me. And it's. I got the same thing he heads. But it got a different name honestly. Not they. Probably. Eight to say listen woody. Means your smartest and this is sloppy but all lighten our house for whatever reason. They don't. Like. Really brings you dozens of kids and you did that. The doctor do you do Brian do you do we do we do it though related to the same thing we're Dugard the relays these. Do you by. Knock we're doing later. Brand and rice and find records like I like my good George you would not solve lie. The job maybe the man and a yes you knock off in the inaugural committee. The purchase coat birds and bird are very auto knock called Yuba. Our political if you would elude yet that he did outsourced. Sure if he'll OK so does his ownership group seem like Herb Kohl on the basketball operations side 4147991250. 4147991252. Week is that 157 FM the fan. Policies FaceBook fan page all but the question appear momentarily. First things first. Let's say you your elders are right now. I got up questions on me to go no no dormant on an underdog. Ultimately all are right now Steve Steve I thought it would enforcement might it was so yeah these are in awakenings tea and we know we're gonna. We wanna hear from you. You are have a post game show the best ignored via you've been on the books about fifteen out little fans they'll call your show. You have the floor. You know usually on this. This is though I do the show genes you know I've got an ally this morning is I've been here. Garnett. Honest on your business fathers. On as one dodger second bothers Terry I really am just sick and I'm. Worn down this'll box thing I really am and I'm just I'm really. Really worn down by the whole thing mean you go through the emotional roller coaster. Of getting rid of herb. In selling teen given a hundred million dollars by new stadium everybody's excited he pays and being pretty much all his employ some sum of money on the way Al. As part of the money that he got. From LED the owners that's their rear abbreviation for them. On so he goes out looking great. A new orders comment. Every race has Austin aka bill juiced. You know crap. And I mean it couldn't happen any quicker than it happened. To get everything put in place to build new stadium minority impart right not only did he get can you state do they get the new stadium done. The and you practice facility done that's going to be maybe the best in the NBA not the best amongst the best. Yeah and gets an OpenId appeared a few weeks. And you get a lot of blocked the bars the restaurants to sort all that's up yet all that done to our date and all of that. Bitter thing it's a lot of credit for a lot of accuracy was kind of face in front but the owners are also due south behind the scenes work and politicians and so they all that done. And again roller coaster emotions right so now at this point were on high upwards like app read emitted a valley for a while her now or. And back up. Right like the eagle at six like got a backup that long drop hoping you'll actually have to go down. So they gave John Hammond in place. Yet. We talked to John haven't John Hammond is as happy as I've ever heard him. The the new orders are placed after having our initial conversation in the honors what they're going to salt app you're gonna get to do things the right way we're gonna build to draft him into a price. Aren't. So again were all excited OK here we know they're gonna look into his job. Then John Hammond flexed by bark. Well yet obvious pick right we all knew that was Wiggins are Jabari Parker rivers they didn't take Cleveland you've taken two and that inner pressure pressed Robert they are sitting there. Editors and Jabar Parker came in Larry Drew. And donors are off hiring Jason Kidd are new working Gagnon Jason Kidd got a New Jersey. To be that cultural Larry Drew is a distrust. A good. But. I remember the Todd you're being a Sunday. But sure on sports center there red corner this edge of Propofol brother. It took and that's question Mark Kirk hit the box lever and everybody. Kind of excited about some not as excited as you remember that previous year the Netscape were awful in the beginning. I'll book finish strong did well the playoffs. So there was some question marks going on there are a lot of you will not have a house can't. The owners after it was all set in dog or they come out they apologize for the way it was handled set up that we screwed out went up. We should impanel a doubt when we should do their press copy Oden and I believe they did in Nebraska are charred so. And it was wiser and actually at that netted a canister that up so they met Fisher that up they should have done the way they did it thought. Okay. So they make a mistake they admit their mistakes we move forward. It's not Jason Kate comes in his coat and Jason Kidd brings in a lot of top name guys Brian hall of fame last Kevin Garnett John Stockton. Baron Davis DP all these different guys have come in. Arm and one form or another to Bucs practice is a long time gets the one on one meeting with yachts and Colby after game. Do everything in his power to create this mega superstar in yeah honest. By giving him in spyware different athletes who have been greats hall of fame like before him. By clobber Jason get all right Jason Kidd could all you got keep it up keep it up let's go. After the run. Right away. They fall back last year. And what happens people critical of Jason kid he does not a coach he's got this coach is drawing up plays