2PM: Pack wins - LeRoy & Gary review

The Wendy's Big Show
Monday, September 25th

The Packers pull out a 27-24 overtime win over the Bengals. Our former Packers LeRoy Butler & Gary Ellerson break down the game on The BIG SHOW on a Green & Gold Monday! 


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Jared green and gold Monday live in the old Chevrolet studios with the water and only Steve Sparky vibrant two former Packers Gary dollars in the royal Butler might Clemens other side of the glass. I'm running back off lots to get to refute throughout the afternoon after a busy sports weekend. It's obviously a greeting gold Monday as I said and are the only show where you can get your thoughts comments questions complaints concerns. Observations anything you need to get off your chest. About a 2724. Win. Over the Bengals off your chest to these two guys gear in the prior here Korea at 799 pro figure you can tweet us. At 1057. FM the fan but because it was such a busy sports weekend. Basically the whole show is get is pick a lane we're gonna leave it all wide open for you we have the president speaking out. On NFL protests over the weekend he and invited the Golden State Warriors they're more protests in response to his. Displeasure with the protests you had to Carmelo Anthony getting traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder you had the brewers. Getting essentially knocked out of the NL central race and their playoff. Hopes hanging by a thread right now so it's a wide open Q it's 7991250. Tweet us at 1057. FM the fan we almost never do this. But we just don't see any other way to do the show today but Gary we obviously have to start. On agree gold Monday with the green bay Packers and a win hard fought win over the bank of yesterday 2724. In overtime your thoughts there. So towards you laid it all out Rondo. And of course you know my dear friend bill Michaels and I duty. Gringo post game show. After every. Packer game and then yesterday of course we. Go to all the ongoing row over the what are common pleas to beat all lines. John Paul offering chopper. What we do where. I rummaging you broke it down you put all day and I'm like that in. I thought I didn't mention period. A lot of stimulus done. Come all peoples slept on an all going for seven and twelve of iron report angry people weren. Or a result. You know what to. Want us. To grow learn and those. Wouldn't. You trot. You still could. Montgomery bucks me needed it and I'm mad at you dolls on. What it's worth goes in Waco today. The error is do you cook. Yeah. It didn't you. Are. There was a blow. Rare live all the owners in a little bit tomorrow McCullough and there. David database remarkable economy. And all the Blair's. And we talked about it you're used. Cincinnati bingo. O went through. Remember German man look I read errors. I don't blow to Packers that they don't want goal and three fire. You don't know what he's doing. Yeah yeah. Who. Every week small board. Of stuff there we can talk about today. You do when you're fitting in full force Irvin and 1250. I'm gonna talk about. The Packers. As warm bowl record. He's got the call waiting caller we go to our board group. OK to argue your rank and it was. He suggests. The Pringles. We're going to. There attendee Lego. And they got new offers quarter in Russia does last week. If closer that he here's what I would do. But lingering. Deep ball Doumit. Due. Well. Let's. Play ball club. Thing getting well our. I agree only import. Of being. Joseph mentioned as a base runner. As I drove from Rio. And usually do. Managed apart from time to implement. Did a book you've got hammered and that's what you do it from game. They don't expect a rock when they exit. And the second ever ever in his Korea where par. Means something no offer. I'm like I'm going on here there is a solid number over the week in a final users get a OK even remotely surprised by these two world in a set of weeks. Ago. Picks. The 21 bag. Is Dallas. Oh. Yeah don't went six and one obviously I think. But for all your lock on that happened. Brett Favre and the most pick sixes I was I was wrong there is wrong he had 35. And I think about it yeah that's. Yet we go again yeah. I got my number was too low. Is that from the list public debt yet today many years. And Romney gains and about there has caught that ball toddler around yet. Dan Marino at thirty joke name that 25 point eight ready yet 25 Manning in an enormous need 43 point three outlined in my team may mirroring the code norm Snead. I don't know men on the green the list. Is being. In the united fans listen. But the and what. No we've got rescue me earlier well peculiar about jobs Euro are gonna play ago it was going to. And I said earlier you know. No illusion generate more Sacramento was our was from Josh or that. Josh Jones got more sex. I impairments are from that we're told you guys that Obama. Where he headed tour because nick periods gone. Mike Daniels. It's just we Arnold please just don't know. Our team he coaches little bit last week bankable. I don't know two Germans and two booking in tackles. Missing. Wasn't that pretty. Much yeah you know 91 out to their prior Anderson. You're bears' defense lineman. And you get away. Come back. I don't know which. Archer America. How about this about Brooks didn't involved. Yeah now I'm I said MVP. Or whatever and obviously it was an MVP but he got a grounding call got a sack. A Democrat is selected video of two. And I want an effort to utterly had a couple pressures yeah political pressures he played well like Martinez stepped up his play and really my day my my jail Reese talked about nobody he actually played well Ruger and he had a big impact on this game to. Which aren't this last week