this is Jacque hits while Bubba Bubba. Then. Heading into this previous season. It's about a dozen that because the new assistant general manager coming from all where he was the same thing. Okay. And at the same time pretty much saying John Hammond is. We're gonna see how like Jon Hamm and last but indications were reports outside of from the bus organization themselves work. Is it they're consulting role or something but is that it was gonna be the GM wants a contract is up. Now get out of the box just reports fox tonight is report. So now we go over the season to bar gets hurt again Jersey native standards images you are you know you are those water. Don't want any to start lingo so let me start I got on August. Now we get to the point. Where these guy family. And the daughter let's leave it says home we did we can expect John Hammond to leave. Love you expect John him and to leave then why did you decide to do the extension. Wesley and says they couldn't come an agreement on what John wanted for a long term extension. And I don't know that now again. So you knew. There is Jesse could lead in fact you well again according to reports gave him permission to go talk to people actually Betty you're shot eighty left spare me. I don't buy that for second. Leading him don't you take is that an enduring over continue whatever so now he gets. She's giant to get the GM job Furlan and he's gotten moderate. Be taken the people with yeah so not yet can he do it I'd contrary all I think it might happen once we get through drafting a little ahead. So well. We get to hiring process. We're gonna waste money at a search firm ask well laws waste money on a search firm mean. We're wasting money. Again this is my opinion obviously we wasting money on rod thorn as a consulting because I don't think he suggested portrayal necessarily what is only about going. Rob dollars a got a doctor Michael Jordan at least famous for he was David Stern secondhand guy's been a general manager in the league twice over whenever two points on the break in June. Again according you listen to who some say he may wanted to Ngo and that in mind (%expletive) So now. This whole time just xanax in the light for the gen X it he's in line he's a life doesn't exceed the final two these two other guys. All right zags gonna get this right. I've never got the finals he gets a job in Denver. Rice as well. You know he chose to go back to Denver well in the Bucs wanted a bigger offered a job way able Ford never ever got around to it they drag their feet forever and they lost. Plain and simple they would've made an offer at some point earlier what ever they would that they can do it fine whatever. So I'll go to Denver snobs here and Wilcox from Atlanta. Never any more about Wilcox after the meaning of violence. So now it's looks like not all it's going to be cinemas on Wilcox. And out of the blue on Friday. Comes this job horse announcement of their bring him and which was. Everybody at the same time said who. I like where horses when my favorite games now HO RST. It to force users yet. These term loans to so okay well we are you roaming you're you're gonna Google so you bring this guy and after you interview on Thursday according to reports. And wire Friday at a press conference. By the press coverage today they talk about. Numerous acts brokered. They talk about how this'll process worked its but the fact he interviewed for the assistant general manager job last year when they gave it adjusting that. Being give spots. But you set. He was pretty much rain wrapped up like we did and we was about point but now we know he was now it was on our radar here we go play about the Sunni Muslim Brothers. Irsay and he's always got him right hand right wherever Dallas he was. If a case not know who he was or what he was about if you was right there everywhere dot and the way about now. Or did they not know. You don't see that in no leeway we have said he will let our radar until he applied this as a general matter dominant before last year on do we got to. Okay that's not always we will. And let me ask him. Downpours at the press conference about why you think. Your qualified. To be general manager. Now again. We start talking about qualifications to become general manager like what makes you. Think that your qualified to this. This. Is what John Norris your new bucks general manager maybe not a kink in the audience you've been sounds like you have sound no I don't plays out these new. I found near Rio this is what he said about being qualified to be new Jeremy. One. My knowledge of basketball you know I'm I'm a lifer fastballs and in my blood in my life my entire life I love the game learn it study game. And it's specifically the NBA is you know I'm the last ten years 1012 years I developed into a cap expert. I spent a tremendous amount of time in Eileen cap leveraged in the cap for hot headed advantages. Understating the rules or regulations for transactions. That's what's built liabilities out to you do that to leverage my scouting experiences and and we'll go now. Pets is a catchall step death qualify price you're numbers knows the rules of the NBA and how the numbers all work all night for gas. Topic to me Russ ball. Just saying kind of the core elation an exam Ross malls in the league like forty years rose bowls ago more Irish on his actor's ex. But I know two point I'm saying both kept guys numbers guys injured brain it was a cap guy numbers I arrived into professional and kept going to go on OK fine. And that makes me they recordings the if he's a cab guy you should know we can get a superstar and oh yeah all that stuff treatment. Let's qualify. But for me ago. Again. We start talking about. Who's gonna do what. It. And Wesley Egan was asked about will he be a traditional general manager Welker. He said asleep and I'll paraphrase it existed. Pressure luck. You know were the owners. Basketball fans knew what a lot about basketball since we diseases that yeah. Mahmoud Amanda mobbed and we'd like a lot of while basketball since we've taken over. And don't be quite easy. To not your opinions on things before making a decision. So. Again. I'll I'll play this for you here please I'm being told to get more rehab and we have the the sound here I'm looking to find out where the sadness I hope you don't find off finder. I'm. No newscasts. Each. Area are. Yeah here it is here here's the ears ears evens quote. From well I think it's. You know given the talent that we have the organization decrease unit have peoples of this with the people's opinions about what what to do. You know which is of course we use we sat around talk of the draft it's not just the general managers and you know this by himself right it's quite the opposite there's a lot lot of people involved in that. And as owners were involved because we care about it. You know which is not to be you know mistaken correction be basketball experts but we said we bought the team we would hire the best possible people who run and but hold them accountable given the resources to do their job in would have I want to have lost some hope in conversations about it which and I think. That's basketball fans have become more knowledgeable fans the last couple years. We're not here comes right so that's. That's this is exactly how we intend two runs so but did the the structure of the job is what I would call traditional as well so. You know and John has got to go through process navigate his staff together but that's where we that's Bloomington so. Okay. Now. Out on you all listen of that were Aggies all of that is true that is the answer I used. On its laser NASA last week. Want to be like Green Bay that's why I want to be does that go plain and simple green that that's it. Well I don't aren't you John Kerry and you can tell I'm tired of the over here and abroad because it's the Packers I don't know and and and I don't know I'm not gonna don't know I don't know. Caroline channel problem. Could not owners all of us a look at why not now because he's the Packers and click the owners I understand what you're saying. What I'm saying is if you don't trust him to do his job and don't hire him if you trust him to do his job and let him go. Can you need to general manager I mean he's as well we're not GM's one of the why you volumes. What's what's should be involved in the draft process. Or have you don't hold these players all all year long mark. Tell us deals with his rule. Was changed my understanding at least no different from what it was a dog no dog you called Doug every day. And was just all for dog every day twice to three times and sometimes Halloween moon. Right exactly right rising helicopter right owner and he metal the hell out of that organizational dog was there yet he went up and did stuff that Doug didn't wanna do OK anyhow a coach. All of the one this yeah I can't afford. We got it and it does affect on the radio all mass production the whole time they weren't doing it to pitch at a camp entered the warm example. I just so whenever. So yes it's not just the same soccer. As industrial yes I went after that. That that same issue now why can't I why even without Florida doesn't really you didn't really help and so that is for what that's exactly my point when Stearns took over backed up what I say this find any less guilders sites interfered do things is what's going to feel. So far. So. Like my heavy flooding of golf and I write really well Jose and Edmonton Oilers right Khatami. With the top four right now as it after the owners to run the organization and general manager Bob brewers' offer books. What I was at for the buck what the books have to make big rhino records joining them otherwise joining them had a left they would that a myth that is bigger and excited and I chose not to writes about what I think about how they generally agree -- what time is now for this general manager in this owners have time for this general manager to get puppet and yes Scott I just do what the owner as audio or its entire drive that does know something yeah. And let him go all most malls will show you Steven improvement or when here's in New York when users. I'm miserable across sports. 