and good talk about it again going to the game on Thursday of these guys are all still hard on Thursday against the bears. There is not going to be an easy game for this team going forward if all of these guys remain her. It's just not going to be and I realize there are other backwards going to be an easy win. You know that wasn't gonna happen and what Gary said they did exactly what Gary said distorted AJ green and make him do something. And at some point somebody can explain me why playing golf and AJ green five to ten yards. Why anybody thinks she's ever gonna probable mean can constantly just play off plan at all playing on wheels are game irons I can't. But that's just twenty yards no major going to do in six and seminars. OK fair turn out there but that's your game planning it's about receiver on every team. How are you gonna defend the best receiver on any team if you're gonna wanna catch every ball workers your computer during her front of so he's a catch every ball wolf you know just like pornography attack that. That a tie or short so now connectors are pursued is Tuesday announced the moved to decide of the different. Now how long can you drop the football preserve the four balls are making their missed against this defense quite a bit probably well but besides before you come up with a big play. I understand I just don't. I look at king I just. I don't like how to using them but neither that's an ordinary well he played well what rescue the I I don't disagree I just think that you can get probably more play making out of them behavioral audible play closer but. That's not a good situation we have here. You're right about Jones had a huge impact on the game he is an emotional fiery kid is an eagle and you bring emotional for Byron Golan you see bonus week. Roy you know what Bloomberg's bogus tweet. Mean. I don't think so you're Jones. James Jones knows our Josh Josh Fields. I'm gonna 27 Laguna packer uniform. And while you're close. Oh good you finally get some don't know what he wants his number changed. To 36. News always original PS Tebow for permission aware when he said. Don't you know did you nasty book the great thing about where its earlier one of my torso and we were warming third issue you weren't the best choice seven is looking years. Let's play that was any good at or 47 anybody. For the Packers look. You should look the twins are worlds ops were numbers. Tebow would laugh when I remember here and I don't I'll note lazy. No least privilege to. Know Null he like twice. Or. I think the way that they if that Taylor to have. If you really look at the Dow 21 this and you normally give Pete. A dead heat so no later. Than people say all the time because of the Packers don't make adjustments. Well at halftime. They made a lot attest. But I was been his first few minutes. Alumni weekend. To see Aaron Rodgers not complain. About having three lab and want one missing. Get sacked six times. A guy hit numerous of times. And also have people say he can't won a close game seven points and I wondered did they move the date points. You know move it down for now whatever. That was what these people. He put together a drive and you see Jordan doesn't take over. In DC draw more Ellison gave men do then sank. In they'd just proved to be your best team in the fourth quarter. Not payment card busy a lot of credit. What heaven has got ready and in great condition that it was maybe it's the hottest game ever especially at this late September room. I mean normally a game you know in the fifty's nice but. 89 degrees so I'm not give a lot of kudos that air route out there that take six a lot of quarterbacks are just gave good Shaq. Nope you just get re load I appreciate. In my twenties and her Fargo dude that number socks during yesterday's fairly regularly and do but I know I'll got a great Will Blackmon 20062009. Michael Hawthorne cornerback 20032004. Tod McBride cornerback UCLA I don't I don't doubt NT. Michael Blair Ball State running back in 98. Calvin Jones running back on Nebraska 96 T buck 92 to 94 Herman spot now Tony Elliott the deed be out of central Michigan in 87 Gary Hayes out of Fresno state. Cliff Taylor the run and I got to Memphis state in 76. I mean my god. I mean he eat he could he get all that number. True he you know Matt Miller now. What are. The demise here here. Yeah crimes. And last. So what are you mad about that it was you agree. What did you mad at what you mad there that it could be the Packers game if somehow you're mad at that I haven't got the idea of color and Matt at a brokerage and the price it could be protesters. The brewers. If on the ball Packers aren't Woodard are gay people or ask for McCarthy beef burger. On the account you know we're both of them are packer game mastermind. Probable last night for the bears and Packers in overtime win your frustrations and it's rumored that at all it's all about which of her about the Packers team all after what you're mad at your two -- Yet the Packers okay you can be mad at the president should you be mad at the protesters that you could be and it ruins object be mad at I don't know the Oklahoma City Thunder for trading for -- to what you add that I agree it's called the holidays in the conversation another seven died died 1215 now or you can tweet us and 1057. FM the fan yeah rightly see when you from him under the command line it's the only show with two former Packers in studio on an Aurora health care greeting gold Monday it's the Wendy's big show will be right back after this. Got the best player in the world thing leading so I mean he makes things look pretty easier. I don't wanna. Downplay the situation but I mean when you got him in there because of them over and he's he's not much you can do about it on the. As Dovonte Adams Packers wide receiver talking about having Erin Rogers who led a come from behind overtime victory over the Bengals yesterday 27. Two when he for the final this is a Wendy's big show the holes Chevrolet studios on an Aurora health care gringo Monday and after a busy sports weekend asking what you mad at. Are you somehow mad that the Packers won but not the way you wanted him to win are you mad at the protesters the owners from backing up the protesters. The president for taking shots at the protesters. The brewers for fallen out of the the NL central race may be the play operates all together. 