80%. Of GM's. Own. But has snapped a light I want to like help me. And I say that it never have creature all eyes they can't argue that is using that now I want across your threes majors sports. Most you know once you loosen up so successful teams successful teams you did Jerry West called the shots and LA for the lakers. Yes. Do you think Belichick calls the shots in New England or Robert Kraft broad to get you think Ted Thompson calls the shots -- Mark Murphy does and says Ted Thompson does the right here it's well whatever you wanna say the general manager call the shots you're not somebody well I'll use him three over and she could not name mall at all because I'm Al Gore for the ones that have been the most successful via. Those than the ones have been most successful long history of time lightly. Right yeah. That has struggled all over the course of time cowboys. Jerry Jones runs the whole show doing it himself here. At a NASA just Libor plantings and Jimmie Johnson. They won by a hundred to 500 damage to a suitable 500 but they got knocked for lack of playoff success not gone back and all that I actor Barry Switzer that was okay. My point is. About the giants will meet personally knew Bob but again that there there's not one. Ernie accorsi would order a course you did do that than anything about me. They hired killer to let him do the job there were a record of course we all everywhere is favorite yet. I don't know if you're an annual merit those columns and not over I'm Donald mom I mean Georgia. Finally a story. I was always I always ready New York that accorsi was left alone do that merits but that's fine if you if you know of something to from the spot. So okay so this is the question Gary's ever had a problem owners stepping into what they want. I've always got a problem awards they are not that I don't have a problem CEO forward mom we always have edited I'm not and yeah you're going. Are no US sightings governor narcissus ownership groups seem like Herb Kohl on the basketball operations side for a 14799. I had to do baby while he numerical and ignorant. Well yeah I must tell us operators you're tumors just don't want to kids should I go get their first where you you're her on a burden on us. And two ago by a highlighted over there in there and not murder for his armor ought to Q it's of the jurors are making a VR mortgage demo are classy right what did you very remote akin. Chargers who have concerns eggs lately. New location broke free of bloom all rode off on Tuesday just passed and so hopefully you get your husband's on the follows a bogus it is never too late you to gas are usually is never too late is to me out figures are all going. Experience to get your significant other something. So if today today and try to Jerusalem settlements as a lately about location and everyone wrote a social models proxy nationally do right and sort of flow. After my dear friend dean Murray is always there doing his business for a long long term debt the jurors that are. A lot of folks are surprisingly. John and I. We are going through via the process I was you know John is at GM of the future we will be considered always that you know futures from now. Their future is tied it now says Wesley elitists. Today were slow bowlers 79912. Fatally now 41479. Iron over the hash tag there. I don't know hopefully we don't use that as a slogan I'm used exist girls who are ownership groups seem like Herb Kohl on the basketball operations side 414799125414. 7991250. Tweeters are 157 FM the fan. Now sees FaceBook fan page to what you got. They're Garrett. Was that. We just arm before the break so Steve here's our C. Is and you and and you voluntary this and restriction for that and and you would do it differently if you were grown hugely UG it was your high energy or religion you do your job and you work the business side Uga arena you do the pressures of 08 sponsorships. All that make money via a moment irony guided strictly gonna do. Basketball so hard talent to law and stay in if desperate that's what you would do if you were if you were in if you did like it do you just prodigy them. The president asked operational. Out whichever comes for rights. If you realize that you just farm. Which you and Joseph ago reducing you give the guy enough rope to hang themselves you whenever you win there did you you don't you can automobiles he relies so. You see some movies Giorgio make you would never energy that you were never told no you would never say this is not going to work around the world. You keep your ma share and you wait until it happens in if it didn't work out your party right. That's why you and into. We'll most rowers from two and a perfect world that's argue won in NATO day interject. And the make decisions is their clubs these their money. They can do what they're they wanna do is that where cross all three Major League sports. They're where the owners more so organized you talk a bright today and starters in the corner of his last dollar notch awful. Awful. And dead those guys you know you if you look at the more more so like. The raiders. Don't don't think dead. Al Davis ran that thing forever call for what he did mislead Amy having general matter right you want the general manager use like use like Jerry Jones for a but when I have no problem and if you're just being stripped of their eye and say look you weren't in existence yet. You on the go just yet. So I just ideas and Steve Barrow a lot of people out there it's pissed off but as well books ring. I am I I'm I'm not at all I is is business as a way of life. Does it look like screw up some sort you out you got three owners and is what's gonna happen yet real huge gig he ran to abolish road. And so they these guys they've never done before in their work together. All on a level like this and they they've got to go figured out this month aboard thing. Until I see it screws with the us on the basketball court. Probably the brightest for right now. That there's not that everything they've done misty made them all off. Everything they've done has. Bingo. In golden. Sold. Why do we freak out about this 'cause people are Steve was not known more uniform are probably are problems as well lose it deprives people are not like you guys I agree that the process. Others said there