799 to a picture you can tweet us. At 1057 FM the fans get right to. Director of its majorities also join your first start. Oral part seven of them that frame. Job. Well eligible that the game it was awesome I've been sitting with friend for over forty years and things in the north and own violent way he. Players not coming out of my hands on anymore what you gate. Some. I know. Our I had delegates at up to join I would agree with the I don't like their cross and over and it plans to yeah. I do mention it what you guys combat and congratulations new line on board still. Our seats were aggregate in the field at any minute or com I had friends that left at halftime and with them for over twenty years in the NC. They were disgusted they were probably Lynette Catholics among the others where calm when I was are bad people to the end man. I'm. But a lot of legend Elvis. Something happened epic game and hasn't happened since. Heatley and earlier work or happen in the later nineties when. All of a sudden people we. And a lot of them left and you see them walking. And dom go out and that we got super loud. When nine here when Dalton came out and called time out and overtime that was amazing and one other thing. Probably capers haters you know he's your. Arm. I think they haven't scored charge against search history and certainly correct. I don't know I haven't looked at best did you what she stated agenda Omar. I don't think any team scored a touchdown dances in the second half these last three games. Limited. I don't know. I don't know once. Why not just some of my my don't want to take a look but it we're in Florida much happened to her animals in the room that is. And I'm just really proud acumen how they came again and I can't wait for Brooks and Matthews and period and the feel the same time. Are things that phone call Joseph appreciate about. I don't know by the third hair squall we'll have looked at and he's right dear friends at the game. And I guess justifiably so I don't know and I don't like going so it is Woody's you pretty emerges usually do which ruined. But falcons scored in the third quarter and your. Book fairs were born. After that execs for sure. I mean this little smattering Indian and half time and again there if you lost your money at halftime. None out and recruit restore higher up you know we're all. See when people leave a flight deck as what you believe nor at have to undergo assuming Iraq is still look fooled though African violet building. He would know more about it and I wouldn't pew lefties he's deuce. But people were naturally upset. It. Seemed like the boo birds. Came out early though here. And I think I tweet you at that time or heard that third quarter touchdown was a defense to score for Atlanta. I think you might be right on this and they are not allowed an offensive touchdown the second half it. Let's go to Roger incredibly Roger next or are serving there for mr. Roger was government. A you know you're right I'm most angry out Bauer is that I can't find a good. Chicken and waffles I keep buying yet he's been blocked polls and like chicken nuggets are stripped wit that I want. The real fried chicken and waffles so. I'm racially white people don't know how to make Japan and awful that. My height he expression. That day I'm. Rogers who's Roger do it did go from Mickey Collins say that. It. Okay time for. I don't know. Does probably call him accuser that. All know I can speak for myself. That. Anyway it is a problem. It. Of football. All K Baum I read in the journal that dead and Serb man. Who is. Running back coach. Said that he wants the plate Jamal Williams. More are. And that it's just a matter of him doing yet. And I guess I looked kind of apply is does the running back coach. Who who's gonna start and when they play. Well yes they do and sold the timer summaries incumbent in somebody's got to come into BMO. And so issues job Lula are to say there's. I I'm Morgan David and temperatures from other rumors although he look well last year retirement reduced to a buffalo who doesn't love. He's not decisive. In his cuts. He's got he's got us the plane hit it well. He column muddies around a little balloons. Everything has kind of round it is just good to have that sudden explosion I mean you can. I wrote about you can you can run like a 46. We'll run him back. If you're slash serve your product you don't have to be. Like you don't have a beyond my Greenwood 424 with respect he which you can be good if you see you're hearing go your way to have that. Top lines creating a bird yeah. He's going to be more decisive. Decisive in his he's not. He seems like he's just muddies the right on the bridge is way too much and he's non explosive army. Are you know I know he it's a element. To this offerings that they don't have when he's not in the that you have to. Guard against from Colorado bacteria and who knows most kind of thing but. The figure is between him relates only release he was 2526 or where it was. You can Jerry lacy was there a real running back in that. When he's made is about to cut. He put their foot in the ground he got