are other out they work but like. Laura do you get briefed. People and Steve you're not knowing what people are apple are gonna supplement for Hoover's. People are absolutely losing their natural mine until I see it on the court how are into wrote what they do on the floor. It's when I get upset. All right here's eat ins this is the catch it and why this is what he's again now this is catching headlines. All we owe prisoners like 25 mask while I'm not hold these guys here it is again now and allow this repeated talking about the process that they took to get to this point. In the gas and feel like to talk about the process not a lot yet rather talk about the results. I feel really good about the results on this thing you can have your process but I mean there's. You know process made it look like it's a little bit sloppy bit the end of the day the result is what matters at the right guy. You know for the job. And there's not a lot of like yo and worry about what we could've done differently is that here very short period of time I mean it is that this was. The company this size you are in some of this role he might take you many months to go through a process that people and talked and whatnot. In the NBA we've got a draft on Thursday we GM are on the job so it puts a real discrete time for him operate with them. I think within that timeframe we did a terrific job so great candidates we actually spent a lot of time look back on that mission is done. And the result is one that we're very excited about. In other example here. So Barry Alvarez bread Duma quits and Barry Alvarez said get a short list right away if you he was not called comment now searcher. Bob Harlan had a short list of who he was talking to be general manager agreement Packers and Ronald in one of them. He moved on a when he had the opportunity again no search for. Now I don't have a problem you are a search firm you don't know anything. As far as you know who this guys who got guys run a leak is you don't always owners so that's what you have to do. This goes back to what we talk about the past if you had a president of basketball operations. The neck I would've already had his short list of guys he'd want to replace John Hamlin would organ of Greg what do you moved on it. Two yeah but you wouldn't have got our three or four names you learn about a surge armor nothing I've invested all my options. These are my guys not fixed that Don interview my guys but instead we have a consultant we have a search for a. All these people all of Bolden trying to figure out and that Medvedev today UN along with the guy that was in l.'s all time and not necessarily the most qualified guy. But the guy that was in house it did you chose an candidate nugget of so before. Some personal attack and hours ago this is attack on a process out this whole thing played out here. That's all know I won't tell you one other thing. You talk about a guy that's 34 years old. People are gonna be very critical of him especially older people. Because he's too young what could he possibly know starts hurting not south when he was hired right here that's all he got killed four for his age doing anything about. Stearns at his press conference. Again. This is me outside looking in at a press conference watching the ball reasonable well. Sir Sammy came across as very professional very mature beyond his years did seem as young as he was. Really see Mikey knew I was gonna. I watched John horse today. And it's a new look like. A 34 year old guy that I would see it a box in that I'd be talking to at a scant more above. Now a box and type guy you know that's been around for a while it didn't have as he did have the same. I would Ellis and swagger this position whatever on all time great look at for the right order boosters are higher than I am what I decided. There you go back and listen his press conference. And and you listen to his press conference side by side and I did it after listening this thing out I've seen all remembering wrong here's here's our son went back to our OnStar is initial press got. If Russia arms are maybe you view mr. sir your your Google Talk. You listen to me Qualls corners say is that. Because you just say those things in person. David Sterns. Is what you just described. You you would never know. Never know what their he's as GO. OK. You all things as Jesus. But. Not in front of the media and camera right right right I'm talking just just like you yourself in front of when and where we went to win we winning interviewed David Stern's. Army and our refers arm. You you would you would be the joke walked outside nobody knew we walked over to. I don't he does know we was about point oh yeah this this past not a dollar here despair aspirin I vehicles a year yet. Ten dollars. Yes I'm saying in front of the carriers and find the mikes all that salt adding their bowl two very different now. I think what ways than the other bond is saying he's gonna had to deal all this age crap. It's gonna happen I guarantee. So and again the other thing to remember is. How he had. Experts in the media they've kept him behind closed doors through its Alec he's been out there to you exactly how ever offered him interview I ask for maneuvers people I was never I've Al yeah although where you figure Obama. Now enters who has never won a my guys exports and I was shot on a number of guys ask for that we're in the provinces yelled at the stat guys and subtle wanna plant elites of basketball whatever by. Gooding and so are you there would senator. No he came over with a guy John Hanna brought him over Jeff Wellman Billy McKinney in him all came over again. Off tortured soul so they were all your dog in 2000 Arizona senator it was a lot of fun were blocked so argues keywords or drive home so I believe if you read article by a idea that last guest. The journals and we did a great background piece on him or not. Really talking on your mom you're like two years for free. The pistons for nothing where he was worship and he was working other jobs and not eat to support himself to get through it. Then they are OK Denny got paid for one year and then Hammond laughed and brought in with him and obviously paid to come here and I'll fast forties as John mentioned Milwaukee Bucks. So a senator was his own rule when he came. To know he was. Gloria center wrote a as I mean I guess yes right right got the senator was so lost her so relay this bitter since 2008 rice and he's laid competitive paid his due. Here in the organization behind closed sapa. Regret I wouldn't if you're talking about. Dizzy again my argument is and yet you two breakers related you know we saw obtaining phone calls. If you run the show is this arguably what we have with the new idea Billy McKinney. Yeah and you go a couple notches sadly below Billy McKinney. Traveled to hire a New Guinea never gotten into. And I'm no good reason eyebrows that yeah there's an 820 years nothing if out look at this kid maybe haven't sound. I can't pass a more flabbergasted doing it up to the top notes or is undergoing a city called the McCain got ya security director of scouting a believer vice president vice president astounding thing is pretty much wanted to draft and woes these guys director of basketball operations. If from Acadia don't ask you what that means. Mean he says he was in salary cap stuff so I guess that's what it is but. Yeah day at the break I'm addicted to sports slash about for years Forsythe such as you might receive quick he's valve like half our Mike what's but it and like. Tigers you know whether it's where your card on me. That guy you're you're you know it G-8 130 or character comes as the arts in order. Not cold enough and and. Or are you a chance. But what RM two years ago. They can hire last year to be assistant general manager. About but until now it's it's keep you haven't noticed salary. It's almost like OK but it'll be in place now. It could be upon a couple of them want to hear all your at all or whatever. And you don't call right here fly as a result. You know. Mike and relive it too deep into our Mike thanks. All dog got the diet but it got the diet she. They put him and there are water on stopped it. Ought knowledge on come. I go find out who's right thanks were notified that America is as his pace Amy you thanks gone. I'm just not a team anymore and over he would've gotten pay. A lot of go to same as Lou would have been right well he's getting it minimal amount for GM they're not what I pay him tells Hollywood that position. Zags new position Megan's saint I don't know what is this. Maybe we'll find out what do you sellers I'm Saddam must first came over if you're not. Did you have you get paid to say well now as it got passed up forgot that Addai weightless experience and obviously he doesn't obviously doesn't wanna stay. They said Syria so he's out deuces so I was Canada. Now the Arnold went at all. This segment of the Wendy's big show is brought to you by McCormick law office McCormack who office Wisconsin's neck. Injury attorneys this is the Wendy's big show on moral 57 F. At the chiefs' draft outskirts attic he was our guy that team without a doubt. I'm just this is what gives you the competitive edge city background that he came from. Keep we knew from day one of the special but it's been a lot of time to be honest in his first couple years just doing things you know you are like. Helping them learn how to drive in helping get food companies and we get over here so. Yet this is not surprising honestly that slow. There is John horse your new general manager of the Milwaukee Bucks from earlier today's press conference. Ask you whether or not aviators ownership group seems like your call on the basketball side operations side of things as far as. You know kind of and it's. Let's lead in what is ours process goes. They all are involved in making the decision is not just the general manager sitting in office getting all that power. They want everybody involved as many chefs in the kitchen as possible and see what happens. That's their philosophy all the Roy knew your thoughts as we have to get to a Gary wolf coming up the next thing. Looking. Something. Obviously. Will. Talk about. Within these guys. But I'm not really political. Or racial racial. But I love using the jokes. It almost seemed like to know you must academy math now earlier alma raise our show in the city. I notice violence drugs high tides about this is political yeah I cuter. Horses light elmo's today. That's what's in the news or why didn't. Why did trumped by combing what happened woods and it righted he would gather we wanna know lie. And you get all these stories like is just dysfunctional and White House but took a while they admit we're fine. It hasn't all he has you know I you got Afrique now even even that process is sloppy. And there also was talking about hey admitted at a Don this trial but he's only one of the of the period other more. Alone you never know what did thank you sir