a field you just don't see got to try to put ties got to start don't. I I am I like what I've seen from time Montgomery. As as a running back is this a lot and but I know I know the numbers are impressive I am willing to give him until he hasn't helped the offensive line in front of them. What alarms and viewers even with Gilani he has he's not taking advantage of what is there. But there will be more there for him though there is a healthy out of their. On he's missing run he should be making. Yours is simple stuff. But he did this last year to. This soldier through. She's doing it more right now because no differences at the edges are Iran's passes running Astaro these monies around around that. Mean did you watch him. Just watch this if there's ever there's a whole planet Marleau football player right forgone. Do you ever really see that and that's what he's missing. And got Dole's. You may have a better off as a viable at some point in the game you salute cringe you gotta go get it he has never had a 447 I'm on to a fifty. Just one or genetic. Let's go to. John on the north side join your natural far sermon or from Trent Jones government. John. Johnny. I'm a then yeah. That's the field Philadelphia feel you have next a world browser and after an affair also feel. Oklahoma people. Would do. I felt good about that deacons came from behind. You know apt it's as bad you know and it's it's. You don't know what's gonna happen but it is not the end of the twelve year. You've got to expect he can bring Joan. You know what Marca their pocket yeah. I'm like this in an advocate. I can Craig well. And did their part and and even though you know first just there was at the first and can drive where they had it. You know. You get what it if anymore you know how to get acclimated. But they say well. But I would support by his income from my house financial Asian country and they are. He noted that it ended that now you know Braden great thing for about I can on mine isn't going to be. There's going to be a game but yet we're like OK that is indeed if he had won that game I would have also it ends. And you know I wanna see all I want to see. What Sudanese. I've learned that Jamal Williams will more. Let me actually a question is it reaching goods in the oxygen is mounting me. It's due course and do he made the team this year. I don't know if you do and we're aware that your. As I know he's not on active roster. Think he got cut I think remembers seeing him in the cup. Clemens and their ass I guess Dmitry goods and on this Packers Steve. Yes he has his now. As he played. As you've been active for game that's coming back from an ACL from last okay locker right there next to the other defensive back I stand corrected dinner resident Hawkins and more snaps. In this game. Then get Rollins did you see that rounds had seven snaps. Hawkins I think had nine snaps in this game is getting encouragement some run in the area get an idea of where Rollins is where he's fallen to after a couple of games he's fallen right out of the rotation. What you mad at after a busy and emotional sports weekend the Packers when the protesters the president the brewers. But there you can't find good chicken and waffles 7991250. Are you could tweet us at 1057 FM the fan nothing to be mad at when you go visit there is good friends. Is now right there. Neo over. Mario. My good friend Dane Richards is now. The hundred story in western powers. Minister's office are 200. Wrong. He's working to make these store. Number one in volume in customer service for. I've gone there. For sure things are numerous records is world. Got four new scheme and groups as the tires for neutered dead emissions that I never heard that he has served ever to do it. Skiing schemes to stewardesses are eager for news gains. I'd like dimensions and you know it. The service department talk enough about their service department order that those guys to leverage your role changed or regulators and there are two or. But here's what your frame guardian which is when she arsenal. As a welcome back there to start offering far for a dollar treatable. If you trade in your cart towards a new or Prioleau vehicle. We will give you an additional 500 dolls for in addition to trade emblems does and they would view view they would view all W third street listeners employee pricing on gaining new undies. There's Russert they would view of all W earth is be listeners employee pricing or any new undies. Make sure when you go in there you mentioned being a matter of France or the Berkshire. For the extra savings. Injury earlier start and say hi. Tumor differing game how do you restaurants is OK just awful on highway 100. And Arthur avenue between Lincoln and national there to make sure when ago. Tellem that yours. C six definitions first skins at urban dictionary.com. None of whom are tires goggles talking tires and be problems. It could be rolling papers to be a high five. Roland that you know what people roll their tobacco cigarettes with. What you read and other aspect of the tree died after an emotional sports weekend seven died died 1250 S and tobacco Mike I don't know what you do in your free top 7991250. Could try to set Michael Fox seven FM the fan. Good luck do it'd update by a thread to the what these big shall be right back in the old Chevrolet studio. Yeah slash. And from the masters he's WS SV sports updates studio Mike Clemens masters he's the premier supplier in patio furniture rec room products and sports memorabilia. Check a Mott and want to show our that they short town center online it master's he's dot com first on the fan Aaron Rodgers. Not just his first career overtime win with the Packers 2724. Comeback win over the Bengals Mike McCarthy after the win this. Aim at everything and it was special teams but the ball placement in the annals of the big ovals defense quote we will dissolve. We have different enforcers are and looked up in the suffered through his office so no offense and battle through or managers can today guys this document could play. Meanwhile Cincinnati blows at 21 to seven believe they're now for entry in this season and their head coach Marvin Lewis says. They tried to contain Aaron Rodgers throughout the game. We rush to quarterback he can hand and we did a lot. But we broke down and make plays we've got this thing coverage and not allowed thought it was on the field too many far too many Trump Place against a good quarterback right now so. Nothing different from the football game. You know we gotta we gotta regroup and and get started in that division game on the road. Nevertheless Rodgers was sacked six times in short turnarounds Thursday night he's gonna play the Chicago Bears at Lambeau Field. Baseball brewers losing yesterday's game to the cubbies five to nothing at Miller Park. What an intense series it was over the weekend says pitcher Jason Anderson. Those guys just games I thought we play with anybody anybody in the and they release this is. Such a young team we have here and I think you know for years to come in and be really competitive. In the central land and in the major leagues so I thought we have here. NBA Dwyane Wade out of his deal with the bulls making him a free agent wade will get about sixteen of his 23 million dollar contract. From the cavs and heat front runners in the sweepstakes warm. I'm Mike Clemens it's sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Yes it is an Aurora health care grinning gold Monday here on the Wendy's big show in the holds Chevrolet studios I'm running Mac laugh along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer. Former packer in badger running back Gary dollars and wide open for Emporia. On an Aurora health care grinning go Monday which met at some from that Packers game the president the protesters the brewers. Something else somebody drop his kitten on your nerves 7991250. You can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan so far everybody pretty much on this backers in European. The most partner but it's okay. I think it's I didn't know that whatever that it you know get them all I'm OK with that little incidents we don't talk. I've tried don't want to run a moment. A lot and so. Let's go to Michael Norris Mike York knicks are 157 or from them I would go airborne. Are you. Okay mom. Packers take that factor on the Detroit fan I'm sorry about that look at the Packers every week and but what made me mad at this week love football and I'm isn't great entertainers sports. And I meet them put it back. You know metric units and then taken on the present and even taken on. Down and a National Anthem you know making Politico. Has been a good bet this is entertainment sport is sport everybody does like the president Eric I don't agree with him. And about any particular group but at the same everybody that it will offer entertainment. Politics. The you know you can express yourself personally on the other issues that you all personally but don't you. All game he can't play often disagree. Rami you wanna. Talk to mark to market where is the right platform might. In your personal that when you're out on charities when you are now. Is that is that his agony get because the point of protesters to gain attention and to call attention to the issue that your protests are they gonna get. The attention during our time that they get doing it during the National Anthem on television. Everywhere. Would get the same and so we're not we're not turn don't wanna keep and I understand that and I respect that but there that's that's. I know I'm not I'm not iris I respect your right to disagree on this asking you for for the perk for their purposes which is up in the air issues now wanting to call attention. Wanted to call attention to these issues where it's where is the best place to do that where will they have the most eyes on them because that's the point of protest. It's another thing I'm Ali employee. And when I go to work. I want to represent my employee and do my job yet personal news I'm not supposed to use my employer net at them. To promote and personal. And that is your employer's right to stop you from doing that at the workplace the NFL has chosen not to exercise that right. Well I like to add just disagree with the everywhere they go out of Stanford air everywhere they didn't publicity. And everything that goal going to the mall or everywhere that you have a platform they got a platform when your complete football. He is becoming quite football. Stay out of politics. Thanks for the call Michael and his personal life. Hello. I got a new one there aren't. Mrs. from dared on Twitter too don't buy seven from the fact he says I want Americans and October 1 two about the NFL there. Let's show them that they need us thank. I reached we did it and commented as its old missiles since the Packers don't play on the first that's. How can I bet. And he responded eggs. The purpose of it though yeah. That's the problem with the title or if you tried to organize that protest it's better that's all agree that teams that have a bye week bad week I departures. And you have Ed. Pat is quite sure Jason Allred you all that they're probably the first of that's why he wanted to do what he admitted that was the reason because you can watch you know I don't know it's no I don't want to anybody who wanted to organize a protest against the NFL or boycott of the NFL. Please have had it that is your right you're right that is your right to do as an American