because they can't agree all to hire so when they think is. A little this auction oil as his words sloppy. But in the around what things I wanna know. Why. There. The president elect on May go our know why that it wasn't it deviated why didn't get fed up in what he is to job. When you first came over or you just get a shot it but if you look at the total low audible as Steve laid out is a number of people. That date passed over the idea on the it has Jews kid. Nowadays in Cuba. At 34 years or that a dollar 32 on our automobile is dead. I think that's what people would do in Indianapolis when you've got to Q if roe. Philadelphia was in his thirties when it is is first Arabic GM that it later fired the in in and out his views. On anybody whose job and then if you think about. Would the Packers a lot of people. One out walks to be in knicks disaster in these young is young. Maybe that's how people of god bless trend it is true Indian wars is saying that way above and older guys in their forties. You think you'll. Inspection of basketball operations that much to all these jobs. But to Mike's point erase scene in which I understand I'm very open minded guy. We need somebody almost like a puppet will weaken try to run it rule and ports would be kind of a yes man is dead gonna put the organization. Now say this if you still wanna be. Own futures you've got a young GM. As a cap colleges. And he's young enough to be eager to see just going through. Op though most books that will be excited because this to the infant stage of the arena. And the practice. Facility but most people I've talked to their very upset about the whole process so close to draft. Now. Dead to me to me this breaking news. Six. Isn't there this so close to drafts in like he had a knowledge of what was going on so I would love to. Sit down and talk to him to air but he never Steve I'm okay who I'm glad to prices go. On the lateral Ohio. I don't go anywhere I'm okay I'm great what is your great and other wildlife will. They most of the owners this is there. First time doing this thing is you've got to go watch it on you got to understand is going to be so Bob Gibson it would get. We just have to go when it they got to reason why I was saying and about the president aiming them out of force of some people but it is some things that you create a self inflicted gun. Mr. wiley wiley you know he's bad lies with self inflicted you guys head is big surge would that would get a named Bryant. But there's asset. Horse maybe. They got to same gear which demand IBM brand raw GM everybody knows right lead may get accused him. Murmur in I don't know army brownies but I can see how that of their hosts are saying we're down here. Somebody wanted reports now I've asked about okay. In there the whole. World what they what they try to do. Where it looks like to me what they try to do is do they do. You do and what they were what they try to do with the hottest or form. Abroad and all these jokers to interview and they try to be they try to. Make it appear or maybe it laws sprayer dollars marching off Walton then they walker try to come together and agree on some who bring an audit candidate lives are. When we were about money. No. One each well we got everybody. Money is the last thing about it papers. OK guys armed burglary. Boy what it felt like to me what they try to do is cover. All their bases threw three owners okay United's guy you let this guy that is bring you more guys to see if these guys are better. Or not then the two guys that we. In this go from there it's always jolt this guy. In the search firm. The search firm I think do you has served its purpose the search firm in my opinion was fair to bring in people offered into look at other people. Forced to remain unanswered knew they were going higher what is other people against guys you angry at him. I wanna route are also think Tug on Dillard. The Clinton inaudible brilliant doctor property you've got to search firm and you have a consultant up. Yeah why do you have the consultant if you pianist is limited or about pains you were you know paying their main in the will be. Tallied the last time asserting her about it who went out a search firm in any sport in any team went out and hired got a nobody knew about the turn out to be successful it can be a capitalist society. It couldn't get hired a search for and what the search for until Michigan what is then hired Jim Harbaugh. Taxes are certainly recommend hundreds of thousands of dollars in what they told him was hired Charlie Strong and they did here. We're too hot and they are rockets is from tell me that I I'll say so this search firms these are fun. There are other fun things. Are there any dvd obvious choice nine out of ten times which is front of the would you. Work what you should and Steve those organizations that you hotter search firm and it appears. That you left no stone unturned you know how to search firm didn't hide like Todd brought the cell phone all you do you do you ya ya I'm now. You got yours who are you you have so many things going on. That it appears that you had a lot of people that you're looking at emerged yet right. I say quick timeout combat we'll talk to Gary wolf Lott's net. Anything Josef got hot and fresh air on the fact coming up but at the top of the hour sports flash we will change gears and head over today you as open and did you what you expected out of the US open to be funny here or Gary LeRoy sake of their far bigger golf fans. Then I am so