go ahead and organize it I think and see her voice loud enough the dude you change the way things are right now. He's outcries we were in Ireland scholars dual and you want to. That that is movies I've heard that Tonya and I also heard from bats that are beyond mad including that that are in our families. I'm that are beyond mad about the whole situation pallets on bond until I was I was disgusted different thing to me Steve because Major League Baseball coaches had their first play and analysis. Was of that and he was born on army base is right hole fairly and and you Soledad when the Steelers yeah and so show. So there are divide yes cracked now guys oldham yeah the guys here actually fought in his war or all shall divided all on. How they feel about the issue with the flag will most guys even the guy there it's worth. In the green beret there's a lie where our company is buying came out. In scene that yep I think they're appropriate way to do will be to neo not to sit boat will be two meals and so yeah. So those guys is you get difference. Get a different opinions all on how that. Gary this whole this whole thing now is bought a million different things. It's no longer by the senate plan B is now involves the president now people are mad the president's not people are are doing it for that here's justice sidetracked Amber's very about a once I don't have to say so we start talking about this there was an article over and I read earlier today Roger Goodell. Saying that there were ten players last ten. That protester during the National Anthem total. And he said that he'd been working the players association Todd with coaches and players trying to figure out the best way for the NFL. To help these players and that he felt it was going in the right direction and then the president comes out as what he says and now it's inflamed everything and now you're. Where you're at now when we get over what 200 players I think they sent via a this week. So they were yeah like three teams are doing tomorrow for strike while the Steelers won his mind boggling to me the steelers' line. So they don't come out. And elect tackle who's a veteran. Said he was the one that didn't want them to come baucus she wanted to sing off for being the only player beetle that wasn't supporting the rest of the team but then he walked on his old. Without this team. For the National Anthem and allowed the players to answer the question after the game and he laughed and did talk to reporters. It was buzz. So and that is an and that's what you have when you have a team sport like that. And Mike Tomlin. Should it really should address not their kind of dropped in to audit opulent angry and I should be insecure because now. They've got to go deal with the Mets and and and he. And it wasn't really that big review and 20 don't trump came out of this and it felt light truck wouldn't. More man these athletes. Danny Ware will work the neo Nazis did what I should say more animated about more. More more and more Powell was speaking towards. The players and he won with a joke was down and Shaw's so. You know I don't think we're ever saw it is always can be issue. Gigi zone everybody has to preserve things aren't and I think what we have to do is try to. Listen to one another and I think that is a problem nobody's listening. There by hazard coming in there about it ones that weren't your guide the user it is your it is wrong to one. But the other thing a bar all of us arm that goes along with the two. Is EC NASCAR. And today and two owners cannot Richard Childress Richard Petty. That support trump and pretty much said you're out you've protestor not gotten from any more work amok through your out. And Gingrich sugars and mentioned you can take a Greyhound bus could you know organ for me anymore. And then that was yesterday Dale Earnhardt junior. Comes back today now he's the most popular driver and he's a retired and here is this concussion issues. And he tweets out all Americans are granted rights to peaceful protests and those who make peaceful rebel revolution. Impossible make violent revolution in habitable. And that is a quote from JFK and so their most popular driver now has come out against NASCAR. In their stance saying without from a NASCAR supported trump to the presidency so they're all intertwined in this whole thing here but Cigna I you're gonna have our series richter rings. Cracked he's the most popular guy tonight that's gonna fracture that's sport this is going to fracture. All sport where it is it is gradual all of them there for some now Rex. Do speaking engagement would Donald Trump endorsed him from what they believe in buffalo Rex Ryan yeah now Rex came on and they use this water last night. Try to remove himself. From Donald. I don't wanna be associated with this right and Robert Kraft. On the story goes out front after the aircraft wife died. Was however our craft house dog every week making sure he's okay and Robert Kraft lost his mind when he saw what trump said. President from sun about this and now Kraft. Is angry at trump does lie it's. It's crazy and so I like for just to be football games myself his we're gonna do go to the right yes there. We'll take it right but does continue without their right now. Some Tony Romo talked okay so we'll talk about it and roster all right what you want to our mothers don't run game. And then we go warm Warner wants to talk about and ask them and so we go to a smorgasbord of stuff right. Thought there we want. Whenever you're mad about what your metabolic Amanda if you bet a girl. We can go to these Thursday is the love dot. Seven died died 1250 treatise at 1057 FM the fan in the Wendy's big shall be right back and he told several studios on an Aurora health