I'm sure all of our opinions will differ on this one and can't wait to hear yours as well. This guy's on the inside. Basketball insider I guess we won't fool on T go by the law offices phone call was cool love only on sports Radio One 057. The thing. I Johnny's out. Fitzgerald's blog great midwest bank hotline Gary your thoughts are neat very first press conference by bucks in general manager John Morse. Well as sort of pretty interesting. Let my career record of the villains John of course in court I'm about what a spurt. And a little video games and it what does that victory went like certified genius what ya. I don't now. But it did I need you for my for my take though it clearly look like this was definitely his first press conference that he had done. And really his first time dealing with the media press conference I heard a couple of one on ones that he did after. People that were there that I've gotten from any sounded a lot more relaxed a lot more polished in the one on ones and he did in the actual press conference. Well he was so the bottom Weber. You know these jobs don't open up to 34 soul ever media I would bet that we'll have you ever met with the media. An internship in any which way that's not. So you know and he was understandably nervous in. It was yeah you know Nolan would. We have more important what. Don't hear a lot of rim made goal of the process and it would say the process. To me has that kind of bad but. There are a lot of people upset with the process what what we're sure thought process. How they would have argued that horse. Did you hold deal with with with we're Jon leaving. Jon Hamm leaving what what's your thought on the whole process and that obviously played out xanax now gone we're sure we're sure columnists. Well it would not even at noon today during the pro scout compared sloppy yet kind. You know it it he ducked before our league. Work in the NBA. They're great just of course. Some remains that up so we got one brought up and then it now student three fireworks. And up. On one of three finalists. And then one of the finalists and we didn't get fired football buddies. And you know it just goes well the problem he public perception. Okay so pay we talk about. The process or whatever else needs you know he takes a shot Eads does at Philadelphia about. The process and that's that's that's all over Twitter as well and he says he's sure is more focused on the results at hand but. What's the general manager was needed for this job currently where this team is at it's far is going forward. Well they need somebody would have. It immensely. Experience in the important job course so you have that. Do what he did a blob. What sort of around that replied towards them at all different situation. Is that important belly by the owners put. Yeah on the ideal world where they would hire somebody. Has some experience. I mean here's the thing with child courses he wasn't even an extension you know. It he is gonna have a probably you know over the next two months. Yeah Garrett a hard thing about me. Are more of these people Dow's Lou Lou didn't rule. Impatient at the center not try to be patient and this is. This is real life when it comes to a dear to his brother and they give these guys a chance deserved first time. Being an owners and are trying to get your rival you have so many moving parts. Sometimes you know make a few mistakes and admitted to a slap shot forgive them for that so moving forward I'm just concerned about the draft. Trainees. A horse seemed to be. Our cap biologists. As maybe you talked about. So what do you think did draft falls in this thing you think they can recover. Ally actually could recover let me let let's face. And it. The thing you know adjacent to the. Oh goodness we lost them. Hello every guy out there Erica. But America bets spider but no violence and I think it equally. You know who thought that Jason didn't make this decision you know Nike buy me. You know when push comes so he would usually get you ought. And that sort of mentioned. It. And he wants attic and he didn't get panicked. Yeah. Not so sure that you know what I have just Danica. Situation but. Not talked enough people in the organization tell me that you know last year and a couple of years goat he made the draft picks. In contrary to what he's not a breakout work John him they were actually Jason Kidd some. I believe on the other day that would actually brought forward. Who pushed for maker but a lot of people in the organization had serious reservations about taking them. What they decided you know lots recommendation. Brought Loren Woods is you know with the box. Front office. He worked out and Brooklyn or New Jersey. You know he I think you gentlemen injury time. And adjacent it would on the scene in the land through there so you part of the group. So there you go Gary wolf falls to. Just the more you're more dysfunctional cells Gary thanks so much for coming on appreciate it. There is Darryl flea ridden into his bank how I when you're ready to get into a back into the housing market look no further than great midwest bank. This great mid West Bank dot com take the next step. Towards your new home are coming up August more slash my Clemens and then so it scarcely US open at Erin hills. It's not received positive reviews. I'm from wanting to hear what Gary LeRoy I have to say it is only deal effort deposit really about it have been gel and chuck Freeman and that was about it so we'll see our goals from there.