care gringo Monday. And this ball off to the right. Create create. The sixteen. That was the turning point in last night's 2724. Overtime win for the Green Bay Packers detonated when he went up 141 touchdown the Packers. At scored in the game to that point. And I was attorney fun like a cent on last night's regal post game show with our very own. Jerry Ellison. And the big unit bill Michaels he can hear them right here on the fan after every game and for the home games live. Out of the hall of fame chop house in Green Bay right now are asking what you Matt ax after a busy and emotional sports weekend 7991250. Three does that 1057 that's on offense you're not meant to. Half sure as. Absolutely everything but some people not happy with how the Packers won yesterday things that happened in no way in the broad says the president growers Oak Creek is of brewers 79 Nigel fifth year you can tweet us at 1057. February is ever come up once. Now in this whole genre it's not their 57 minutes and they're out there for you let's go to Thomas may bureau Tom your next rural parts of an open friend. Tom what you got money. And job. We'll we'll go to the very look at your shorts or I really appreciate you guys aren't ever figure Dugard there are people or work. But all workers hope to close the book is called. Our are very very air bladder problem. Blooded no disrespect in the leg allowed you to be where you're at today. Why not go back to your communities and dump all your money it's your community until. Training center for early training good they're. And it is trying to picture these kids off the streets and into so called boot neighborhood personal soap operas situation rather than. Rangel outgoing guy on whatever that door okay. Some army images there from high you know they're not doing that. I guess I don't golf good don't know. So it sort of did you total because that is another thing in America from the civic talk that is another thing that's that is a huge misconception. That backed these guys don't do anything in there in the communities I know for a you know my hometown Albany Georgia. Deion Branch. Runs a football camp fees a lot of kids does that every summer let you know what anybody nobody I mean you don't know all but he knows about it. Don't wanna be on TV you're doing dunes Hillary but nobody you don't. They're not doing that within their communities. Don't it doesn't work well I'd I'd also doing all that culture Bernard. Yeah they're they're donating. Millions of dollars being booed on eat. Protesting for. Probably in the mean that you would acknowledge that the group is a work colleague governor Woolfolk says. All of our guys didn't do it until afterwards. Until after he's got a hot one of the usually dornin now to save himself. Albeit a larger. Of. Yes also gorgeous yeah I don't care if you do before oh. Up through this and billion dollars for you never know what he's right here Milwaukee did note that. Well actually though he's donating to protocol to expect and I respect the gauntlet to protest somehow I'm not I'm not put a dollar beat it back across. And you're not but that is the book but Tom that is a blanket statement. Then I'm not mad intrigues you don't know anything wrong. You write that you don't know that but also the although I don't treat him like community a course out of walking. Of course Robert awards or use the golf and I want you to go there when it was the most. Listen. It is this is right you know time is right do note from our regular route has done from clinics on the north's. Almost every summer and therefore cracked. Well usually what do abroad and also not go to an international. They've done those protests and is there is America you have a player his doors of the in the community. All of your. Specifically say in the God's good meal there are not doing anything in the community you're there. Should do. It. Oh yeah. Are now on the side of that earlier they've what. Do you hated toll will laud. Know from a lot of people part of your children and I think they love Tony Romo laughed of course I did earlier. Motorola put people who want to order Romo won't won't I'll put. Tony Romo who you are today okayed or backer Iran and you know. You're about what all went there and shot and it. And eighties and that was. You. There are literally split jury noted medical. And even though it looked at formation this coalition will be passed oration. They're children are currently Asia. It was just stole this constant. Review was stranded need to be dealt or talk too much. Or or is it probably around letter. I like the murder where I nearly all of at all. Very good thanks for the hard. So I hear this letter you wrote in here did you guys yeah I tweeted on a lot of them you go out call asked nicely on our own level and got member John grown used to do it now if it. Welcome I don't know I don't I'm I don't know I don't know and went two army and an immediate left and a did you years. Now and jobs are made upon one of it would drone does do chalk blow to quarterbacks. People like when you desire employees in dollar cast of people play quarterbacks. So that's what evil act on Rome. You know ready addition Iran if they'd throw it eats is giving his opinion people like that I thought doesn't go gravitate towards. What is your support for me outings this violent about Rahm I like the fact that he was critical. I'll but also you raise an office quoted her as time was going up and anyways he was saying different things. Along the way it odds on I hated that when I played like I don't see a point in doing that. The stretch like for example the divide and stretch play and he says donors and applied to analysis or gaming situation. Because you put yourself at risk of fumbling nab also many times just doesn't make any sense and players do all time NFL. He gets hot he credits laser for sort of play calls and then he's critical of that when this doesn't make any sense. Would tie it situation in this game why are you doing this what now why so for me I liked him because in he may change. As he gets feedback from coaches handlers are on the national football Exel this may change what I like about it from him was. He was a player without being honest throughout the entire broadcast and he was using his knowledge that he had as a quarterback trying to help the fans understand why certain plays were running the way they work. Ultimate is at the role. And rubble it was like who is. He's gonna regret that when he sees that went on to a wide open and they showed Dalton a silent pulling a chair ideals and he just saw what he missed what I just told you about none he'll regret that when tomorrow. It was just. It felt more real to me with a Romo he got excited or he should have got excited it I don't know I. Go to Ireland last week I thought it was and her last interview we're playing I didn't think you go yeah I love them but people called me last night at all other talking about so. For the fourth seven and I to a fifty. But again I think as as arm. I think as you look at Romo going forward yeah as he gets feedback from players and coaches if you cares about their feedback right. I think he may saarc change but if if you don't care about the feedback he's going to be him well and I need to his. You go. Will come from the place. He's been had to figure out how to navigate up bills wars in any ex player that now it is on the radio and television. When he walked back in the locker room where buybacks that and you see some critical one these guys know that you are you gonna stay being the guy who you are. Or you know we're we're you know cross that line for you gonna crop special quarterback and he was killed an adult yet you went across gala you know you gotta go to locker room. And see these guys and interview for the production run ins those guys to come out here but does. We work. So I mean when you go out of me doubts if that were used the mr. coverage you in that direction I thought you were one of us at the minute we know that sure enough on them before former player. Jordan and spurs he's fresh RD game. He's gonna get it from so these guys and see he if he's an image of its law. He did it to do a backer. Ray Lewis yet but what what hat at I think and not every player does has most players almost dollars just backed down and then just not critical anymore and all the way of John Sheridan yup. But if romo's. Right the religious right and play better novel the critical of you no big deal I got cult like I see their pay me to do they paid me to throw the football score touchdowns. Another pay me analyze the game itself the personal I just got caught as I see it you'll like I'm sorry the vessel and get paid duke or you be like. Do not sorry a first year I didn't know what I'm doing how fake dollar bad I don't go away Jaipur gotta just love everybody and not be critical everybody and that's. I thank you go out the wrong quarterback. He may get some feedback their quarterbacks it may use that as a player anyway Nick's question. You don't want the gathered media guys. I'll actively anybody that can decide plays and talk about here at the end of works or doesn't warrant has a lot of fans room. The first time I saw Tony Romo dude commentary and he called a play and Jim Nantz goes Hodge and how did you know that when you see there indefinitely and Tony Romo goes fourteen years about a fellow experiences and that that pisses me off when I hear that because as that's that would I'm looking for from a commentator I want you to educate me on the game while watching it. I think somebody talk about the legs somebody talked to about it that he was telling him what he we see and now and the game yesterday yeah he was explaining what he was saying you have to that you make you make you smarter football fan when you do events that are just go right ahead go Kazaa Ido yeah yeah. I don't know how he says this does. And helping anybody. That does sound like exactly I would say about not helping anybody AJ green touch on the first touched on in the well I mean he just pointed out what Marlon Evans did wrong right where he lug it across his face you can't do that as a safety. Now get that's explaining that the listener right how the Packers safety got beaten out a great throw by dolphins too I mean that was pinpoint accuracy. The great throw but that's how I haven't Evans got beat. It for me again as a fan who travel football dork I stopped same here now that guy said he did like dom. And Tom to elect him as a player I love what a commentator you know that to me to me outside of just. What makes a good color commentators teaching me something for a while much in the game and I think Tony Romo is learning the ropes in terms of doing that you know it's like Dennis Miller. He was he was just entertaining. Shouldn't I like Dennis Miller was because he was just to mediate in a boot try to be inner Brian would have thought that taught you know she wasn't teaching me anything no and that's what was missing for. That's plus a different between analyst and commentator. Commentator. Khakis and the win lair and in the rock and realized it works beautifully. What's your mad at on an Aurora health care greeting to all Monday the Packers Ted Thompson the protest the president the brewers 7991250. Treatise that 10 god yes today I'm not there then maybe you can just add the state some corn and black bean salads or else I played some unease over her shoulder or back to the hole several disputed.